Cleanup – Chapter 11

My Lord’s Engagement – K of Hearts (Part 2)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
Honto tutorial here.

Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

Oh geez, I really don’t want to enter a place like that.
A circular arena with wriggling and sweat-covered muscle-loving knights (Raiga’s knight brigade) is a world that I have nothing to do with.
And in the middle of this, the shining Beatrix was too dazzling in a certain sense, so it was hard to approach her…
In a different way than Camille, she’s also quite the strange woman.

Perhaps because of the various incidents I got involved in when I was little, I like strong women.
Women who wouldn’t easily die even if they got involved with the first prince.
Camille also fits those requirements but… she has Achille after all.
And what’s more, perhaps because I’ve always been watching her since we were young, I don’t have any romantic feelings towards her.

“My, Royce-sama. Are you in the middle of a break?”

Mei who was relaxing on a bench inside the arena called out to me when she found me.
Perhaps because of Raiga’s consideration, she was covered from head to toe in warm-looking and fluffy clothes to avoid the cold.

“Yeah, basically. Were you watching Raiga, Mei?”

“Yes. I brought refreshments, so I’m waiting here until the match ends.”

By her side were six guards, probably prepared by Raiga.

“What’s Beatrix doing over there?”

“Oh, Beatrix-sama is having a bout with the knights. That’s how they’re training. All the knights were interested in fighting with a foreign swordsman, so they were enthusiastic as well.”

“I see…”

“Right now, Beatrix-sama has yet to lose. As you would expect from the guard of a Topagerian prince, isn’t it?”

When I turned my eyes to Beatrix, this time it was Raiga that she was facing.

“Will you also participate, Royce-sama?”

“Hmmm, I’ll sit this out. I’m bad at swordsmanship, you see.”

While Mei and I were chatting, Beatrix and Raiga began to spar with quite the intensity.
Both Beatrix and Raiga were using what seemed to be blunted practice swords.
She parried Raiga’s sharp attack with flowing movements.
Just by going toe-to-toe with Raiga, you could tell that she had real ability as the guard of the second Topagerian prince.

But Raiga had the advantage in physical strength.
When I looked again, I found that she had a bitter expression after blocking one of his attacks head on.
Although they were basically equal in swordsmanship, she was being pressured by his power.
Like that, Raiga flung away her sword with all his might. Clanging sounds rang out as the sword tumbled on the floor.
It seems the match ended.

“To be able to fight against Raiga that equally…”

Words of admiration slipped from Mei’s lips.
With a towel in her hand, Mei trotted over towards Raiga.

“Mei, you shouldn’t run while pregnant!”

I ran after her in a fluster.


Beatrix and Raiga were chatting happily in the middle of the arena.
Apparently they had grown closer through fighting. I’m feeling a little unamused.

“Thank you very much, Raiga-sama. It was an honour to meet swords with such a strong person.”

“I should be saying the same about you. As expected. It’s a waste for you to marry Royce; how about entering my knight brigade?”

“I am happy for your words.”

Beatrix’s cheeks lightly flushed.

Raiga, you bastard. Mind not soliciting other people’s fiancées?
And Beatrix… you’re supposed to clearly refuse in situations like that, you know?
I recalled the scene of the girls’ meeting in the academy park a while ago.
If I remember correctly, Beatrix’s type was close to Mei’s…

“Good work, Raiga-sama~ Everybody else too.”

Mei approached Raiga with a smile.
A cosy atmosphere floated amongst the knights.


Raiga immediately ran over to Mei with a broad smile. Who the hell is that?
He’s even more lovestruck than expected.

I called out to Beatrix who was staring at them, as dumbfounded as I was.

“Hey, Beatrix. That was a pretty good match.”

“Your, Highness.”

“There’s a little something I’d like to talk to you about, so could I have a little time after this?”

“…This is good timing. I too had something I wished to speak to you about.”

Beatrix nodded in assent.


While embracing Mei in his right arm, Raiga looked towards me.

“I know that your fiancée is precious to you, but let her have a breather once in a while. It isn’t good to stifle her to death.”

I know that much, at least.
But it’s dangerous right now. I want to shut her up in her room as much as I can.
I don’t think she’ll take an attack lying down, but… I don’t want to lose her.
No matter how trivial it might be, as long as that possibility exists, I can’t be careless.
I’m not as composed as Raiga is, after all.

“Beatrix, I give you permission to come and go as you please to our knight brigade. You can drop by whenever you want, and it’ll be good practice for my subordinates too.”

“…Thank you very much.”

It seems that Raiga had taken a liking to Beatrix as a warrior.
Arrogant as usual, though…

I decided to return to my room for a while with Beatrix.

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  2. >But it’s dangerous right now. I want to shut her up in her room as much as I can.
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  3. Beatrix still has lingering affections for Raiga, but it’s useless x.x She who only knows the game Raiga is no match for Mei who has been at Raiga’s side since childhood.

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      1. I know right? Makes me wonder just what part of Camille he didn’t like. She’s a baka but a wonderful loveable baka.

        It could be he sensed Achille’s feelings and blocked himself from developing any for Camille.

        Hmm but I think it’s the way Camille overlapped her image of the game Royce with the real one. It made him feel pressured and prevented him from feeling really close to her.

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      2. Are you implying that Achille is a siscon?

        Fun fact: In marked contrast to the Westermarck effect is a phenomena called Genetic Sexual Attraction, where due to Assortative Mating, individuals tend to pick mates that are like themselves.
        That is, terribly scandalous things can happen when close relatives who are separated at an early age meet as adults. In fact, the imprinting that leads to the Westermarck effect is mostly only observed in the first six years or so of one’s life and proximity and exposure also play a large role in attraction and attachment.


      3. *a phenomena called Genetic Sexual Attraction, due to Assortative Mating, where individuals tend to pick mates that are like themselves.


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