Decided I may as well

Since I already took photos on my phone to show somebody, may as well do this before I go off and piss my time away playing Dishonored.


[An elder brother who snatched the lead role away from his little sister.]

To begin with, in the beginning, Nozaki’s little sister was supposed to be the heroine, and Nozaki was nothing more than “the heroine’s brother”; a super support-character type position.
Instead, before I knew it, he had been changed into the lead role; the awkward first born, Umetarou.
There were too many add-ons to introduce the little sister as a side character, so I don’t think I’ll be able to have her appear in the main story, but she lives on in the shadows! And that’s how it is.
There’s an imaginary chapter where she plays (together?) with Mayu.

yumekoTop right:
R-kun (11th grade)
(Transfer student.)

Top left:
I-kun (11th grade)
Popular and handsome

Shoujo manga otaku

Incidentally, Yumeko was supposed to have two brothers; Mayu in the grade above, and another brother who was secretly a shoujo mangaka.
The manga would’ve been about Yumeko trying various things in regard to a shoujo manga. Basically, pretty similar to how Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is now.
Incidentally, the book the protagonist is holding says ‘Gekkan Shoujo Romance’.

yumeko2“WAI-, ONIICHAN!!?”

\\Cyazzzz, Yumekooo~//
\\Sorry… I’ll be taking the two of them.//
\\Byebyeee, Yumekooo~//

[An elder brother who took away even her friends.]


Kashima and Yuzuki were also taken from imouto.
No, well, there wasn’t enough time to fix them up from scratch, so…
It was before everybody had started moving, so it’s great that the two of them got used to their new story.
(If I transfer characters mid-way, they’ll sulk.)

12 thoughts on “Decided I may as well”

  1. Lol this is hilarious xD
    Wonder if the series would have enjoyed the same popularity if the protag were a girl instead.. Part of me says no, but I want to believe that Tsubaki-sensei would still find way to success in the end with her superior sense of humour and her pretty drawings

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yumeko = dreaming child/child of dreams <– which one fits better? or is it just a name with the kanji of dream and child but no real meaning?


  3. This anime was great. The humour caused the humour in my eye to seep out whilst I laughed and stuffed slightly melted chocolate into my mouth. The massive fat rolls on my behemoth-like body quivered in more than just the cardinal directions. My heaving chest was on fire, watching those comical scenes play out. That laugh, which emitted from my mouth adorned with brown-stained teeth, caused the Heavens to shake. I had broken through to Chocolate Sovereign.

    But seriously, good anime, though I haven’t looked at the manga yet.

    Liked by 2 people

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