Newlywed Life – Chapter 16

Newlywed Life – Q of Hearts (Part 2.5)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“Mm, mmn…”

My eyes lightly opened.

“So bright…”

My body feels heavy for some reason. I might have overslept.
The birds are chirping pii pii.
There are no sparrows in this world, so you don’t hear chuunchuun first thing in the morning.


I could see a pair of tiredly narrowed cobalt eyes right in front of me.


Why is he here? And moreover, he’s not wearing a shir-… Ah.


I just recalled it!
I …last night.


“Could you not scream right in my ear first thing in the morning?”

Even though he threw abusive words at me, Achille’s voice was sweet.

“Um, umm-…”

Unable to hide my unrest, I bolted upright.

“- …Camille, I can see.”

“! …Hyah-”

I forgot! Right now I’m not wearing anything either. I flusteredly dove back under the feather quilt.

“You’re being too agitated.”

“You’re being too calm. I’m kind of getting the feeling that for a while now I’ve been getting flustered on my own, but…”

With an expression that seemed like it could melt anything, Achille pulled me into a hug.
Fuwahh… So Achille can make expressions like this too. Seeing this expression I wasn’t used to on my childhood friend, my face was just about boiling.

“There’s no way that I’m calm, you know? Even now.”

Being I was glued to him in a hug, I could tell from his beating heart what he was actually feeling.
I get the feeling that it’s beating a little faster than usual.

“Ah-, Achille.”

“Huhu… Camille, you were cute last night, you know.”


There’s definitely no mistake that my heart is thumping wildly enough that we can’t even compare.
Stuck together like this, it’s probably completely obvious to Achille too. Uuu, it’s embarassing…

“I’ll be going to work at lunch today, so we can stay like this a bit longer, right?”

Like that, Achille showed no signs of parting the arms he had wrapped around me.

“Um, Achille. I’d like to get changed, but…”


“Well, I mean…”

Seeing me try to break out of his arms, he gave me a teasing grin.

“If you’re feeling that cold, how about I warm you up?”

“Eh-…? T-, That’s not- …Nn-!”

In the end, my wish to leave Achille’s bed didn’t come true until after lunch.

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65 thoughts on “Newlywed Life – Chapter 16”

      1. They did sign the document + with all the witnesses at the castle, right after he gave her the ring.

        Given that Achille planned the proposal, he probably did most of that arrangement.

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    1. Oddly, one of the reasons I like this story, is because the MC is being passive when it comes to romance. The romance is done solely by Achille, and the MC reaps all of the rewards. She just has to stand there, and great romance is being thrown at her.

      But now, this late in the game, her passiveness, her lack of presence and agency within the the relationship truly…Truly seems awkward. She’s truly, “JUST THERE”…How can you have sex with someone, and still not be able to show any desire or willingness to be part of the situation? From all angles, she was pushed to have sex with Achille, she doesn’t even need to exist to make the same scene to work. It’ll just happen on its own, as usual.

      It was cute at first, but the more serious their relationship gets, the less “cute” her complete lack of desire to be part of the relationship becomes. It’s about time for her to act a little less like a child, especially since everyone else has done all of the hard work for her; she just needs to adapt now, instead of consistently running away from what is supposed to be a good thing.

      Yes, it’s still cute how the MC is being toyed and carried around by everyone, and I’m sure it’ll still be cute in the future, but there are some things which cannot be “carried around” like that…The author cannot use the same trick for every single scenario, it doesn’t work that way. :/
      To make an extreme point: Imagine Camille being pregnant, yet she’s still being flustered and still wishes to run away all the time. Can you imagine a mother like that? That’d be god awful. There’re some places in life, in which people shouldn’t maintain their childish sides to them, the author needs to be a little more selective. :|

      [ / scroll, cookie for u if you actually read all of that. ]

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      1. That’s true. Specially since people don’t react the same way to every single person they meet. They should change as the relationships change. Camille can’t continue to be passive in her relationship, because it should be past the ’embarassing’ phase by now.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indeed, she’s also over thirty mentally at this point and still refers to herself as a former school girl; that’s about as valid of an excuse for her stupidity as the “eternal 18/21” some women use but believing it’s actually true.


  1. Y’know… I don’t think Camille has ever actually SAID that she loves Achilles. Sure, she’s implied it fairly often through her actions, but she’s never actually said it, not even in internal monologue (I’m assuming the japanese word for cherish is as romantically ambiguous as the english word).

    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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      1. It’s a culture thing that’s lost in translation. In English we’re used to throwing around I love yous but eastern cultures are more reserved. It doesn’t mean her not saying it has any special reason though.

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    1. Now reading these comments and Camille’s comment about raising a death flag , I somehow feel like Camille will say “I love you” like right before Achille dies


  2. I should’ve taken it as a sign that it took years for Camille to realise that that wasn’t a dream… I think her brain runs on Windows ME or sth…

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  3. I knew it.
    “My body feels heavy for some reason. I might have overslept.
    The birds are chirping pii pii.”

    The. Birds.Are. Chirping.

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  4. Well I’ll be damned, all the bases just like that. I wish a happy future to this wonderful ba-couple. I hope they’ll get to flirt and flirt for many years to come.

    A big thanks to Estelion for giving us the chance to watch over these two happy love birds as they go through the ups and downs of life!!

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    1. What ntr? Ntr would be if oth party had feelings for each other and one of them got stolen away.

      Older brother was a creep stalker. Mc had no feelings what so ever.

      Would be ntr if creep brother did the deed and forced a marriage.

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  5. Just to be clear

    They “did it” right?

    Anyway, marry means accept this world definetly as her own

    If have to return, this will be very sad


  6. shameless…
    that bakamille
    why didn’t tell what happened at them last night I hope achille wont mind tell us… guh* their sweet first night…
    thank you very much our esteemed sheeprabbit-sama…
    ohhh their funny sweet night


    1. &(^&^$(& I mean ‘parts’ 2.1 – 2.4. I lost my composure. Must’ve been because Camille lost something else that night.


  7. Oh well, next time Achille comes home, MC will be waiting in leather outfit, with whip, plugs and whatever. Just because she got over the embarrassment and found new interesting magical tools in some shady xxx-shop.


  8. I’m starting to regret suggesting this novel to my little sister. Not that its bad or anything, it’s just…. innocence….. you know?


    1. Let me tell you the increasing frustration in form of text from shoujo manga every month no going towards love confirmation and 100+ chapters of nisekoi where there is no good confession.
      Here is the following reaction:

      Why u do dis author sama!!!!!??????

      Liked by 1 person

      1. reason why author of Nisekoi hasn’t/wont have anyone confess is because he is getting revenge for Double Arts being cancelled. the 2 MCs in Double Arts knew they were in love within 30 chapters and gets canned. 100+ chapters of Nisekoi passed and none of the characters no the others feelings. its revenge i tell ya

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  9. I’m getting the feeling that this will start getting so sweet and pink that I will die from overdose. I have no regrets.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  10. “I flusteredly dove back under the feather quilt.”
    “Flusteredly” is not a word. Might I suggest something like this for the future?
    “Flustered, I dove back under the feather quilt.”

    Likewise for chapter 14:
    “Seeing me like this, the maids spoke to me troubledly. With a slightly heartbroken expression.”
    “Troubledly” is not a word either.
    “Troubled seeing me like this, the maids spoke to me with a slightly heartbroken expression.”


    1. Oh, and sorry for being a nit-picker. I’m delivering your translations to a group of friends who don’t have internet, and what bugs me will most likely bug them too.
      If it helps, please try to think of it as me presenting you in a more glorious light.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m aware of these, and have stated in an earlier chapter that I don’t care. As long as you aren’t publishing them elsewhere as translations you did yourself, I basically don’t care how you edit them, or what you do with them in private.

      I’m intellectually opposed to
      1) the lack of -ly adverbs in English compared to the simple Japanese -く
      2) the apparent ‘rules’ that say that ‘they’ cannot be used as a regular singular

      Languages are evolving and pragmatic, and should be used to express, not limit. For that reason I’ll be continuing to use these, along with many other people, until they eventually become ‘properly’ accepted.

      Dealing with language rules should be observational, not prescriptional.

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