28 thoughts on “Isekai fans rejoice”

    1. real life happens sometimes. im sure he wont just disappear and leave his fans. need to check his twitter or whatever people use in Japan.


  1. I’ll be honest here… the two of you need to stop bitching and moaning about this. While I do support YOUR side of it, reading about your argument is just getting childish.

    Yes, he hides his intentions of doing it for money by saying it’s for “fun” or “for the fans”, but who cares. If people are stupid enough to want to pay $200 to read a translation that’s similar to a machine translation let them. It’s not their fault that their understanding of grammar is about as good as eating dog shit. I mean have you read any of the comments on his blog? Their grammar is about as good as the translators, so how do you expect them to understand that it’s a shitty translation. They’ll pay for it because they can’t understand the Japanese version themselves.

    Although let’s be honest for a second here. The whole fact that he pretty much started demanding (huge emphasis on demanding) donations less than 1 week after he started “translating” is the real issue here. It’s become a trend lately for people to “request” donations.

    He makes the excuse of “I’m doing it for fun” or “I don’t give a fuck”; yet, he has complained and complained about it non-stop. If he doesn’t give a fuck then stop asking for “donations” and stop complaining like a whiny little bitch. Let’s face it. He was doing this all for the money to start with. Most of the other translators had either a proven track record of creating good translations or a good work ethic. His way of working was “I’ll give you 1 extra chapter a week… maybe… if you give me $200 a week,” he has yet to put out either. It’s like you paying for a cheap hooker only to have her say, “Oh, I’ll think about it.”

    Okay… I got a little side tracked there with my annoyance with him and my point was lost, but what I really meant was that you two need to chill the fuck out. Both of you are being childish and need to give it a rest. The fact that you have people backing either of you shows the lack of class your “fans” and you have in this matter. If any one of you was half decent, fan and translator alike, one of you would have realized this was a pointless argument.

    Simple fact is, if people want to “donate” let them. I use that term “donate” loosely because what he’s really doing is demanding a ransom for a hostage (a hostage that by all rights isn’t worth what is being demanded). If they’re ignorant enough and want low quality then it’s their right to waste their money on a cheap hooker. Those that can afford better or don’t need to pay to get fucked, figuratively and literally, can watch as they waste their money on that. In the end, it’s a battle of quality over quantity.

    If you want him to disappear the answer is simple. Translate faster than him. You’ve already proven your quality is of a higher standard.

    TL;DR STFU. Let people waste their money. Blah blah blah… people are stupid. Stop being childish and just do it.

    FYI I plan to write a message on that guys blog as well. Albeit not as long, because I’m afraid that he may not even understand it, but with a similar point.

    – Sick of you complaining


    1. I’ll be honest here; you need to lay off the drugs. They are doing you harm.

      I didn’t read most of your complaint because it derailed into stuff about the donators and Elysion, neither of which I care about.

      What I did read was this:

      > While I do support YOUR side of it, reading about your argument is just getting childish.

      I’ve never had a side of the argument to begin with. Once I posted a joke about charging 200 dollars for half a chapter. Thereafter I was just posting updates about what I found to be hilarious tl drama between Hiyono and Elysion, so I’m not really sure why you’re confusing me with people like Binh or Rei or Krytyk.

      As for childish, in the view of some people, just the fact that I’m laughing him could be considered childish, so I guess I was childish from the beginning and can’t be “getting childish” just now.

      But fuck those people. You’ll shorten your lifespan if you’re so anal retentive. :/

      > If you want him to disappear the answer is simple. Translate faster than him.

      Hiyono is doing that, and only complained once, but apparently in your mind he won’t stop complaining (lol).

      As for me, I’d prefer that Elysion stays. Like I said, I actually don’t care all that much about his wrongdoings or whatever. It’s just fun to highlight the ridiculousness of the things he’s been saying and doing.

      Even this post was just underlines and “three days later” so if you can take that as a complaint, a lot of it is probably coming from your end.

      tldr; drugs.


      1. Ok… So I see what I did there… I replied to the wrong site and didn’t notice. Meant to put this under Hiyono’s website, so wasn’t meant for you.

        Clicked on a link from an RSS feed and wasn’t paying attention when I was typing all that out. I used the aho-updates rss feed and didn’t look at the page… just saw a post with hiyono and assumed it was more elysion vs hiyono crap that I’ve been seeing on there for the last week. So I didn’t really pay attention to the whole website address while ranting.


        1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

          Okay, got it. Has Hiyono been complaining? Sorry, I thought it was only the one time.

          For the record though, this post right here was primarily to give peace of mind to people worrying that NOBODY would be translating Isekai Mahou.

          The previous post was yes, mocking Elysion, but this one was not.

          And though I’ve been mocking Elysion, it wasn’t because I was hate-mongering or trying to get him to leave the internet.

          I just always loved it when my friends gave me updates on how his business (lol) was progressing, so I thought lots of other people would find it similarly amusing.

          Can I take it to mean that ‘both of you complaining’ refers not to Hiyono and I, but Hiyono and Elysion?


      2. Yes, I meant Hiyono and Elysion. Sorry about all that. I’ll repost this on Hiyono’s page in a bit.


      1. I just found the whole him putting up a poll on how much he should “charge” and then throwing it out the window and deleting it when he did not like the result extremely funny XD (Did he not realize that the majority of readers are leaching 13 year olds and would vote for the least expensive option even if they are not going to use it Kappa Kappa)

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