Arc 1 ~Kazuha Axeplant’s Third Adventure: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – What came to mind during my third time in another world was to for now, get drunk.

oyaji = less than polite way of saying ‘uncle/middle aged guy’ as well as your own father, sort of like ‘pops’ or ‘the old man’

“But still, the king suure pisses me off…”

Treating the former Hero who saved the world twice as the 『dregs of society』 or a 『mere woman』 or…
Just remembering it pisses me off.
What’s more, during the 『first time』, the Demon King’s forces made it as far as 《Azerleims》’ castle, and the imperial princess was killed.
That time, no matter how much I mourned, it wasn’t enough…
But during the 『second time』, I punctually saved the princess, we fell in love, and got married.

“Ahh~hh… Everything would’ve been great had I not taken the 《gem》…”

It would’ve been great had I just not picked up the gem that fell from the True Demon King’s mouth, and just headed back to the castle after defeating it.
It’s too late now, but I’m regretting it.

“Eline… You probably don’t remember me, do you…?”

It was the same during the 『second time』 around as well.
Nobody remembered that during the 『first time』 I was the real 『Hero』 who defeated the Demon King and saved the world.
In the end, I started from being a 『Hero Candidate』 again.
But my status and items were the same as when I had cleared the 『first time』, though.

The first event was subjugating a monster living in a cave nearby.
Each 『Hero Candidate』 independently infiltrated the cave, and defeated the boss monster in its depths, or so the event went.
If you defeated him and let people know, you’d then form a party as 『One of the Heroes』 and set out on your adventures, but…

“It was filled with hardships, wasn’t it… my 『first time』…”

With my starting equipment, 『Wooden Stick』, I had to somehow or other beat down weak monsters and save up gold, bit by bit.
I then bought the strong 『Wooden Spear』 to replace it with, and went to a smith to reinforce it to 『Wooden Spear + 4』.
It was annoying because the monsters hardly dropped any…
My equipment I replaced with things that were relatively strong while being frugal with my gold.
I went and challenged the boss monster of the cave.
I got knocked out 3 times, but got a problem with that?

After that, again and again I’d challenged it and get beaten to bits, before getting teleported into my room, barely alive.
I raised my level, improved my equipment, bought recovery potions until it took up a whole item column…
And then finally, I managed to defeat it, but the other 『Hero Candidates』 had already moved onto the next stage long before…

And then, my 『second time』.



…The end.


With the Criminal Darkness in my right hand, I eaaaasily brought it down with a swing.

One swing.

With just one swing, that first boss monster that I’d had so much trouble with, had now ended up in two.

It was horror in a sense.


Of course, I immediately cleared the cave event.
I returned to the castle to report it.
And the king fell into surprise and deep emotion.

After that, things went smoothly, and I defeated the Demon King in, what, was it 10 turns?

I’ll leave out the rest.








“Now then, up we go…”

Nothing will begin if I just lay here.
I closed the item window, and stood up.


I left the house.






That damned king… As if you’d say 『a mere woman』, right? What 『a mere woman』…? …Shitt…
I explored the town, feeling irritated.


Beyond a bridge in town was a blacksmith.
In the shop that I frequently used was a face that I recognised.


One of the spear users of 《Azerleims》, Graham Edreed was talking to the oyaji from the shop.

(Haha… Telling nothing but jokes as usual…?)

In both my 『first time』 and 『second time』, Graham was one of the party members that accompanied me as far as the final fight with the Demon King.
When I had just been reincarnated into this world, and didn’t know left from right, he was the one who showed me around this time.
And he also taught me how to use a spear, and if I had to say it, then I guess he’s like a bit like a teacher to me?

(Sorry, Graham… In both the 『first time』 and 『second time』, I let you die…)

Passing by Graham who was happily talking with the shopkeeper oyaji, I headed to the main road.






It’s a bar.

It’s a place that’s always lively.

I sat down on one of the chairs at the counter.

“Oi, oi, little miss. This isn’t a place for kiddies like you, you know?”


-vein pop-
Am I going to be made fun of even here?

“Oyaji… Gimme the strongest you have…”

“Oi, oi… Like I said, we can’t sell to minors, and what’s more, one that’s a girl…”

“Oh my? You sound like you’re making light of women, but?”

A woman cut into our conversation.


Sitting right next to me at the counter was the magician, Lily Zealrod.
Like Graham, she was a companion that I’d partied with twice in the past.

“Tsk, an annoying one has come…”

The barkeep headed into the shop.
If I remember correctly, wasn’t the barkeep bad at dealing with Lily…?

“Hi there~ Are you also just coming back from the audience about the 『Spare Candidates』 that’ll be acting as party members for the Hero, I wonder?”

“Well yes, but…”

I just recalled an unpleasant face…

“Huhu, going by that face of yours, it seems that the king chewed you out too, huh~?”


“Ah~hh, that king reaaally is stubborn, huh…? Just because I’m a woman, he’s completely decided that I’m 『weak』 you know~? I’m honestly pissed off.”

Lily’s thoughts were the same as mine.
I didn’t know…
To think that Lily received this bad a treatment from the king too, in the beginning.

In the end, Lily became a master of the two high level attributes 《light》 and 《darkness》, so she should have become a Grand Magician strong enough to make the top 5 in this world.
And to think that a person like her started off as a 『Spare Candidate』…
Doesn’t he have no eyes for people? That king…

(…Which reminds me, in the 『second time』, he was my 『esteemed father-in-law』 wasn’t he…? Haha…)

When I saved the princess and married her, he was happy for us, wasn’t he?
A hero who possessed the abnormal strength to protect the castle from the Demon King forces.
I was famous enough that the streets were filled with rumours of me, after all.

“Going to drink something? My shout.”

Lily spoke to me with concern.

“…Give me the best drink, please.”

“Huhu. You kinda come off as a bit of an odd one to me…”


Well yeah. I’m a 『trap』 anyway, you knoww?













Originally “…Ei.”, where “ei!” is a sound made when hitting something.

“I’m a trap anyway, you knoww?”
trap here is ‘男の娘(otoko no ko)’

95 thoughts on “Arc 1 ~Kazuha Axeplant’s Third Adventure: Chapter 3”

      1. To be fair, the term in Japanese is 男の娘(otokonoko), or “male daughter” , which is a play on words for the term used for boys, 男の子, or “male child”


    1. Yeah, not really a trap… Unless male genitals magically appear when splashed with hot water (ala Ranma) or something similar… Though on the same note, would hermaphrodites be counted as traps or not? (If they have both male and female genitalia…)


  1. thanks you~
    you sure like gender-blender reincarnation novel series do you?
    i still have mixed feelings every time i read series like that though


      1. True that. One’s with genderbent or pure female leads don’t seem to go the romance/harem route often. I’ve come to the (completely generalized and biased) conclusion that Japanese light novel authors by and large have no freaking clue how to write romance outside of self-insert harem nonsense… so novels where there’s no romance at all are much stronger for it.

        This might just be me ranting, but they often seem to mistakenly equate constant awkward misunderstandings of who-loves-who to actual romantic development… which it would be if they ever advanced from that stage (which they don’t).

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      2. I got the opposite impression from genderbend stories before this. It always came off as a way for the author to make a story with this cute female lead while still basing the character off of themselves. There often isn’t a meaning to the gender change, it doesn’t mean much for their circumstances (since they act the same) and it says nothing of how they view themselves (since its something that just randomly happened to them because “game stuff”). This is interesting though, since it’s completely warped their role in the story. So, yay, another step forward on my quest to read stuff that I won’t eventually regret or complain on animesuki about how I wish the author had an editor to slap them.

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  2. Well. How many “turns” before he/she beats the Demon Lord this time around? 5? Then face the secret final boss. Then the true secret final boss. Then the real true secret final boss. If this story is going where I think it’s going.

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  3. I’d totally blow up the castle. And kick the shit out of all the Knights. Hell I’d just watch the demon king destroy the city.


  4. Thanks for dropping this mixta*ahem*
    Thanks for translating these chapters.They might be rather short but somewhat entertaining so far. Will this be just a teaser or are there any plans to promote this into a (low priority) side project?

    P.S.: I’m really looking forward to see where the name “axeplant” will be coming from.


      1. ‘ .’ that’s a lot less interesting than the idea of MC going around killing everything with common quality axe.

        But each time she uses too much strength and the thing get stuck into the ground.

        So her path of travel is marked by dead bosses, all axe’d.


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    I really want to see where the Axeplant name comes from too…

    Was happy to wake up and devour delicious teaser~


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  9. I think I will enjoy this more than I thought I would. And it’s funny how the mc makes fun of his own trapness. (doesn’t count as trap tho, it’s GB)

    Thanks for the chapter!


  10. Retired heroes side
    I say make a full female party and kick ass, he/she already knows the strongest people there and is already maxed out.
    Anyway I wonder if he can get a second pair of strongest weapon since he basically restarting with the strongest in his item box.

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    1. I assume he got the strongest weapon the first time around, then another strongest weapon the second time so it’s now a pair, and so they’d get only one more strongest weapon next.


      1. … *used: struggle* … *struggle* *struggle* *struggle* … successfully broke free … *used: pocket sand* … *used: flee*


  11. >(Sorry, Graham… In both the 『first time』 and 『second time』, I let you die…)

    “Cuz you had no vagina”

    Also, really? The first party member is name LILY (yuri)…

    I wonder if Kazuha will also take the princess at this rate, and learn that she hates the idea of being forced to marry whatever hero her father decides for her….

    Then Kazuha opens to her a new road….hehehehehehe


    1. No, because Kazuto isn’t a faggoty angstlord who goes from ‘frivolous social gamer’ to ’emo edgelord’ due to getting betrayed, once, by some random chick.

      Remember that he saw poor loli slave, thought, ‘SHE IS OF THE SAME SEX AS THAT PERSON THAT BETRAYED ME’ (ignoring the fact that half the world is), and wanted to hurt the loli for it. Makes you wonder just how little female contact he had in his old life.

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      1. I still feel bad for shieldbro, aside from losing vital life saving equipment (and funds), the whole false rape charge was pretty harsh.

        I understand your view point, he’s all agnsty and takes it out on a lot of the wrong people.


  12. Hmm, maybe he keeps getting “game over” restarts because he’s been hitting the wrong team. lol

    Think about it, The King summoned him, so to get back home, maybe the one he has to off is the King himself? That would be a hilarious twist.


      1. its under the dropped portion of the selector so i figured it was dropped, couldnt really find any other group that had it picked up so i thought it was lol


        1. I mean, it’s not bad. But it’s not amazing either. There’s not enough happening packed into each chapter, you know? Like, Tilea’s Worries 1st arc always has lots happening. Evil God Average has even more happening.

          As for this series, nothing amazing happens. It’s only ‘pleasant’. And it takes him like 80 chapters to have his first lesbian sex. Slow paced.

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