Regarding how active I am

During the bangaihen, so I’ll be back in 1~3 days.

“Furthermore, the translator doesn’t want to work together with other people to translate faster nor does he/she allow the project to be handed to someone else who could translate faster.”

I can understand why you’d misunderstand, given how a lot of other translators act, but I’m not particularly calling dibs on my projects.

When I don’t want ‘faster’ people to translate, it’s not like I’m trying to use some non-existent authority to stop people, out of jealousy or possessiveness.

It’s just that if I genuinely still like a series, I simply don’t want people of quality or translation style that I don’t approve of, trying to “take over” from where I left off. It’s a matter of quality and consistency.

If anybody wants to re-translate any of the projects here, they can go on right ahead. It’s not like I have official permission from the author, so that’s a matter of course.

But as a matter of personal preference, if you’re going to MTL, guesslate, or otherwise make a whole bunch of retarded rookie mistakes, don’t link to my blog and say ‘picked up from here blah blah blah’ because I don’t want anything to do with your garbage.

Again, this is strictly limited to my ‘active projects’ (in other words EGA and Otoburi only).
See here:

If you ‘pick up’ any of my other projects from the latest translations, I’ll help advertise and support you if you need help.

“Well, doesn’t a translator know that when he/she starts people will want more? Half assed commitment is just cruel.”

Don’t be a retard. I know you’re not trying to offend me, but that’s the same boat of logic as blaming a rape victim for dressing skimpily and not putting out, or blaming a property owner for having a good house and not giving out his belongings.

I have never forced anybody to read the projects I have picked up. I have never forced anybody to read the teasers I pick up. If you read it, and want more, but can’t because I’m busy in real life, you only have yourself to blame.

Even more so if you start complaining on my blog, and start using ‘you addicted me, this is your fault’ as a way of putting the blame on MY shoulders.

“One could argue that we should be glad to get chapters or that these are free so we shouldn’t expect anything but this argument generally forgets that by giving something like a story/movie to the public you’re demanding investment on the public’s part as well.”

This is basically as privileged and as self-centered a response as anything I’ve ever read. You think that you showing up to my blog whenever your RSS gives a notification is equal investment to the thousand hours I’ve put in translating?

“Half assed commitment is just cruel.”
“…a translator that translates chapters awfully slow…”

I don’t know exactly what you find half-assed about me, but including things outside of this blog, I’ve been translating for free for almost a year now.

I’m slow? I don’t suppose you’re comparing me to translators who have only just started, and still have that blaze? Or is it Chinese people you’re comparing me to?

I wasn’t this slow to begin with. When I first started, I was releasing multiple chapters a day, while juggling university and other commitments as well. It’s been over 10 months since I began translating Japanese things for free. Are you really trying to compare me to people who have only just started?

And as for Chinese translations, you realise that they’re making money, right? Half-assed? This is something that I’m doing between real life, and completely for free. And I’m not even holding some kind of monopoly on it, like shitty licence holders are.

All I’m asking is that if you want to translate EGA or Otoburi, you start from the beginning again. Is that so much to ask for? You don’t find any problem in the writing style abruptly changing?

Nobody but licence holders have the right to the translation, so if you’re playing the whole ‘you don’t own the web novel raws’ card, then why don’t you just pretend I don’t exist and do your own thing?

Even if you ignore my request, I’m not exactly going to start up a stupid manhunt with my sad little translator buddies to vilify you. It’s only a request, and if I had the time to do bullshit like that, I’d be translating.

45 thoughts on “Regarding how active I am”

  1. lol read the whole thing, here it is in a sentence “Im slow, deal with it im doing it for free and dont steal my work if ur just gonna do a pathetic job on it”

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  2. Dang the self entitlement some leechers feel is appalling. If they are THAT committed to a story they could learn Japanese themselves or commission the translations. People who have no respect for the sheer effort involved in translation are ignorant and annoying.

    Just keep doing as you please Est!

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      1. Lamo yeah that’s the reaction I have too. I make it a rule never to say stupid shit because of how hypocritical it is. I have a feeling anyone whining about translation speeds from a free fan translator only know one language and never tried translating themselves.

        If a professional company is slow on translations that’s one thing, but a free hobbyist trying to spread stories using his/her free time is another.

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      2. You should simply delete these messages, or ignore them… You don’t do this for money or glory, and certainly not for these shity comments. Live your life, and let them be.
        You can’t hope to be on good terms with everyone, and I think you don’t need any life lesson either… :)

        PS : Thank you for your work until now. ;)

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    1. Yeah, you do this on your own time for free.

      If they really want the story that much, why don’t they learnt Japanese themselves eh?

      Just ignore the lot of them! Many of us here still thank you and respecting you.

      Too bad you can’t ban them from the website, though.


  3. Frankly, I don’t understand some guys.
    They can read a story just because someone is kind enough to translate it (for free), and they still think they can boss people around…
    Damn leechers.

    Someone who is kind enough to give good reading material for free should be worshiped as a God.
    And for that God, I can even sacrifice someone.
    Do you want me to sacrifice someone for you?
    Just say a name, and I will do it…


  4. I cry for you. such people who…. i dont even want to think about it but such is life. these people should just be grateful your translating for free with such quality. its your own time used and allows us leachers to read . I for one am grateful for all your spare time used translating for us leachers.

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  5. About picking up something after X chapter; why would it matter? I mean, you raised a point about no one forcing people to read, so would it matter to you about a poorly TLed chapter existing?

    If this sounds like an attack, eh, I’m tired and bored. Just wondering your take on my thought.


      1. I see what you’re saying and agree.

        It’s the same reason why I’ve stated multiple times that if a TLer that doesn’t require the assistance of something like JParser (like me), they should feel free to assume my ‘permission’ (for whatever it’s worth) to take over the project… I TL primarily because I want to read the stories, and as it only takes me slightly longer to type it up while I read since I attempt to understand the raws in English to practice my Japanese, I do that to let others enjoy the story without as much of the hassle.

        … yeah! Lol. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Those who feel entitled for things they have not sufficiently invested in should take a good, long look at themselves… The investment of reading is not equal to the investment of translating!


  6. It also doesn’t help that many of these leechers have terrible grammar. Reading the latest translation for The Black Knight Who Was Stronger than Even the Hero is so painful and awkward to read now.

    Oh and if you ever need someone to proofread sometime, I could help out with that. Since I’ll be starting my second job as a writing tutor this upcoming quarter.

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  7. what I hate most about people who complain about anything they get for free is more often than naught they end up killing motivation and then the reverse of what they hoped to happen…..happens….. and then everyone suffers due to a good person dropping the series or rage quitting or just simply running away due to pressure or snarky comments of ignorant self entitled pricks ;~;

    I hope you never stop your work due to idiots, I for one love your work and am fine with your speed, not to mention I am grateful for all you have done from start to end even included your dropped/noncommittal projects, as well as any teasers.

    TL;DR keep up the good work, ignore the idiots :D


  8. From what I can tell of what you’ve said on this wordpress you translate just as quickly as anyone else once you’re actually translating. You’re completely right though. Our investment into the stories is entirely optional and not your responsibility in the least. You put out teasers so that we can see that things exist, and you put them out with fair warning you have no intentions to go beyond simply letting us know the great stories exist, because you simply don’t have the time to. You give us free, high quality translations of enjoyable stories, so we should be happy with what we get. Not everyone can be Ren.

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  9. Well said, I can only agree to you!^^”
    *sigh* I really can’t understand these people, they should be grateful for all the hard work you do and not complain all the time…
    They get to read for free (wouldn’t even know about the novel in many cases…) and don’t have to invest any time to learn the actual language the novels are written in (so much about the time investment statement they gave…they already safe up a huge amount of time here). *sigh*

    What I also noticed is… as you mentioned that many readers point towards the translation speed of some chinese novel websites. On that part… I can only say with that amount of money they earn with it (ads and donations) it’s nothing suprisingly. After all every bit they earn more, is less working time on their rl jobs (depending on how high the amount of money is they earn). Thus they can invest more time for translating something they like. While you do it completly free, as it should be, even more so if one doesn’t have the permission from the author him/herself. The stories the authors upload for free on the ineternet are still their own interlectual property and earning money from this (as long as the author doesn’t know about it and approves it) is…illegal. So I really don’t like it if people earn money from this. As an author myself I do approve of retranslations (though it’s always better to ask the author before doing do, many actually do give permission if they are being asked from my own experiences) to share the love for novels but… as you do, for free.

    Well long story short(er):
    You do a really good job with your translations and one can see that you enjoy translating what you like. I’m really grateful to be introducted to so many interesting stories thanks to your efforts. Even if it may be hard to ignore such comments, don’t let it to your heart and let such readers demotivate you! You have your own life you have to take care to fill your belly and enjoy life as well. Sadly, some readers forget that there are actual people with their own lifes behind every tiny text they read and who put a lot of effort behind it. But there are also many who really are grateful for the translators efforts – like me (though I usually sadly have not much time to comment but I can at least give a tiny like~). So keep up your good work and continue enjoying translating and don’t bother with the (nasty) people. Just ignore them!


  10. Ahh, I’m tired of this kind people on the internet. Well, at least that guy tried to be polite. I think. Also, Sheeprabbit, discussing with them is a lost cause, they will either ignore it or get offended for some reason.

    I know it’s hard, but remember that aside from self-important leechers you also have decent people reading this stuff.


  11. “One could argue that we should be glad to get chapters or that these are free so we shouldn’t expect anything but this argument generally forgets that by giving something like a story/movie to the public you’re demanding investment on the public’s part as well.”

    Exactly where do I as a leecher invest anything? I get lots of stuff, but I’m missing the part where I invested anything exept free time to read.

    Just keep goig with your current speed. I waited for more than half a year for some LN translations(PsyCom). And I was still glad that I had something, not pissed at the long hiatus.

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  12. Its alright translate at your own speed as long i get to read some decent up to good quality trans i will happy, long live to the 35th inheritor. as for people addicted they can just start their own machine translation but i think even motherbrain (metroid for the peoples not knowing) would have some serious headhaches. Btw ive two leather whip a normal and one with bonus accesories i will re-educate those heretics anytime.


  13. I honestly enjoyed reading this. Though I have to admit that, in moments of madness, I have harbored thoughts similar to the ones quoted. . . Am I masochistic? A little, probably? Am I crazy? Maybe just a little unwell.


  14. I’m so sorry that happened. ;_; (((hugs))) to ani-ue

    People are stupid and ungrateful.

    Just sayin’

    Please don’t take their nonsense personally, because what they’re saying speaks to their issues and sad, sad lives rather than having anything to do with you.

    My point of view: I really enjoy reading ani-ue’s translations because he’s a really good writer. I also agree with the consistency of the writing throughout the series because I do find it irritating when it changes from chapter to chapter. I’m reading a series that I love with unholy! love! that has multiple translators working on different chapters and… I have my FAVORITE translator, the OKAY translator and the I WILL SOMEHOW SURVIVE THIS translator. It is irritating, but! I am a leecher and will take what I can get.

    I am also one of those people too lazy to learn Japanese. But I admit it!!! I am too lazy to learn!!!!! TOO. LAZY. Thus! I will accept what is offered with grace and without demands, BECAUSE IT’S A GIFT!!! Questioning this is like receiving a smartphone for your birthday and whining to the giver that you wanted an iphone6, are you stupid?!? You’re never going to get a smartphone ever again, jackass!!! XD XD XD


  15. I don’t mind how long it takes, I am just excited, and I get it that the speed will be what ever you want it to be as fast or as slow as you have time for.

    I do ask that you keep people in the know. Need fuel for the hype train Choo Choo


  16. Yo, learning 日本語 is a worthwhile activity! Maybe it’s because I have a lot of interest in linguistics, but understanding differently structured languages helps build a greater understanding of English as well. Being a polyglot is fun!

    It’d be a lot more productive if the complainers invested any of that energy into self-improvement, haha. Thanks for linking the raws and including translator notes in Otoburi by the way – it helps when I can’t understand something due to unconventional grammar/cultural stuff :v

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  17. Leechers just become a leechers, you guys can’t make translator suffer. But translator can make you suffer. if he decided to translate slower, take a break and even dropped the project you guys doomed. More whining and just wait to see those thing happen. So just wait patiently, and thank him for the translation. If you can’t, then just donate $1000 bucks to him, problem solved.


  18. Honestly speaking, I am touched with your post, and you hit all the important points.I do agree, if I saw a series I loved getting a bad translation, I’d not accept it.All I can say is, it is truly a shame that there are such trolls in the internet.I won’t lie, I am one of the biggest leechers ever, but even then, I try to empathize with the translators.These novels are simply a joy that you once felt while reading, one that you wish to share for free with all of us, and you should not feel forced to do it.Nor should anybody feel like you are obligated to finish what you started.

    I have not yet read your works, I got here through a link from RWX, but yet, if it was great enough to cause your passion on translating, I am looking forward to read it all ^^


  19. Some people have too much time on their hands, like me, but if even an impatient person like me can wait, they can too.

    Alright, I’ll admit I haven’t read the whole thing yet. The first couple of grey text paragraphs have already annoyed me enough that I want to dismiss it as stupid and ignore it.

    Nevermind, I scrolled back up and tried to reread it all. I did read it the first time. It was just so annoying and wrongheaded I promptly forgot it. Probably for my mental health.

    Oh, it seems I read the original comment too. Yeah, I also forgot that immediately.

    Some people really need to get their brains fixed and learn that good things come to those who wait. Demanding things: RIGHT! NOW! is just… annoying? Infuriating seems a bit strong, but I guess it’s much more accurate.


  20. Dealing with entitled readers just comes with the site. Reading what they said makes me feel vaguely offended even though I’m not you. Well whatever, keep enjoying LNs and WNs, I know I am.


  21. Well the frustration does build up, just some (probably most actually) people can’t keep their mouth shut when they don’t (whether they believe it or not) have any real say in the matter.

    That said on this site I find it especially bad (the frustration build up i mean) due to there doesn’t seem to be any “recent posts” page so it is impossible for me to tell if you are even alive. Then again you may not use this as a blog for random updates “hey guys i made a ham sammich!” or so, which in that case would be a moot point. I just prefer to at least know if the translator even views his/her (oh wait no hers on internet) site even weekly. Then [in my case] I will know that I [well the site] hasn’t been forgotten and then continue on my merry way.

    So long story short, is there no recent posts page? It’s driving me crazy!


  22. This “I’m a reader you’re only a translator, you should kiss my feet and should be feel blessed attitude”. Sigh, there is no limit to being degenerate but they’re trying to take top rank.

    You’re not even paying to the ” service” you’re being provided.


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