I read the raws of a cute girly novel, and it’s being translated

The reason I only released 1 chapter of anything yesterday is because K-Dawhg introduced the story to me, and I went and read the raws in one go.

Sorry guys.

But it was surprisingly good. Cute. And better than the synopsis might suggest. I guess the sort of stuff you might like if you enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke and other stuff with lots of tears of joy and stuff. Probably not the stuff you’d be looking for if you were looking for a cool non-dumb protagonist.

Ah, and apparently K-Dawhg joined MoonBunnyCafe as part of Alys’ harem, and we’re all talking on Skype now. That place is getting really big.


Soshite Shoujo wa Akujo no Karada o Te ni Ireru

And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body
Author: Kurokawa Tenri


      I was born with an incredibly frail body. When the curtain was about to close on my life at the age of 17, a breathtakingly cute angel with a gentle smile appeared before me and gave me the body of another person.
      Apparently, this girl seems to have gone to ended their own life.

I got this body because her death was unscheduled, but I don’t intend to follow her path.
Anyways, this is a really healthy body!
Not like the weak body I had at all!
      Thank you very much! I’ll make sure live life to the fullest in this body no matter what obstacles come my way!
What!? This girl was hated? My family shuns me? That doesn’t matter.
I’ll overcome anything now that I have this healthy body! I don’t care that she didn’t have friends. I didn’t have any either!
All right, I’ll try my best in this new life!

Synopsis originally translated by Jet


16 thoughts on “I read the raws of a cute girly novel, and it’s being translated”

  1. Are you having any plans to join Aly’s Harem? Or are you planning to follow a certain evil god’s path?


      1. Did your kindergarden clothes were sort of “veteran-ish” (for the lack of a better word)?

        If yes… I am gonna have an image on my head of you on a wasteland… Kiling mutants an’ shi’z… (Cause of Fallout 4 :P)


  2. Teach me how to become a cool kid too~
    I’ve been praying to Anri-sama everyday and have even bought copies of Camille in da hood. Even after all this I still am not accepted the cool kid. Teach me oniichan~

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      1. oh well, I would still like to donate anyway.
        but what i thought was the donate button turned out not to be.
        so? how do i buy you a cupcake ?


        1. Ah, well if you want, then you can send me money on paypal. I’d be happy to get some more money to buy myself a copy of EGA when it comes out, or perhaps the next Mushoku Tensei volume or something.

          Otherwise, if you have a steam account, we can be friends and you can gift me a spare game you have if you want.

          Alternatively, just writing me a long thank you message about why you’re glad I made the blog will do just as well! I’m fueled by equal parts praise and enthusiasm for the series!


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