Status Report

Some RL issues have come up, but I’ll have the last two EGA chapters of this arc up as soon as I’m free. I’ll upload them together.

Also, I’m picking up a new active project. It’s only 23 chapters, but it’s quite fun, so yeah.

Uhm, the name is ‘The Bathroom Goddess’, and it’s about a chick whose bathroom window randomly turns into an interdimensional door. And well, all she does is trade stuff. But it’s well written, and quite charming. I’ll be slowly translating it to the end.

If you know the Japanese folktale, the Straw Millionaire, it’s like that, but with bathrooms and a fantasy world.

21 thoughts on “Status Report”

  1. Good morning sheeprabbit
    i just wanted to inform you that ive found another translation for your VAGINA PROTAGONIST LIST!!!!
    well i havent actually had time to read it more than taking a quick glance yet so i dont know if its good enough to ad.
    anyhow if you read and like why not ad (i got the feeling the guy needs some kind of promotion going by the low number of comments)


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