Rather important rant about translation quality and integrity

This is important. It is long, but please, please read it all.

So, I know this is rich coming from a shithead like me who rarely actually translates anything, but there’s no rule saying that you have to be perfect to criticise other people! (lol!) Basically, not one, or two, but a great number of so-called translators don’t understand BASIC Japanese grammar.

To illustrate just how basic it is, it’s basically the same as not understanding the difference between,

“I ate the cat.”

“I was eaten by the cat.”

It’s that bad. And they’re translating without knowing something so basic. Learning a language is like learning anything else – it’s diminishing marginal returns to effort.

That means that 30 minutes of learning for a complete beginner might improve the translation by 500%. 30 minutes of learning for these guys would be the same as a year or two of improvement for me. But they don’t do it. Why? Don’t they just lack integrity?

For people who don’t understand how Japanese verbs work, basically you have a ‘stem’ that’s like a key word, and the shit tacked on the end determines the tense, whether it’s passive or otherwise, and sometimes whether it’s transitive or intransitive.

Basically it fucking determines everything. If you don’t understand this, it’s the same as somebody throwing a bunch of key words at you, and you making up your own sentences with it. Does this sound familiar to you? It should; this is exactly what machine translators do.

There’s a certain blog that had been translating things decently up until now. Then a ‘translator’ joined the team and created an atrocious translation. In three lines of dialogue, it got everything 100% wrong. I’m not going to name them, because it’s nasty. I’m not going to contact them and tell them off because that’s being high-handed and arrogant. But you guys are the readers; if anybody can justify themselves for complaining about translation fraud, it’s you guys. I know you’re afraid of upsetting the translator, but surely there’s a gentle and supportive way of pointing out easy ways they could improve. There are a LOT of readers out there, and surely somebody is socially competent enough to do so.

And it’s not like nobody knew that the translations were wrong. On reddit, somebody illustrated how the translations were completely wrong. The project head even commented “I think this is correct”. And yet the guesslation is still up there.

Fucking, why?

Why are you even translating when you don’t even understand grammar that you’d learn in your 4th lesson of Japanese? It would take you 30 minutes to google a verb conjugation table, and it would improve your translations so much, but you don’t do it.

Instead, you spend god knows how long on completely guesslating this series. People all have their own circumstances, so I’m not here to complain about how some people are less dedicated to improvement than others. But something as basic as verb conjugation is literally 30 minutes of learning.

As far as I can tell, the project in question is completely free, so they aren’t even doing it for money. But in that case, I just can’t understand.

And like I mentioned earlier, it isn’t this one project. Plenty of people are ignoring grammar, and I don’t understand it. If you want to build a car, surely it would be more important to have an engine and wheels than having a frame.

I criticise quite a bit more than other translators, but it’s not because I’m angry or like having somebody to vilify. It makes me feel tired and dirty when I do so, but there’s something seriously wrong with our community when a retarded novice like me counts as one of the better translators. I like drama and starting shit up, but only when the people are nasty or mean. I don’t like criticising otherwise nice people like this.

To that project head, if you know who you are, please have a gentle talk with that translator of yours. Considering that your project’s quality just took a 100% drop in quality, this is arguably more your problem than theirs. You’re the manager after all.

Anyway, sorry for saying something unsightly again. I’ll try and get the next chapter of Tilea out tonight. Sorry. And yeah, I know that I’m being harsh and stuff this time, so justice knights, feel free to flame me.

84 thoughts on “Rather important rant about translation quality and integrity”

    1. Actually I think I know the project, and this translation bugged me a bit too. I mean, I’m actually ok with some good machine translators, but if you read a translation and it’s obvious that the words don’t make sense in context, you know something’s wrong.

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      1. When that happens soon enough you have people guesslating in the comments and soon enough its like you going “your such a jerk” to your dad and hearing. “I heard it through the grapevine that (insert your name here) is moving away because she/he was abused.”

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  1. Eh, having rants on Net is one of the perk of being online~ And you having rant on your blog is completely correct etiquette.

    I think I know which series and page you are talking about. Maybe. Recently I drop two, three series because of the TL’s quality drop, so cant say for sure.


  2. … Why learn the language when we have the great google-sama to translate for us. I love thinking about Anri as a monstrous giant tentacle beast that makes you go insane with a glance. Makes reading so much more amusing.

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  3. I won’t blame people for at least translating since i have zero knowledge of neither japanese or chinese language. but yeah if they get to confusing i won’t read them. but i won’t bad mouth them since some people still actually read them and if they’re gone i won’t gain anything but those people will lose another title to read. But well.. again, it’s just me i’m not that conceited to ask people to walk on my footsteps since i don’t have the ability to shoulder them :p

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    1. This. Im not gonna flame somebody because others are enjoying it. If I don’t like it, I will either leave it alone or translate a better quality. The MT translators are simply doing it as a hobby for their ‘online friends’. Take arifureta google docs translations, I dont like it so I stopped reading and wait for a better translation. Some might also hate Re:monster wiki translations but Im fine with it and re:translation is still doing their own version because they found it lacking.

      The project head in question was also fine with it probably because “There was nobody better that joined”. Im sure speed is not the most important but having someone translate with you is sometimes more fun. Sadly, you just added some drama between them. For all I know, the project head could be training his colleague/junior in translation or feels that he has to take a short breather so he lets the other guy to help. Now you just demotivated him/her a lot. Well every MT could always use some reading in japanese grammar but this is not the best way to say it. Try recommending some online gramamr help or something similar. Well it is the internet so you can let out stress, just dont hurt others (I dont know who it is but it might be too implied since some readers immediately got it).

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      1. I’m silent about plenty of things that are done terribly, and I don’t comment on openly admitted MTLs either, but this is a whole other issue.

        What’s more, they even acted in the comments as though the chapter was confusing because of the author’s shortcomings. The chapter was completely clear and simple in the raws, and they were trying to cover this up by pretending to be on the side of the readers and going,

        “Yeah, I know what you mean. I had no idea either.”

        And the chapter beforehand was not on a level where it was ‘training’ anymore. Honestly, it was completely backwards. I don’t know if you’re multilingual, but Japanese is not some mystically difficult language.

        Learning something basic like this takes literally 30 minutes. There is no excuse for the manager of that project.

        I honestly didn’t want to come out and say this, but seeing as you basically went and posted all of this ignorant stuff, I felt the need to correct you.

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  4. You gave to many hints as to whom you’re talking about, lol.

    I’ve pretty much stopped complaining about bad translations and bad translation practice at this point, because of all the down-votes, and negative comments, telling me not to read something if I don’t like it, and not to complain because it’s free.
    I usually respond with something along the lines of “If someone feeds me rotten food that gave me food poisoning, even if free I have the right to say how poisonous it is”. Of course, repeating the same thing over and over again is trying.

    So please, keep criticizing these people. Unlike me, you actually do translation work, making you someone with the “right” to criticize, while I’m apparently just a leach.

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    1. But that is not the problem. It is more like someone using GT on Japanese text then calling it a “translation”. What you end up giving others is totally nonsensical and if you are part of a team it 1) drags down the whole team’s name and quality and 2) takes the section away from someone who might be able to do it better (or more readably).

      It is not about badly behaved leeches, it is about posting something that is very bad quality for public consumption.


  5. as long as they put warning like gt trans or machine trans it’s fine. people that dont know about even using the same machine trans or too lazy to make use of machine translator can pretty much make the same trans without waiting those ‘guesslation’ team make their own version is happy you can just left them alone.


  6. Isn’t this already an old issues? A lot of translator nowadays are like that. Even I have tried to translate myself, I understand basic grammar and I still using GT, jisho and etc but It still need a long time to translate one sentences because sometimes to many comas and conjunction , or the conjunction was placed in weird place, or sometimes without coma or conjunction it suddenly change topic in one sentences that made it hard to understand or maybe because my inexperience.

    Eventhough I have tried a different novel (only few pages), a lot of them have different styles. There are easy one and also hard one. I really could only give a salute to those guys who can translate fast but when I translate myself, I know that in the japanese LN, they use present times a lot to express the time, so they really often change from past tense to present tense but the from the translation I see they often generalize to past tense because in English when describe what they do they often use past tense (they take it for granted that they describe something in the past). So for me it’s a really conflicting matter.

    So you should just let it go after all from my POV they aims is something else not to learn japanese and from my opinion, at least someone need to be advance to translate LN and so he can get something from it or else it’s only continuous work using MT without getting the knowledge. If beginners want to learn their only option is translating shounen manga. Although, maybe a genius and dilligent beginners still will get something if he translate LN.


    1. Being an old issue doesn’t make it a pressing one. And honestly, the issue is actually getting worse and worse with more terrible newcomers. I’ve kept quiet because it wasn’t really my business, and the bad series weren’t my favourites.

      Also, most of them are really long, and flawed translations are better than none. But recently, a certain translation that had been decent up until now, suddenly let in somebody really bad.


      1. hahaha, do you want to know the root of all this? It’s easy to see that this will happens sooner or later after a lot of translation group using donation system. It’s maybe still okay if the donation only show donation (although I don’t like it too because the some translators with high credibility don’t even ask for donation and maybe some of them support the author), but now they tried to show how much the donation they got and how much to reach to make the chapter release faster.

        It’s not only attracting idiot donator but idiot translator too so just face it. Even I started to stop reading a lot of translation because of that and it’s also because the credible one were absent too long and has started to be overshadowed by the fast and bad translation. Even I feel it have been a long time since I see the updates or news from a group who in the beginning was the leading team of the translators for WN and at that time there isn’t something like donation.

        In the end, bad translation or not, they still get the main story right. After all, if the end was the defeat of the demon king whether the hero used holy magic or dark magic to defeat the demon king, it’s doesn’t really matter for them since they didn’t know and they only blindly seek and praise the hero and didn’t know the real things.


  7. Well i agree with you. Simply because if you do something you should do your best.
    However i simply admire anyone who do independent of how badly and that is the mentality of … Novel readers/leachers so… the world turn and nothing changes


  8. Have to disagree with you on this point:
    ” If you want to build a car, surely it would be more important to have an engine and wheels than having a frame.”

    Frankly without the car frame, there’s nothing to attach the engine and the wheels to in the first place. This isn’t saying that the engine and wheels aren’t important, but that the frame is necessary before the engine and wheels are.

    Or in a similar fashion, the CPU and ram of a computer compared to the motherboard. All are necessary, but the motherboard determines if the CPU and ram can be used in that computer in the first place.


    1. If he were to use a computer for the analogy, he meant that the translations cared more about the casing than anything else.
      And it’s a really shitty casing at that.

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  9. Well, there’s no way we can change the world, if the translation group does not want to insist on quality, then there really isn’t much we can do. The only tool we have is media pressure for them to internally police, and if they don’t want to, there’s nuts all we can do. The “take it or leave it” system leaves us at the mercy of people that put in even the most minimal of skill or effort. A “translator’s market” in other words.

    We can either endure the low quality, or drop the series. And unfortunately, I know of some translations that were so bad that even when the series was interesting, I had to drop it because it was unreadable, which was a disservice to the author.


  10. great point ^^ but us readers cant say shit, if we say something other than “thankyou” we are called leechers by almost everyone cause they dont want the translator to quit so they go out of the way to attack you to appear on the translators side


  11. There is minimal quality required because after all you need to respect the source material. If the translation is so bad the translator is saying the source is bad too.


    1. That is wrong. What you are thinking about is a word for word translation, which can work with related languages, but to translate from one unrelated language to another is a lot more difficult. The sentence structure changes, like in Sheepy’s example above. The word order can totally invert, or other word indicators are added to indicate tense.

      The most classic example of “word for word” translation is the “Google Translate” example that Sheepy also brought up. The source material is ok. It’s the translation that is messed up because it handled sentence structure wrong. So, no. The original may be correct, but translating badly also messes up the piece of work in question.


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    2. No, they didn’t understand if the source bad or not. The japanese not an exception which the writer could be wrong but from my POV the Japanese sentences structure is quite a mesh because for the basic you only need verb at the end but that doesn’t mean it can’t be another thing since I have find something like that whether it’s true or not.

      And when you talk about LN which is freely written, it sometimes became hard because for me they use something inpractical and sometimes describe something too much but it’s still crossing the border which can be said the border is the editor who check the content, the writing style, and other.

      What about WN? It’s practically will be like raw diamond which have many bad structures, but have any translator decided to change course and translate LN which is more readable than WN? It’s not because LN hard to MTL which need to be written in Japanese first while the WN we just need to copy paste and TADA~.

      If you have watched OreGairu, and watched the Zaimokuza story about LN. You will know that Japanese not the all knowing God about their own language (It’s the same with everyone though), it’s just they already used it since birth whether they use it well or not is another matter. So what about the translator? Which maybe only know the basic? Just ask yourself and answer it yourself.


  12. “a bloo bloo bloo this translation was really hard we worked really hard man this chapter was soooooo incomprehensible I blame the author and original source material1!!1 let’s insert zany comments and page breaks to disguise the fact that I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing and should not be doing this, while rabid firstfag retards defend/circlejerk my ‘hard work'” ugh

    I think the dude getting so defensive about it in the comments was the most irritating part of it, but the other ch (s)he did (83?)was pretty terribad too.

    A+ rant though, 100% agree bru.
    Insult to injury/adding to your rant, I’m more inclined to believe that in terms of inefficient translation, most MTLers would get better mileage out of learning basic hiragana and brute forcing via something like rikaichan (and googling any unfamiliar phrasing rather than relying on the horrendous syntax/out of context character parsing that dogshit MTLing gives you.

    But I imagine that for a lot of so called TLers, it’s more about the adulation and “credit” of being the chosen one, delivering choice morsels of story to the adoring masses, even if it comes at the cost of translation integrity. (Certainly was the case when I did scanlation, and that was a random circlejerk of retards either getting impatient about release pace and sniping projects, or others getting buttmad about being sniped. Ridiculous. Props to you for doing shit that you want to do because you want to do it)

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      1. Sung to the tune of “Summer of 69” (Bryan Adams)

        I read my first trans LN,
        saw in on A-O-L.
        Read it till my eyeballs bleed,
        was the trans of eighty-nine.
        Me and some guys on reit,
        screamed a lot and moaned on chat,
        haters hate, fanboys got angry
        Should have know it’ll start a flamewar.

        Oh when I reread it,
        it was as bad as ever.
        And if I had the choice,
        I wish I had am-ne-sia.
        That was the trans of eigh-ty-nine!

        Thank you, thank you, you’ve been a wonderful audience!


        Please continue if you feel like it, the world needs more laughs.

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  13. fgsfdsactually while we’re at it may as well rant about people who can’t even write what they’ve translated into English correctly. Like okay bro you’ve “translated” whatever the hell it is from Google/excite/whatever but you’ve fucked up your grammar and conjugation and object/subject pronouns are unclear, possessives are missing and you’re switching tenses constantly and the end result is an incomprehensible string of English words and some lovely word salad that looks like it came out of a mad libs for retards game

    Dem translation ‘groups’ with J-E TLers who can speak/read neither language competently, editors who can’t read/have no familarity with J to adequately cross-reference/proof and have to play guessing games with whatever the MTLer themselves guessed at, really, alot of these groups are often just gongshows from start to finish

    k done, keep up the good work.

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    1. ehmm…the japanese always switching their tense from what I know (try translate yourself, the change of tense is to express the time of what the authtor describe). It’s just that they perspective different from english which almost fully use past tense when describe something and only use present tense on something that is a fact or habitual (from what I know too) so it’s quite weird.

      However other than that I totally agree especially about the editor, there are too much useless editor. It doesn’t need a grammar nazy to perfect the translation but someone who know japanese so the editor can verify the tense (and if can the kanji and other things) with the raw if confused. But editor nowadays are just about grammar and made the sentence beauty enough to be presented to the reader although doing that may change the meaning the author trying to express.


      1. I can and have translated. It’s not hard if you take the time to learn basic grammar rules haha.
        I ate a cat
        I have eaten cat
        I eat cats
        I was eaten by a cat
        I am (often) eaten by cats
        I was fed cat
        I was made to eat cat / I was forced to eat cat
        I made (him/her/them) eat cat

        Japanese is a fundamentally logical language that is reasonably easy to translate if you understand the grammar; the above clauses all follow the same base “eat” with suffix modifications that at max, are only a few vowel syllables long.

        these rules generally hold true for subject/object designation, as well as verb tense modification. The difficulty arises in MTL only because a) (as Este notes) so many MTLers do not understand these basic grammar rules and are trying to put together guesswork built around that one key word google has churned out for them (eat) and b) Japanese tends to be a language that is heavily based on connotation/implication, which may or may not be dependent on preceding sentences

        this can be difficult for speakers of latin-based languages, simply because those languages (Eng, Fr, Ger, Span, etc) usually follow subject-verb/subject-verb-object structure with adjectives/adverbs tacked on, while Japanese can have floating verbs and unclear subject/object designation (which is actually very clear if you have read/understood the sentences that lead into them for context) [especially relevant when you have dialogue without ‘he said’/’she said’ prompts]

        but, like, that’s just my opinion, man

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  14. Yeah, I don’t know the series either. I mostly just skip a translation when the grammar is a complete mess or when the TL/ed/randomperson inserts comments in the middle of the story. And I’m not talking about (not sure about this: [moonrune]) or (original name: [moonrunename]). I mean when they add (TL Note: I would have totally done her) (ED Note: yeah, she totally wants MC) (TL Note: lol) several times a chapter…

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    1. I wasn’t 100% sure which WN until this comment chain, but yes, that last chapter just ended up giving me a headache.


  15. Thanks for the heads up.

    I had stopped reading the story because things were getting wonky in the editing and grammar areas. I won’t be going back after hearing it has gotten worse.


  16. I already knew about the horrors of MTL because 1) I know two languages 2) I read arifureta 3) I read PROzess-sama rants. And maybe the incident with Elyson counts? So I try to stay away from that stuff. I’m only sad because they blame the author for every error they see in the translation, and because if some real translator takes the project they risk a flame war.

    Ahhhh, I want to read some decent translations of Black Knight….It’s like the series is cursed.

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      1. “This work will be done by MTL”

        Uhhhh, I think you need to, like, read this entire page again or something, with a double check on my comment. Also, I don’t know any japanese. Native speaking spanish and self-learned english here.


  17. So someone does some amateur translation FOR FREE without promising it’s accurate, with no real obligation towards anyone, and you are bitching about it? Fuck you. Maybe they are trying to get better at English/Japanese and decided to share it. Who the fuck are you to judge them? Just a self-righteous retarded idiot. If you don’t like it, just do NOT fucking read it. But don’t go over some peoples blog to give them shit about it. Seriously, what a piece of turd you are.


    1. [But don’t go over some peoples blog to give them shit about it.]
      1) I never went to anybody’s blog to give anybody shit. I don’t think I’ve even commented on the Slime Datta Ken WN blog before. Aren’t you mistaking something?

      [Maybe they are trying to get better at Japanese]
      2) THEY ARE NOT. THAT IS THE ISSUE. It is LITERALLY a 30 minute lesson that you should be taking in your first month of Japanese. Nothing that anybody translating should have any problem with.

      [without promising it’s accurate]
      3) You really don’t seem to understand just how little Japanese they understand. It’s not a matter of being picky about people mistranslating ははっ as ‘Haha!’ or ビッチ as ‘bitch’.


      If you think a mis-translation of this level is a minor issue, you’re either very desperate or you’re a troll.

      [Who the fuck are you to judge them?]
      4) An ACTUAL amateur translator who knows who long it would take to learn verbs, and how basic a lesson it is.
      Readers don’t know. Translators don’t care. So I’m bringing awareness to the problem.

      [Just a self-righteous retarded idiot.]
      5) I don’t think you quite know what self-righteous means, and if you do, you seem to be misunderstanding something about me.

      [just do NOT fucking read it.]
      6) If you go around masquerading as a translator, fooling god knows how many readers, and then making it out as though Fuse-sensei wrote the chapter confusingly when it was your own lack of reading ability, then that becomes a problem.
      And what’s more, your ability could be fixed by 30 minutes of study. 30 minutes. 30 minutes.

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      1. You keep saying 30 minutes :(

        Do you know any good resources for the grammar, I’ve been MTLing for myself, and I know it’s an issue I have, but all the free resources I’ve found regarding it are really long (like textbook length), so I’m not sure if there is a concise guide to grammar out there that can be learned as fast as you say. I would definitely appreciate a point in the right direction though as I know it’s something I need to work on, but I’m just having trouble finding a place to start.


        1. Because it’s literally 30 minutes.

          You can find something like this anywhere. Something like this is 30 pages into my very first Japanese textbook.

          Anyway, if you’re actually interested in learning Japanese, and willing to put more than half an hour of effort into it, I would suggest Tae Kim:


          You should also be using the JLPT grammar as a checklist;


          (N5 most basic, N1 most complex. I prefer the layout and explanations of JGram, but it’s missing N5.

          e.g. http://www.jgram.org/pages/viewOne.php?tagE=tobakarini)


        2. For the basic grammar (like particles and other stuff), you can probably learn it all within 1~3 months depending on how dedicated and/or free you are.

          For the more complicated stuff, I don’t know them well enough to use them either. But I do recognise them when I see it, especially the more common ones, and that’s what you should be aiming for when looking over these lists.

          Just have a quick skim through N4~N1 on J-Gram for example, once you’ve properly learnt N5 stuff, and from then on when you come across an example of grammar in a web novel,

          e.g. とてもじゃないけど

          you might go, ‘Hang on! I think I’ve seen this gibberish before!’, cause you to promptly google it, and realise that it means ‘absolutely not’.


        3. To simplify it further,

          -u = active (doing)
          -areru = passive (being done upon)
          -saseru = force (force somebody into doing)
          -saserareru = forced to (to be forced by somebody into doing)

          In better detail:


      2. Thank you so much for providing these resources!

        “It’s not a matter of being picky about people mistranslating ははっ as ‘Haha!’ or ビッチ as ‘bitch’.”

        Wait…so what do these actually translate to if ‘Haha’ and ‘bitch’ are mistranslations?


    2. Penis, that level of mistranslation is very serious, it reversed the nature of someone’s relationship. Look at the last (3rd) alt translation, the one posted up suggests that the speaker wants to be the apprentice of the person, but the alternate/corrected shows that it was the speaker wanting the person to be her apprentice. It’s totally the reverse of what is happening and as a translation *team*, the problem cascades into the other team member’s translation too.

      Think it through. If in the future, you got a situation where the “apprentice” sends the “master” off to do odd jobs, the one getting flak from the readers would be the innocent 2nd translator for “misinterpreting”, not the first translator for mucking it up in the first place. These “mistranslations” have consequences, from a disjointed story, to dropped readership, to wrongly blamed teammates (and in this case, they are trying to blame the author). Nothing exists in a vacuum, there are always ripple effects to something happening.


    3. this is what I call a blind leecher,

      First, they accept donate so it’s not actually free.

      Second, why do they need to publish it if they didn’t believe on the accuracy? Especially if they trying to get better, it’s more normal to translate without publishing it and when you get better and confident then you can publish it.

      Third, I really don’t understand what you are trying to say here since it’s seems that you are the one venting your anger and talk shit on other people blog.


  18. I’m totally with you on this one. I might not be the one to talk since I don’t speak Japanese but since web novels are becoming like a drug to me, a couple days ago I started learning Japanese. Found a pretty good source (torrent) with 29gb worth of beginner to advanced courses so I hope some day in the distant future I might be able to TL.

    I’m not sure what series you mean but I’ve read many MTLs that lack sense in many ways and I’ve dropped good series because reading gibberish makes my head hurt while trying to have it make sense.

    I learnt English by myself and I did by listening to it so writing/reading it became somewhat hard at first, and I’m guessing many MTLs think of translating novels because they have basic knowledge hearing Japanese but fail in written Japanese.

    Anyway, like you said, 30 mins a day do wonders for beginners, I went from 0 in written Japanese to knowing how to perfectly read and write hiragana in a week, having in mind that between college and work I have near zero time free.

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  19. Eh?…although it was a bit meh…I dont think it was that incomprehensible tho….maybe it’s just me but I understood wat happen in that chapter….I was also pretty sleepy too…maybe I just read too much mtl….


    1. Nvm…after rereading it again it is kinda incomprehensible..there were quite a bit of uhh uhh well stuff that is ummm confusing….and there wording was quite …..meh………not that I can say anything since I didn’t read the raw…but..it really is meh..


  20. Does anyone know if there is a better version of that chapter anywhere or would someone be willing to make one? Sorry for posting this here but I thought I would be a little to rude of me to post it on there site and I’m reluctant to keep on reading the story until I know what the heck happened in this chapter.

    All hail Anri-sama!


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