Status Report

Still reading Slime Datta Ken. Almost done. Won’t be too much longer.

Originally said I would finish the current Otoburi arc before I translated anything else… but I assumed that I would finish it all in one go.

Then Slime Datta Ken happened. It’s all Slime Datta Ken’s fault. If you want to blame anybody, blame the clown guy for getting me into it. I’m the victim here!

So anyway, in an extremely good mood today. As to why, it’s because my copy of 北の砦にて(at the northern fortress)arrived!

When I checked amazon, it was only used copies you see, so you can imagine my joy when I managed to get myself a brand new copy. It was originally a web novel of about similar length to Evil God Average, so I can imagine that either EGA will be novelised as a single slightly-thick-ish(for an LN) book like At The Northern Fortress, or it’ll be separated into two books.

Um, so yeah. When I start translating again, it won’t just be Otoburi. I’ll immediately start translating 1 or 2 chapters of everything, and going through them in some sort of cycle.


27 thoughts on “Status Report”

  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more translations. also reading slime (tjrough only what is translated) hope it stays as interesting in the raws.


  2. BWahahahahah!! That weird slime is awesome! Right? XD Considering the series you have here, it’s obvious Slime Datta Ken fits your taste to the T. I’m more surprised that it didn’t happen sooner.

    Anyway, thanks for telling us. I look forward to your translations, and thank you for those in advance!


  3. I guess it’s about time I start reading that, huh? Thanks for the update!

    Btw, if the LN of EGA has enough differences do you plan to translate it?


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