29 thoughts on “Watta narcicist, amirite guiz?”

  1. lol! English, scary~! xD! just one missing punctuation mark sends the whole sentence’s meaning to another. lol

    —- Really? You really took notice of it lol


      1. haha~ XD! Quite right, though if you get the punctuation and grammar correct, only a few would sound messed up, well, I guess it still depends on one’s understanding then. :)


    1. I’m told language teachers often tell examples of misplaced or missing punctuation that make innocent sentences sound very bad or even turn around the meaning.


  2. There’s a ‘the’ at the beginning of that sentence. Changes the meaning completely. Probably not completely correct, but no comma required


  3. hello, there umm i have just made a translation blog (https://apollotrans.wordpress.com/) but my friend who is going to be the translator has only recently gotten into LNs so he asked me to search for potential projects, so i wanted to ask if u could please send me the raw links of some of ur teasers so that i could pass it on to him. And also if u could please send some recommendations i’ll be utterly thankful.


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