101 thoughts on “Tough Guy”

                    1. I would love to read to read that novel in english. JP just doesn’t cut it for me :P I lack the deep comprehension while reading :/ TL is obviously different since I do my best to research :D but it takes too long Q.Q


                    2. Ja, I read through the first few chapters as I was unable to stand the atrociousness of Elysion’s works and I enjoyed the story a lot. Hope some kind soul will pick it up. It’s truly a gem.


                    3. I was bashed on quite hard when I first missed a MINOR detailed on the FIRST chapter of my FIRST projects on the forum. Holy shit if this was on the forum, how bad would it be?


                    4. Well, I’ve been leeching on Re:TL and get some of their Editors to help me C: They were nice enough to lend me their Nazi Grammar Specialist.


                    5. Maybe we need to leech some translators off them hopefully or ask another who’s doing a terrible light novel and hoping to change.


                    6. You know, part of the problem is that TL will only start to work on something they know it is going to be worth while of their time. Thus, we need more teasers, Este had already started on that a long time ago, and I’m just starting my own teasers.

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                    7. Yes… it cannot be quenched… we stand together with pure bloodlust and amazing dogeza skills to translate and beg for translations.


  1. Sorry I have just started reading some of your projects and I am confused by this post. What is this about? Someone dropping a project due to someone else stealing their work? If you could explain it would be very much appreciated.


  2. Victory isn’t decided by this but dependent on the future translation of Isekai Mahou, if there is little to no progress anymore it would be a loss to the reading community, saying that no chapters are better than a “bad” translation is retarded thinking, so when it comes down to it the new translator is now shouldered with the responsibility (I mean guilt trip-wise, not reader compelled arrogance) of seeing Isekai down a length or else this war would be in vain, or just a negative impact. Well that is my take on it, I’m going to keep searching for more interesting stories to devour so regardless of the result I’ll have fun.


      1. I would never have done this just to make a point; a lot of the reason I didn’t start even earlier is that I wanted to be sure of what I was doing before I did anything.

        TL;DR: I’m continuing and had always been planning on doing so.

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  3. Just comparing Chapter 10 from both(at least some parts). It looks like copy paste from a TL-Machine. Not that machinetranslations are bad, but when you compare it, you can see big differences. And he wanted 200bucks per extra chapter?

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    1. I’ve just visited his site, it seems that from one of the polls,
      “No need for the donation chapter. It’s just our appreciation. 91.67% ”
      So basically every cent that he have collected till now, he got it just like that, for basically nothing?~
      Pardon my English.

      (My stand is the same as Este)

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        1. Well hiyono will need more help after this… what if we beg more translators to translate a chapter on a one weekly basis? It is our duty as leechers.


          1. Don’t worry. I plan to translate a bit, but it takes a little while to “set up” everything. I’ll stop leaching.


    1. Thanks for the recommendation, but I’ve come across it before, and didn’t really like it. The writing was too choppy.


  4. well, to be honest i want to be observer only,, but let me say something,, or ask,,
    at first when that guy(??) make donation for bonus chapter, i remember many people pool donation together,
    and someone ask ‘because the donation are over the req, would you upload bonus chapter today’ and there promise to work it at weekend,

    but at weekend there no bonus chapter (it’s isekai) and the schedule got deleted. (the next thing the donation got overprice,, )
    am i wrong or not huh..??

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  5. >ah, and I’ll get back to translating soon, guys! I’m just, busy reading the GunOta raws.

    If I can make recommendation, Jashin :v at this rate Vidar will be waiting on you. And some of us are willing to stares into Anri’s eyes just out of sheer curiosity (WHAT HAPPEN NEXT I MUST KNOW)

    And frankly, there’s a certain flavor in trying to speculate a story based on other character’s POV…
    Actually I’m pretty sure there’s been manga like that? Where each chapter is both connected and not connected at the same time through a ‘main’ character who isn’t the focus of the chapter…(I guess Hell Girl and the magic tool dealer Roma?)

    I mean for anime there’s Shigofumi.


  6. uwaaah… man… elysion san… well… making a translation with a must donation system means making a bussiness. if one cannot compete the quality then it fall down the drain. someone who better translating or someone who kind enough to translate for free may overtake you. furthermore netizen leecher with anonymity will start critizing you for doing bad translation even with donation… sigh what will his donator said about this… after donating in faith…


  7. Well if someone steals my work of course i will rage,

    But well , i usually read a lot of novel translations and i think that the projects in this one are… bad chosen , (from my male perspective too much maiden stories here )
    So please stop trolling the other translators so i can leech in peace.


  8. if he really drop isekai, then all donation from before go to waste? lol
    if im not mistaken, he make donation page for isekai bonus chapter , right ?but till now never see one bonus chapter


  9. translating other people works is open to anyone. if you feels the work stolen just make an even more awesome works than others make. remember translating is an appreciation of series that we love and our feeling of wanted to share the awesome series to other people.


  10. I have been wondering but is Elysion like really, really young ?
    Because i can’t help but feel that all his responses are like a child throwing a tantrum…


  11. This is my first time experiencing translator wars, and honestly, it’s super entertaining. XD
    I don’t care wether or not Elysion asks for donations, but Sheeprabbit-sama is so much more loveable, so I’ll always side with you. :)


  12. I am really grateful for you all translators bringing us the novel, normally we could never read, but :

    Somehow , I feel like all of you are like little kids. Offending each other, because you can’t stand each other, even thought you have never meet each other in real live.

    Kids grow up. I mean all of you !!!

    I also mean you Commenting people, who take one of there sides.


    1. Our passion for these series is probably a lot stronger than yours. It takes hours per cchapter to translate. You generally dont put in that much time for free unless you care deeply about it.

      If you’re a tl who doesn’t care, then I admire you for your unshakable determination.

      If you’re a reader who just thinks “herpderp more tl drama y they all such big sisssissy children lolol” then how about you stop being a thoughtless leecher and try considering our point of view.

      Would mean a lot more than empty thanks that took 3 seconds to type.


      1. Oh know you know me so good to judge my Passion for the works. Sry that I started learning Japanese, Chinese and Korean one Month ago and work as A Fulltime Student and Fulltime Developer at the same time.

        I dont Need Korean, Chinese or Japanese for my everyday life, but I learn it at the Moment to help you guys translating the LN in the future.

        But sorry that my Passion for the series are so small that i only started learning Japanese and Co. so late.

        PS: Started reading LN 3 Month ago
        PS: Don’t try to judge or offend People if you don’t know anything about them


      2. I don’t have spare time or energy to have a quarrell with you.
        Need to wake up 0200 in the morning. 4h sleeping and than my usual pace studying/Programming and learning new languages/words.

        have fun judging People you don’t know, but don’t offend them to much okey ;)


        1. “PS: Don’t try to judge or offend People if you don’t know anything about them”
          Kids grow up. I mean all of you !!!
          → Judges people he doesn’t know, and whose feelings he can’t understand
          → Gets judged back to show him how it feels, and instead warns people not to judge
          → lol

          “Sry that I started learning Japanese, Chinese and Korean one Month ago”
          → Come back and act tough 3 years and 200 proper translations later, please.
          → Learning the language is the easy part, and gets progressively harder as you advance. A month in each language is nothing. A year is nothing. Two years is nothing. Come talk to me when you’re finished learning N1 grammar please.
          → Put in 800 hours into translation once you’re semi-fluent, and then tell me if you can say the same thing when some fraud appears selling $200 guesslations

          → If you’re working a full-time job, you won’t have time to be a full-time student.

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