Somebody translated ‘I Tripped into Another World, but I Got ‘Eaten up’ Right on the Spot: Chapter 1’

For details on how this happened, click here and read the comment thread.

To read the chapter, click here.

To thank saimaru’s oneesan (the original JA>TH translator), click here (her English is apparently shit, but I’m sure she can read it).

22 thoughts on “Somebody translated ‘I Tripped into Another World, but I Got ‘Eaten up’ Right on the Spot: Chapter 1’”

  1. So far seems like some common female sexual fantasy.
    ” No one likes to be raped in real life, of course, but the rape fantasy is extremely popular, as long as it’s being perpetrated by someone attractive. Usually, your fantasy rapist is a kind of Perfect Lover, someone you would actually be thrilled to have sex with in real life. But, in a rape fantasy, you give yourself the additional pleasure of resistance and the absolution of innocence (it’s the rapist’s fault, not yours!). Though, of course, it is your fantasy mind that creates the rapist and everything he or she does. For obvious reasons, the rape fantasy is most common among sexually repressed “good girls” and outwardly conservative men. It’s also an ego-boost to the sexually insecure, as it allows you to feel extremely desirable, so much so that your rapist finds you impossible to resist.” (C)


      1. Well, it was “I am not lewd easy girl, I just don’t have choice to say no, he’ll do me by force if I resist anyway. So it better to go along and enjoy since he is hot. But I’m not guilty for being slut having sex with hot stranger, I’m pure and innocent since I have no choice “


        1. That’s just self-justifications. Have you seen the author-written blurb?

          “Mizukami Sakura, twenty years old. Today I tripped into another world! But where I ended up was on top of a bed, with nothing but my bath towel on, and the owner of the room, Captain Grace, had a good time ‘eating’ me up. But well, he’s a hot guy who’s exactly my type, so I’ll allow it. Or rather, how about one more round?


  2. im just curious how he got his sister to translate this……..this is totally something i wouldnt give my sister (if i had one) to translate or even look at…..dudes got a open minded sister “psshh need help translating a extreme ecchi novel no problem bro.”


  3. According to the links you gave… the series was deleted after the first chapter was translated. Maybe you should point that out in your title? ^^


      1. Yep… saw that as well after I poseted it^^

        Sorry for the confusion. I have to say I liked what I saw of the cancelled series better then this series…


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