Another girly novel translator

So this Tanuki commented 4 hours ago and told me about how they were translating a novel.

The um, author actually makes their own otome games. In particular, they seem to have made one called Magical Party about a normal 11th grader Japanese girl ending up in a world of swords and magic. It’s called Magical Party and can be found here.

…and that is not what I’m going to be talking about today.

Actually, what’s being translated is the web novel side story of that otome game, about one of the students from that world. She’s (allegedly) a normal girl, who somehow ended up involved with a hot guy. I haven’t actually read it yet, since I’ve been a bit preoccupied, so I can’t really say if she’s actually a normal girl, or a Mamiko-Normal girl, but the blurb does mention that it’s a really sweet story (meaning that it’s actually sickly sweet), so if you’re into sappy shoujo stuff, you might want to try out the translation.

Don’t forget to thank the Tanuki.


19 thoughts on “Another girly novel translator”

  1. oh my god the otome game was real????

    i thought it was a joke

    … that certainly explains one of the side characters cameos mentioned by an author’s note. I was like “wtf is Magical☆Party?”

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  2. Also Meryl (the MC) definitely has shades of Mamiko-normal. But I’d say a more apt comparison for a certain person is a certain SUZUKI-KUUUUUUN!!!

    I’ll let you guess how that turns out haha

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