So about my ‘V List’…

Originally I made it as a joke because I was bored, but over the months I’ve been noticing a lot of people linking it on reddit and stuff.

And so, although I’m too busy to translate until after Friday, I do have enough time to do stuff like this during my breaks, and so I decided I may as well update it.

And I’ll keep updating it as necessary from now on.

[In case any newcomers have no idea what list I’m talking about… its this one.]

29 thoughts on “So about my ‘V List’…”

      1. true but i should thank you regardless not everyone goes about reading everything they find like i do so it helps more people find good things to read and for that i thank you :D

        also on a side note sometimes one gets lucky and finds something they didnt read so its never any harm to check them ;D

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          1. Wow. Guys, if you want something fresh other than the milked to death reincarnation and cheats, read hermaphrodites as they explore both the land and their sexuality.


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