Cleanup – Chapter 10

My Lord’s Engagement – K of Hearts (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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For the longest time now, I’ve been regretting translating 伝達魔法 as communication spell instead of as transmission spell. I’ve been regretting it since chapter 7 actually, but it’s too late now…

The small white bird passed through the wall and perched on my arm.
It was a communication spell from Achille.
The message that was transformed by magic flowed into me.

“I see. So Beatrix was…”

Ever since I met her at the entrance ceremony, I’d always thought of her as a strange woman, but…
When I heard this from Camille, I was surprised.
Beatrix had turned out to be from the same place as Camille as well.
No wonder these two sudden got along, despite having absolutely nothing in common.

Certainly, if it’s the academy headmaster, then might be able to stop that Frau Monier.

“Although he apparently used to be quite the big shot…”

Right now, he’s turned into a simple shut-in.
His age is unknown after all; I wonder how long it’s been since he last did anything.

When I was young, I heard about the Headmaster from my magic tutors at the castle.
That he was a magician powerful enough to change even the appearance of his body, and his age.
As well as the fact that he had once lent his power to the country and saved it.

When I entered the academy, I had spoken to him once.
Dragged out of his room because a member of the royal family had entered the school, despite being in the middle of a greeting, he always looked restless and wanting to return.
A pathetic attitude that was unimaginable for the head of the school.

“I guess it’d be better to hear the details from her directly.”

Achille had just sent a communication spell.
It was probably for his interest as well, but he had taken Beatrix and I into account.

“It was a pointless worry.”

At the moment, I’m in a pathetic situation where the two of us aren’t even close enough to worry about that.

Beatrix doesn’t think well of our engagement.
I’d expected this, but having it actually thrust before my eyes is quite disheartening.

Earlier, I had made a deal with the Topagerian King.
Having caused a great deal of harm to Garnet, and had directly attacked Camille and Achille on campus… the Topagerian noble girl, Frau Monier.
In order to avoid the war that would have broken out because of her, I had him send Beatrix here.

In this incident, Topageria was clearly the one at fault.
But honestly speaking, Garnet was at a disadvantage. Although we have a long history, we’re a small country.
Compared to Topageria, we’re lacking in both money and resources, and the only advantage we have is our magic knowledge and technology…
Because of that, Topageria had wanted the second prince to marry Camille, who was both the daughter of the Magic Building’s leader, as well as a capable magician herself.
Although, even in magic itself, Topageria had the lead in knowledge and technology when it came to magic items and potions…

Although this wasn’t voiced openly, amongst the nobles that knew this truth, were rising voices of discontent towards Topageria.
Amongst them were even those shouting for war.

But war would be terrible.
As for why it would be terrible, if we really did break into war, the one that would lose would be Garnet.
It’s embarrassing, but we aren’t a match for Topageria in both war funds and population.
Although all our magicians are talented, the other side has Frau Monier and other forbidden art users.
Even if by some slim chance we won, the losses would be enormous.
I didn’t want to turn this country into a battleground.

“Hahh, it feels like I’m the only one troubled…”

My father the king wasn’t very useful when it came to this.
Right now my father was busying himself with crushing the weakened Royal Prince faction after all.

“I wonder if tomorrow would be good…”

I’m going to have a proper chat with Beatrix… I’m pretty reluctant though.
I’m sure her knowledge will be useful.


To think that just talking to my fiancée would be linked to my job.
I’m getting a bit sick of myself.
Even that Achille can treat Camille without bringing calculated loss and gain into it.
But I’m not as skilled as he is.

“Is Beatrix in?”

The next day… I decided to meet with her before my determination from yesterday wavered.
After spending all morning finishing my work, I immediately headed to her room, thinking to meet her, but,

“My apologies… Just now, we allowed Beatrix-sama to leave. We are in the middle of looking for her, but…”

Her maid looked away awkwardly.

“What? …Just where did she go?”

Beatrix had apparently left the room without telling the maids anything.

The castle is dangerous right now. If she was going to go out, then I’d have liked for her to have told somebody.
I had thought that having an overly restricted security would put her on guard so I tried decreasing the guards, but it seems it backfired on me.
This maid is skilled to a degree in martial arts and so I placed her here as a guard as well, but…
Beatrix is also an expert martial artist, so she was probably skilful enough to slip through the gaps in the defence.
…Maybe I really should keep a strict guard from now on.
I decided to reconsider the security plan around her room.

“If you’re looking for Beatrix, she was at the training grounds, you know? She’s with Raiga-sama, so isn’t it fine?”

While I was troubled, I was told her location by Camille who passed through by chance.
It really helped.

“With Raiga?”

As hardcore martial artists, I guess they’re getting along…
Raiga isn’t really the type to get friendly with people though.

“Yes. It seems she didn’t want to have her skills grow blunt by sitting in her room all day, so after discussing it with Mei-chan, Mei-chan said that she would discuss it with Raiga-sama for us.”

…To think that while I was being hounded by work, the women had an exchange like this.

“Well, it’s fine though. Royce-sama, is Achille in?”

Apparently Camille had come here because she had business with Achille.

“If you’re looking for Achille, he headed for the Central Building just a little while ago.”

Because of the ring, Achille can determine Camille’s location, but the opposite isn’t true.
He apparently plans on adding that function to the wedding ring.

“I seee… Thank you very much. Even though I thought that I’d get to meet him if I came here…”

Camille lazily activated search magic to find Achille.

“You have business with him?”

“Yes. There’s something that I’d like to check with him for work… Shall I search for Beatrix as well?”

“Hmm… I’d be really glad if you did. I’d love to be able to use it too, so when you’re free, could you teach me?”

“Any time.”

Camille entered the room with the maids, and grabbing one of Beatrix’s belongings, she used her magic.
The floating ball of light moved out of the room.

“Well then, I need to look for Achille, so I’ll be leaving.”

“Mn, thanks.”

She followed her ball of light towards to Central Building.

It’s quite rare for me to have anything I need outside of the castle.
Most of the time I can complete my job inside the castle.

“What good weather…”

I felt that I could understand Beatrix’s desire to leave her room a little.
I continued to follow the light. Some guard soldiers were following me from behind.
There was no guarantee that my uncle wouldn’t try something stupid after being cornered and weakened.
I’m not bad at magic myself, so I think I could defend myself, but it wouldn’t do to have a repeat of the time with Count Tito after all.

I passed through the soldiers’ training area and continued further in.
How weird. Even though Camille said that she was at the training area.
Floating in the air, the light continued towards the arena.

The arena was a place used for things like matches between soldiers.

“It couldn’t be.”

I hastened my pace.




Even though there was no match together, the arena was crowded with soldiers.
And in the dead centre was…

“Hmph, the knights of Garnet aren’t bad either, huh?”

With a fiery gaze and a smile from the depths of her heart, wielding a sword in two hands was my future wife.

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  1. Hm… I wonder if the game version of Royce – who was a warrior type, rather than a rogue type (which would have been a shared feature) – would have had an easier time capturing Beatrix?

    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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      1. Wasn’t there a scene during Achille’s “nightmare” where Royce went sword happy on some goons that Camille hired to bully Frau? I remember Achille even saying that it didn’t fit because the “real” (post-Camille) Royce wasn’t a physical type…


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    1. Might only work for the person actually casting it.

      He should probably learn the spell regardless. Or perhaps ask Achille how to put that function on her wedding ring.


  3. “…Maybe I really sure keep a strict guard from now on.”

    It should probably be “…Maybe I really should keep a strict guard from now on.”


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    I pity Beatrix even more than before now…

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    Thanks for the chapter! I wish we had more women like Beatrix in these novels…

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  5. So today is Royces turn! He hasnt had a lot of deban lately hahaha. I like how his narration contrasts with his friend’s. It’s not full of worry over Bakamille’s carefree actions, but it’s not all Lalala~ either haha.

    Thanks for translating Estelion! It’s good to see more classic Otoburi fun.

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  8. He calls the Heroine a Topagaerian noble girl, but isn’t she a commoner from Garnet? Grew up in the same village as the K of Clubs? Is this Royce-sama’s misconception?


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