Other dude dropping Yomigaeri no Maou. Also, “translation when?”? Well…


“The pace of the story is too slow for my liking.”

“Translating that series really takes more effort than another series of the same length just because the author loves to construct stupidly long and complicated sentence structures.”


Anyway, only one arc left of the currently released Slime Bangaihen, so I suspect that I will start translating again either early tomorrow morning (2AMish my time) or tomorrow afternoon.

Not sure which series to start with though. Bathroom Goddess? Ah, as for EGA, since people are waiting for the new short stories, but I wanna re-translate, I’m thinking one old, one new? And alternate like that? What do you guys think?

50 thoughts on “Other dude dropping Yomigaeri no Maou. Also, “translation when?”? Well…”

  1. You troll! lol

    But I must admit, chapter 28 was strangely complicated and unnaturally unnecessary. I liked that novel in general, but this chapter 28 was not written well at all, as if the author was drunk when he wrote it.


    1. How dare you compare Anri-sama to a squid-faced third rate deity of terror like Cthulhu! For shame!

      She’s a lot cuter.


  2. “The pace of the story is too slow for my liking.”

    What. Isn’t he translating Hachinan as well? It’s slow as hell too.


  3. Q’w ‘Q I vote EGA, either the side stories or work on more of the main stories and send people to bug Omega more.

    p.s. Which is your favorite character (besides Rimu) in Slime Tensei?
    p.s.s. How horrible was the enslaving/mind-controlling bastard’s death?


  4. bathroom goddess sounds good, I think mostly because EGA and otoburi are both at a pretty good point atm (EGA’s finished the first arc and otoburi is….uh…..in the middle of some inhimane human experiments? I kinda forgot in the general happy glow of the marriage)

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  5. +1 VOTE for EGA sir, Tilea worries if it’s probable. Even if there is no update for a few weeks already, i wonder why i still spamming your site everyday. perhaps i still have some faith in you sheep-sama


  6. You could probably killsteal someone’s (Elly?) TL for something borrowed, but do you have anything dark & depressing in mind for something blue?

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  7. true enough i want to see a new and interessing story i think its better to finisjh ega and bg, thanks for you for your time.


  8. alternate. Gets us some new stories while we get to reread the old once. Hopefully we will get less whiny leechers like that to.

    Keep being amazing ^^

    and is a shame that it got abandoned again, but the reason for translators to abandon it seams pretty consistent….


  9. As a fan of EGA, I’m happy about you working again in the series, and also want to read the retranslations.
    I’m allright with the one old, one new decision


  10. Retranslated EGA chapter, then Bathroom Goddess chapter, and when you finish the retranslation go full power EGA or Otoburi.

    Though all of them are good, so I’m fine with whatever :D


  11. My vote goes to Anri. One new one old sound a good, but do it however you want. As long as you update something I’m gonna happy.


  12. I would prefer you to translate the untranslated Side stories of EGA first and if you want retranslate the rest later so i think you should start with side story 7 of EGA just my opinion i am thankful for anything at all.


      1. lol Sheepy, you should know by now, ask an opinion on the net and get 200 different answers from 100 people. :P


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