Status Report and Announcement and Poll


  1. The very last announcement that I made was to reassure people that Hiyono’s official stance was that he would not be intending on dropping Isekai.
  2. I have never complained about El〇〇ion on this blog.
  3. I did make some off-handed comments about all the problems with him, to explain why I felt that he was a funny person. It was on Reddit.
  4. The updates on the Elion situation on this blog were because I thought people would find them amusing. I always laughed with childish glee when one of my friends linked me on Skype or IRC with updates on how his business (lol) was going, so I assumed people here would find it similarly amusing.
    The things that I post here are basically things I hope the majority will have fun with, whether it’s a translation, announcements about new translations being picked up, or stupid bear drawings.
  5. I have now been warned by AFlappyTeddyBird that he does not share my opinion, and that I should stop spamming Elion stuff because many others may find it unamusing.
  6. I did not realise that many arguments have been flung between Hiyono and Elion… because I can read the raws for Isekai and haven’t been to Hiyono’s since he first posted chapter 11.

So yeah, sorry for anybody who hasn’t found this situation enjoyable. I only did it because I thought it would be amusing, but apparently those who have been following Hiyono and stuff have been bombarded with this topic for days now.

For me, it was just sporadic updates on Elion’s business situation or more crazy/ridiculous statements by Mr. Elsion, so I guess that for me, it was a lot less spammy, and a lot more amusing.

I’ll try not to mention Elion again after this post. Really sorry guys.

Status Update

I’m um, well… not burnt out, but oddly apathetic again. Which is why I haven’t been doing anything for these last few days. Historically speaking, usually I take a 3~13 day break during these times. It’s already been 3 days, so I might start translating tomorrow.

Now, the dilemma starts from now;

– I picked up Tilea’s Worries from an MTLer, meaning that I have the responsibility to release relatively frequent updates
– I have not touched Other World for a long time
– Otoburi gets more and more crazy as the fight against Isis the French Revolutionaries the Heroine progresses, so I want to plough further ahead into the series
– Evil God Average has finished (we’re waiting on the confirmed sequel), and Vidar is waiting on my chapter 20 so that he can post the side-stories. Vidar did say that he didn’t care, and enjoyed making people wait, but…
– I’m tired of translating the above, and want to do a teaser. It may or may not increase my tl speed for the others once I’m done with it.

As you can see above, I have good reason to translate all of them, and the indecision is adding to my apathy, so ‘Why not delegate this decision elsewhere?’ I thought!

If anyone happens to pick option 5, leave a comment about what I should translate AFTER the teaser!!!

P.S. Pacem Machine Translation Dream-Team (may or may not have been self-proclaimed, or not proclaimed at all) announced to me their intent to pick up Maou weeks ago. Which is why halfway through the latest chapter, I just stopped working on it.
I think Maou deserves much better than this. Unfortunately, it is still one of the lowest priority series for me, and NOBODY has responded to my request for the Shadow Clone technique, so unfortunately this is how things are playing out.

62 thoughts on “Status Report and Announcement and Poll”

  1. I want to read Otoburi and Jashin till the end

    But you’re the translator, take your time (better slow and fine than fast and bad)

    Just a little spoiler if you know please

    In some moment Beatrix refuse to marry Royce directly (anormal in medieval society but not illegal, she would can become in adventurer, like Mushoku Tensei)?


      1. I’ve read the next chapters through google translator and I would have this impresion

        But I would have the hope that one character say no (because I think that would be funny)


  2. Teaser, then EGA~ Sheeprabbit feeling burned out is baaaaad >_>…

    Unfortunately, those of us with that opinion seem to be VASTLY outvoted, so: hope you feel better~


  3. You can be a real jerk sometimes, I REALLY want to read all 4 of them!!! So cruel!!! Though in general I agree with the majority on Jashin, but Otoburi and Royce’s troubles in regards to Beatrice!!!


    1. …..
      Sheeprabbit is giving you, and everybody else, a choice instead of just going right over your head. The last thing Sheeprabbit is being is a jerk.
      My apologies for this cretin, Sheeprabbit. That is not the comment you’re looking for; move along.


  4. I have a very bad short term memory so I keep remembering Other World exists every 4 days or so and checking if it was updated just to get disappointed again when I check the last two chapters and realize its the same stuff I read before XD

    So I don’t know if current me cares but future me is probably going to be sad for like a picosecond when he remembers the series exists again. So for the sake of future passing interest me I vote for other world :D


  5. Those posts were amusing XD
    I vote for teaser (the one that the girl was eaten) and after that a go go go otoburiko!


  6. I forgot to ask what is the site of that mt team picking maou. If they have a nice quality of mt (like ark) it may be worthy a try.


  7. it’s honestly hillarious sir. i laughed a little bit seeing the comment and elysion san( no offense as i think your stance isnt wrong by making your hobby profitable) who reacted a little bit too much. i have no idea about the post on reddit so it seems i have little to no understanding on the matter still i think he reacted too much. he should already know that netizen is at a liberty to say anything and suppose he just pay it no mind like his post. and about the series that you worked it’s too bad that you wont continue the maou series still i support the continuation of the translation. i hope it will go well with them.


  8. why is maou not there ٩(๑òωó๑)۶.
    Nah I kid, anything’s fine other than tilea’s worries. I don’t like it. The misunderstandings are too far fetched for me.


  9. I voted for more teasers, but after that I leave it to you :) (In truth, I want fast updates for everything, so it’s the same thing)


  10. I want more Jashin Average, but I would be perfectly fine with teasers as well. Or Other world. Or Otoburrito. As long you don’t やめてぇ, hey?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Why not compromise and giv us Moar!!!! of everything.
    well joking aside i really want to read more of Otoburi but i guess the sheeprabbit should do what the sheeprabbit wants to do.


  12. I mostly come here for your status updates, since I’m not too fond of Otoburi and most of the others I’ve already read ahead on syousetsu. Since “more randomness” isn’t on the list I’ll abstain from the vote. :3


  13. >Vidar did say that he didn’t care, and enjoyed making people wait, but…


    I think the whole fights can be summarized in a zombie apocalypse moment:
    A and B are arguing (topic can range from ‘u kill X’ to ‘you slept with my wife’)
    Zombies (readers) are slowly encroaching, going “CHAAAAAAAAAAP”

    \’ ‘/ Essentially the majority of the mobs don’t care, for me I never donate so eh. I’m like one of those special infects (not Tank), still zombie.

    As far as suggestion goes, personal feeling is on Bakamille being bakapple and Anri’s hikkikomori days (kinda amusing how popular it is given the title is ‘average’) but I can also see where you’re coming from….

    Well, when in doubt, there’s always THE ONE GOD I believe in (though I don’t worship him…which might explains a few things…)


  14. Some time ago you wrote the synopsis for a bunch of interesting options for Teasers, go with one of them.

    My suggestion:
    Do a Teaser chapter, and then a (random) Main Project one, repeat until satisfied.


  15. Though I voted for Jashin Average (because I secretly want to be Anri-sama’s slave), you should probably just do teasers since that is what you want. You don’t have obligations to do anything, Onii-chan.


  16. Soooo, after accomplishing a minuscule part of my paper, I read Gun-Ota until 3 am through all the English translations (have to wake at 630am mind you) woke up, called off work and just want to thank Ani-ue for this opportunity to EXPERIENCE THIS CLIFFHANGER!!!! THANKS SO MUCH ANI-UE!!!! *dies* (No seriously, I forgive you because it was good.)


  17. Hmm, while your teasers are always a pleasure to have and Evil God IS brilliant and very in demand right now from the poll results so far, I do miss Other World..
    It’s one of the genderbend(?) stories that I actually enjoy and find refreshing because the MC is not an opportunistic perverted old fart in a cute girl’s clothing/body, an awkward dissatisfied virgin or got any other kind of mismatch between her gender identity and biological gender. In short, she is very natural and comfortable in her own skin which is how I imagined a truly reincarnated soul would be despite having memories from her former life.
    I hope you’ll get back to Other World eventually, but really just take your time and do whatever you want to do. You already share with us numerous chapters filled with fluffiness, joy, laughter, and other human feels. Truly, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. From the looks of the poll, Anri-sama is a bit too popular… maybe you should do all of the other options first and then TL some Evil God Average? xD

    Liked by 1 person

  19. I enjoy Evil God Average since I enjoy fantasy, but comedy genre always bring a smile to my face, so having both of them is a plus for me.

    I’m fine with Teaser as well. Teasers are a great way to get new translator to notice novels that they would never have known about. The obvious results, almost all your teasers has been pick up by other translator! =)


  20. I chose option 5, and while I agree whole heartedly with the way you phrased the vote options, I will go with the majority and request more Evil God adverage


  21. Isn’t the writing of Yomigaeri no Maou too complicated for MT ?
    I feel like we’d lose too much in “translation”…
    I personnally don’t mind the slow updates as I am very patient so…


      1. Have you happened to hear of any groups hoping to translate Maou recently? I miss this story. Though, I’m grateful that you translated it how far you did when you didn’t really feel like it. Thanks.


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