34 thoughts on “LN ver. of She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wiseman (Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja) being translated here”

  1. Thanks for the info

    When tates11 ask about diferences, and you say “story”

    Do you mean that the plots in the WN and the LN are completely diferents?


      1. Past a point in tate no yuusha that’s pretty much what they did though. Completely rewrote the entire plot. And it’s a very early point too.


      1. Yeah, its hard to say since I didn’t read either translation. If my confidence in its readability is below a certain threshold, I just don’t bother to torture myself with it.

        Well, except with LMS, I tried really hard to force myself through jaws’ translation, but I just couldn’t do it in the end. It read like someone who didn’t speak English at all had tried to edit an MTL.


      1. It was the first paragraph of the linked page. There were a lot of missing and incorrectly used words. I’m not sure if the person that wrote it doesn’t speak English or just doesn’t bother to edit the things that they write, but either one is a bad sign.


        1. Obviously, English isn’t my first language and some sentences will feel clunky. And honestly, I wasn’t content with that very first paragraph. Any suggestions would be fine, though.


          1. I read it just now, and found the rest fine? I see what he means by missing words though.

            The only real problem is that you need a ; between ‘burning’ and ‘what’.

            Also, I know that の is often translated as ‘of the’, but I think here the meaning is closer to ‘Luminaria the Calamity’, rather than being of a calamity.

            It’s why I tranlated 軍勢のだんぶるふ as ‘War Power Dunbalf’ rather than ‘Dunbalf of the Military Forces’.


          2. No offense to you, but I’m honestly tired of editing people’s posts for them. I always feel like an ass for pointing out their mistakes and it detracts from my ability to actually enjoy the story since I have to keep stopping to make notes about their errors and re-write sentences or even whole paragraphs so that they’ll actually make sense, all while not being sure if I’m really understanding what the original text was trying to say. So I just don’t read stories where I have to reconstruct the majority of the sentences as I read them anymore.


              1. I read quite a few Chinese works, but the translators clean up the grammar quite a bit and I’ve gotten used to the most common quirks in the language that still remain afterward. Honestly, my biggest problem with Chinese works is that they tend to repeat themselves 5 or 6 times just to pad out the word count.

                Unless I’m misunderstanding you?


              1. I found that it was quite readable, relatively speaking. I don’t think jacobpaige read beyond the first paragraph, which was particularly bad.

                Have you considered changing everything to past tense? Although tense jumps around a lot in Japanese writing, in English convention, people generally write things like a recount.

                Sometimes I use present tense, but then again I’m pretty liberal with how I do things.


              2. I could understand what you were trying to convey, so its already better than some writing I’ve seen, its just that most sentences required me to mentally alter or insert words in order to understand them. Since this is something you personally wrote rather than something you translated, it seemed likely that the translated work would be significantly harder to read, so I didn’t bother trying.


      2. Google translate 軍勢 as troops.

        Given his proficiency as summoner, I think it might be that he alone is equal to an army ‘. ‘ as far as title goes something like One Man Army or “the Army” should work?

        “The Army” Dunbalf
        “The Calamity” Luminaria

        And isn’t だんぶるふ leans more towards Dun’bluf’? ‘. ‘


  2. Ani-ue, I’m in pain and need fluffiness, so I’m going to go read EGA from the beginning again. Also, kirileaves put out the next chap of the “reform the love interests!” reincarnated into an otome game novel (ch 8) and it was good!

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