Interesting enough story

I know that rei_hunter from rei:translations has been looking for someone to tl Manowa for a while now.

And recently somebody released chapter 1 on google docs.

But then there’s this blog:

And I thought that if I hadn’t known about it, chances are lots of others don’t know either. So mn. Announcement.

Manowa ~ Mamono Taosu, Nouryoku Ubau, Watashi Tsuyoku Naru
(Kill-Steal-Grow – I Kill Monsters, I Steal Powers, I Grow Stronger)

It’s about a girl who does the above. May or may not be a yuri. Was good enough that it got a LN publication, and for anyone interested there are a one, two, three volumes released. Got pretty good results in narou contest too.

Raws for webnovel here:

25 thoughts on “Interesting enough story”

      1. I do. QQ
        Luckily you linked the raw webnovel, so I can read in Japanese! Here’s to hoping it doesn’t use too many complicated characters.


  1. If the counter is correct, It have 800+ chapters.

    This is more or less equivalent 30 LN volumes, is crazy, to much for a lone person


  2. Interesting name.
    It could do with a synopsis… maybe I should read it and write one myself?

    Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try it out soonish.


      1. You know, these things are like that. You usually have to suspend your disbelief from a crane or something. It’s the written version of Hollywood, where you never run out of ammo, bad guys never check air vents (while cleaners surprisingly do, never a single cobweb in them), and full auto fire kills bad guys only but never the hero.


        1. It’s to do with where my parents come from and how I was brought up as a result, but reading that scene in Zhan Long is probably a lot closer to uh…


          Let me put it this way. Imagine that Zhan Long scene, except he’s joining ISIS. The exact same speech about protecting the people etc. etc. and falling on his knees in tears at the thought of being able to represent justice and fight to protect the weak again.

          THEN you might have an idea of how ridiculous the whole thing was to me.


      2. Actually, I could guess. China’s police isn’t exactly classed as top of the line in terms of cleanliness in their dealings, though some of it could be others trying to cheat the government out of money too.


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