Seeing these Yomigaeri no Maou illustrations has…

ruined the story for me forever, lol. Not going to read the raws anymore.

I’m an incredibly shallow person, it seems.

Speaking seriously though, to me, those faces are about half-way to the spud-head children of Skyrim, so it really has destroyed my imagery of this story forever. I don’t think I can read this story anymore.

Hm, the dangers of LN adaptations…

Ah, and 21 (EGA) will be done soon.

53 thoughts on “Seeing these Yomigaeri no Maou illustrations has…”

      1. Guy in top left corner… looks like an imbecile… the rest are fine though, actually way better than your pretty 12 y/o kid jail baits imo


  1. The right panel’s not too bad, but the parents and the adventurers on the left bug the hell out of me (especially the dad and the elf).


  2. Other character doesn’t look so bad for me but MC and iris broke my image of them, and what the hell with that super muscular arm, it look disgusting on a shota body.

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    1. He have done a lot of sword training, of course he got muscles. It’s other art that is absurd rather with stick like limbs on supposedly well trained people.


      1. You don’t need bulk if you’re strong and well trained. I knew a few people growing up that were very skinny but well toned and very shockingly strong. They all grew up working on a farm though :S


  3. I prefer not to read manga/watch the anime after reading your/others TLs because it ruins my imaginationof how the characters look :(


  4. I don’t mind. I don’t care for pretty illustrations for novel. Since I care more about the content anyway. Not like I gonna see the image for the whole time since this is a novel not a manga. I think the illustration pretty good since I can easily tell who is who even if I don’t understand Japanese in the illustration.


    1. Yep. I believe it’s Death March’s author too. Somehow I think that the balance is a bit off on the images. Though it wouldn’t affect me reading the series. Hopefully I can learn enough Japanese to get to the point that I can read the raws on my own.


  5. Luru reminds me of Pochi from Death March… LOL

    Pochi has cuteness but Luru is just like… drawing a shota(too muscular… ugh) then adding “evil eyes”. Viola~!

    I have seen illustrations of many LNs… but this… no, just no.
    Even DesuMachi and Maou has the same illustrator, why is the difference is like heaven and earth?


  6. My image of the Luru Maou was not an old man, but a man in the thirties. Now they screwed up with a damn old man.

    Even though Luru was an adult on his past life I was expecting a more relaxed look on his face and a frown only when serious. Without saying that I was imagining he a little more taller but with a baby face (because he was 15-?- and it’s western like people/world). The hair… why the heck a cat with it’s ears down? He isn’t the new captain Judgement (that do have looks that mach with cat ears). It feels so wrong in mach and sense of style.

    The description of Iris made me think that she had long hair and that she looked older/mature than Luru, but…

    The elf instead of elegant adventurer is just a slut.

    The other guy tried to be Elvis but someone cut/beat on the middle and it became 2 horns like hair.

    Those 2 on the northwest of that image are his parents? The mother is ok, but the heck is that man?!

    Why this? Why Author-san didn’t you make a contest (or the publisher)?! Why?!!! T_T


  7. I’m not really feeling anything one way or another. But then again the only things I’m getting upset about nowadys are bills and college stuff.


  8. I want the person who hired the illustrator fired, and the illustrator fired for being incompetent. Did the person even read the story they were doing illustrations for? -sigh-

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    1. A lot of times the illustrator doesn’t read the story really. They’re given general directions of what kind of pictures they need to draw and a deadline for them. I mean most of the time they do end up reading it but that’s not a guarantee. For this illustrator something that sticks out to me is if you read Death March, it notes that elves have small pointed ears and the ones with long pointed ears are considered an entirely different kind of thing. If you look at the LN illustrations though, all the elves have the super long ear variety.

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    1. But seriously, ani-ue I got through chapter one of MGA on the strength of your recommendation, but now I find it has 1800+ chapters?! You’re trying to kill me…


      1. I don’t know why, but chapter 1 triggered my run away, RUN AWAY!!! instincts.

        And you’re trying to kill me because I DID like it after chapter one… XD

        eight.teen.hun.dred. chapters! This is like worm again!

        Also why are wuxia MC’s always bullied…


  9. Somehow, the impression I get is:

    Top left:
    An arrogant snob and his succumbed (dat wink!)

    Bottom left
    – a drugged up girl (those empty yandere eyes!) and her medieval yakuza boyfriend?

    An Einzberg style homunculus and a wannabe hero on steroids



  10. I love the illustrations!!! they perfectly match my imagination of them! is this coincidence or fate???? someone pls tell me…… am I the only one here who think the illustration is gorgeous?


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