26 thoughts on “Somebody translated EGA Side Story 6!”

      1. I would, but I am not related to the project. But you are. I haven’t done anything for the project and people would likely complain if I tried to host it or even started to translate any part of the series. People would get angry at me for stealing the project or something along those lines. If it were you or Vidar’s blog, it would be different. The public would not be happy if I did.

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      2. I never got why you’re so insistent on that 1 writer policy of yours, but it’s your project.

        I technically do have a blog although not really mine. I’m TLing MT as it releases over on Kaezar’s blog with him so I didn’t really think it appropriate to post it there…


  1. HELP! There’s this ungodly irritating issue on my phone. When I use wordpress, the menu is automatically opened. It’s vertical on the left side of the screen and it blocks me from clicking anything besides the icons on the menu!! Ever since this new mother f***ing update this issue has happened. Does anyone know how to close said menu?


      1. I turned off my Download Manager at one point. Now I cannot find where to access it on my android. I have tried Settings>Applications>All and Download Manager is not listed there. Please help

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  2. Oh geez, they didn’t look at the slate to notice the same mark as those 3?

    Or did Anri failed to make the mark properly…I mean Tina’s doll…

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  3. I confess, I google trans the rest of the WN to read. It was hilarious even though I only got the basics of it. Well worth the loss of 20 IQ points from using GT.


  4. haha i hope lenora has a chance to tell her daddy about anri’s dungeon so he can tell the hero’s what idiots they are for trying to use the plaque against him! that could be such a hilarious scene


  5. I found some bears on the internets… you’re welcome


    (* ̄(エ) ̄*)


    I also found Cthulu

    /|\( ;,;)/|\

    though they claim that THIS is officially Cthulu:

    ( ;,;)

    but eldritch abominations from BEYOND THE STARS have wings, so I vote for this one:

    /|\( ;,;)/|\

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  6. Ah, anri, you have been missed. Owner of the politest, invader friendly and most impenetrable dungeon of all the lands.

    Such sadness that noone ever manages to reach the 19th floor, where you have to speed solve a rubik’s cube with your feet while solving advanced algebra with your left hand and color a spinning paint inside the lines picture with the right hand.

    You have 5 min. Go

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  7. It already feels like a long time since the last update, but I see the date here and I feel like I need to check my eyes. Ah, the leechers time distortion, what a fearsome thing.

    I miss you, sheeprabbit. I should probably re-read something.


  8. u have got to be kiding me they thot that that stone plate was an artifact they truely are hero(lol)’s. i mean check to see if it fits in the pedestal since the 2 items were on the same floor


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