Linked to another cute blog.

Thanks for telling me about this Fakar. Somebody is translated ‘So I’m a spider. What about it?’ over HERE.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s a spider. I was busy and hadn’t read the translations, nor seen the raw title, and only translated from the roomaji title. Both 蜘蛛/クモ(spider) and 雲(cloud) are romanised as ‘kumo’.

26 thoughts on “Linked to another cute blog.”

  1. And I was so sure mc will really be a cloud.

    After I open the link…. Ah… so it’s only a kumo…

    Whattttt a kumo as a spider isn’t!?



  2. Aww, I was really hoping for an LN about being reincarnated as a cloud. Just drifting high above and looking down on the world. Watching the changing nations, basking under the sun and the stars, philosophising, logging wind conditions.

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  3. de jafu

    the synopsis a bit like a reincarnation that been summon as caterpillar or something that i find on someone blog


  4. I like how she’s a spider and is just a spider and nothing else, but I wish that she could meet people from the other world as well~~~


    1. A “V” consists of fibromuscular tissue, femal spiders skip that and the uterus and the only thing separating the ovaries from the outside world are the Fallopian tubes. I think I should mention that after careful thought, it would be in bad taste to mention the process of Araneae reproduction in graphic detail.


  5. Talk about cute story, I found this recently

    The story is about a 2 years old cat that reincarnated into thousand years old demon cat (cat with the ability to take human form. Imagine the cat version of Sun Wu Kong), but still think like ordinary cat. Since a certain god looked like his master, she follow him and become his disciple.


  6. Sword Saint’s Disciple

    Summary: When he was reincarnated into a different world, he had turned into a woman. Furthermore, when her parents died in a disaster caused by a demon attack, an elderly man saved and brought her up. That man was a former knight of the Kingdom who was once renowned as Sword Saint. Time passed, and a letter of summons from the Kingdom arrived for her Sword Saint Grandfather – who have retired deep in the countryside’s mountains for some reason. She then went to the Royal Capital as a representative for her Grandfather who hurt his lower back, in order to pay back his kindness even a little.

    This is an story of the strongest female swordsman, trained by the Sword Saint himself, as she goes on an adventure in an alternate world.


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