Having said that though

On the other hand, I do feel bad for not releasing faster. We’re all fans of the series, so I can understand the pain.

But that feeling of guilt and sympathy only lasts until the moment that you provoke me with entitled retard complaints.

If you want speed so much, read donor-sponsored Chinese novels. Or better yet, do like me and cut time out of YOUR OWN LIFE and try learning Japanese. Then translate for the community as well, for free, get stuck up with real life, and see how it feels when retards hound you for ‘being lazy’ or ‘not caring enough’.

41 thoughts on “Having said that though”

    1. Maybe they’re real trolls like in Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series. With their manners I won’t be surprised that they’re real trolls trolling in the internet.

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  1. I feel for you.
    I’m not going to say that you’re not wrong but I’m not going to say that the readers are wrong either.
    I know how hard it is to translate,…. and I know that some of us knows that we are only leeching..
    All I can do is wish for you to do your best and for us to patiently wait.

    ((I apologize if this comment sounds high and offensive))

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    1. I don’t think their FEELINGS are wrong. I also sometimes can’t help but wish ‘WHY DO YOU NEED REAL LIFE? ABANDON EVERYTHING AND GIVE ME MORE CHUFENG.’ when I read Chinese translations.

      But when you don’t realise you’re being unreasonable, and actually VOICE this complaint to the translator, that’s when you step into Retard Territory.

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      1. Well, we’re humans so we make mistakes.
        But if you don’t realize that mistake, then you’re stepping on a landmine..
        And it’s hard to amend for what you did. Even more when it comes to the internet.


  2. People can’t understand that translators are humans too lol
    It’s all about motivation, if you’re throwing poop on translator for being slow, you’re just making him slower lol

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  3. Wish we back to simpler time~
    Where the only thing a translator get when releasing a chap are gratitute and thanks~
    Instead of asking for more update~
    But seriously though leecher is the worst kind of thing.
    I bet most of them after reading this will though ‘Well damn if you can write complain why don’t you translate more then!11!’
    Man leecher is an ass

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  4. Ah, i feel for you…
    As a reader myself, i do feel ashamed that people act this way, just because they have the power of the anonymity of the internet. I doubt most of them would dare do such a thing in reality.-shakes head-
    i’m sorry for your experience, all the best!

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  5. Take my opinion as the leecher I am, but you translate whenever you want to translate. Places that accept donations kind of have a responsibility to some amount of speed, but you’re doing it for free, which is awesome, so you can feel offended along with most of the readers when someone posts a stupid comment :P


    1. Rokka no Yuusha seems to be a good adaptation.

      Ninja Slayer is still continuing.

      Gate seems to have toned down the shitness that was present in the manga adaptation.

      Overlord makes it easier to sympathise with the protagonist due to the voice acting.

      Shimoneta’s OP song ends with the line “Stand it up! Your Sexcalibur!”

      As you can see, this season is full of promise.

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      1. I’m worried for rokka. Its getting bad reviews from people because of the generic premise and slow pacing. Also I’m hoping they would adapt at least two volumes. It looks like it will be at least 1.5


  6. yes watch himouto, i love the tracks
    Gatchaman is also good
    Overlord seems too slow as it took 4 ep for 1st volume and the opening shows scenes till 5th, but as for now it’s awesome


  7. Monster Musume is chocolate heroine for anyone who is reading the manga, but for the others I dunno ( fun fact: Chiyo Sakura VA voices the bird girl)


  8. There there~ (੭ •͈ᴗ•͈)੭(°ㅂ° ╬)
    Let it all out..
    Are you sure you don’t want to vent some more?
    We could go on a killing spree in the market to let off some steam if you like..

    I think those horrid clown’s jokes is starting to get to me..

    P.S.: What’s a bangaihen? Sounds like a festival..


  9. Speaking of Chinese web novels, how are they getting translated so fast? Flower bridge shits out multiple chapters daily and he’s a one man show; and other series like ZL, CSG get at least daily chapters. Is Chinese easier to translate than Japanese? Just curious since I don’t know anything about the languages.


    1. I’m not sure about the others, but Flower Bridge is just a workaholic.

      I don’t speak Mandarin, but if it’s anything like Cantonese, yes, it’s easier to turn long sentences into legible English. For Japanese, it’s more like taking a bionicle apart and trying to attach his legs to his nose, while trying your best to keep it looking elegant. Also sometimes there aren’t enough joints to re-attach things to, so you end up with two bionicles instead.


  10. I think Most of the Chinese translators learned both chinese and English as they grew up so its not a second language for them but rather another primary language to them or they just spend all their free time translating


    1. I feel personally offended by that as a chinese translator… nah I’m kidding. I actually quit a while time ago, partly due to some bad choices, partly due to rl issues. I’m trying to get back on the train and translate behind the scenes though! so don’t judge me, please…
      There are cases like the ones you’ve mentioned, but alot of people do start translating in order to improve their chinese and not really out of the goodness of their hearts (personal exp.). That said, I know some crazy translators who do it for fun, vietnamese translators who are fans and somehow end up translating though they don’t know a word, and do really well.
      In my personal experience, I had to use a machine because I can barely read any chinese, though I understand conversations and have the necessary cultural background (think period dramas while growing up).
      It all depends, but I actually don’t know alot of people that grow up proficient in BOTH languages, so they seem to be the minority…


      1. Bilingualism is not really that uncommon in southeast Asia and China. Most Chinese can speak both English and Chinese proficiently cus schools usually teach both languages up to middle school.


        1. Bilingualism isn’t uncommon but unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you’re good at BOTH languages T.T OK, it’s just me probably


  11. You should really just delete those kind of comments from the start, sneer to whoever wrote the frigginly stupid and shameless thing with all your S side bursting out and say it out loudly “what, what were you saying again?”.
    those kinds of shameless and ungrateful piece of poop anon were a kind of weed (I’m sorry weed-nim, i’m not talking about you >w<). weed should just be purged out, they have zero merits whatsoever and they are annoying to the max.
    To those kind of anons I really want to see their face, barge into their home using bulldozer, and with all of my heart say a sadistic remark to them (something like "go guts yourself deep inside a sewer somewhere and die smelling like garbage while not knowing whether the smell come from your spewing intestines or something else altogether".) Too bad i'm a male and not not a Do-S onee-sama, which would make the line flows out more naturally due to their already sadistic nature *pants *pants *pants.
    ……. Sorry for this stupid comment of mine, i was just angry. i just couldn't stand those kind of people from the bottom of my heart and i was kinda venting my anger here. ugh, i'm sorry…


    1. So, I do know that you haven’t translated in a while, but just to reiterate, thanks for your translations, and thanks for the translations I haven’t thanked you for yet. Because I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of them.

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