30 thoughts on “Found a cute blog”

  1. HAHAHAH TRUCK-SAN STRIKSE AGAIN! TRUCK-SAN EXPRESS ALTERNATE WORLD REINCARNATION SERVCIES! LOL Est you always find the best stuff. It’s a genderbender alternate world thing too. Epic!!!! Another blog to follow =)

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  2. wow, and they actually ask the author for permission first before they post their translation. Good thing the author permit them


  3. Azure-Chan said that she’ll(?) update the novel every few days… Aaaand I found funny it that the lil’ sister love dream getting farther as she ends up her reincarnated brother’s twin sister who is a girl(now)…

    It shows up at mangaupdates last few days… So I rely on google sensei finding this cute novel :)

    Hope it’ll get more popular to the readers nishishishi.


  4. that truck again..
    if trucks would be the no.1 cause of reincarnation i would gladly let myself be hit

    thou it would still hurt a lot… :P


  5. lol! It is really cute~! haha~XD!
    Btw. It really is interesting, amusing etc. ^^ though that doesn’t really tell much~? XD


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