Newlywed Life – Chapter 17

Newlywed Life – J of Hearts (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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“Achille~♪ Congratulations on losing your vir■■■ity~”


I almost spat out the black tea I was drinking by accident. What a thing to start the conversation with, Your Highness!
It was a blessing that there was nobody else around.

After getting to my workplace, just as I was about to begin with, His Highness intruded on me.
He’s grinning form ear to ear.
Since it’s him, I knew that he would appear before long, but… he’s unexpectedly fast, huh?

“…You are getting in the way of my work, but is there anything you need…? If not, then please leave.”

“Getting shy? Was it that great? Camille’s first-…”

“Miss Beatrix. Shall I reveal to her about how you stalked her, Your Highness?”


His Highness shut his mouth in a fluster.
Hard to imagine from his sparkling appearance, he loves gossip.
The gossip within the castle is one of his favourite things, and occasionally he grasps hold of some ridiculously crazy information.

But, Camille was cute last night. Incredibly cute.
Having her turn bright red, and asking for it with her raspberry eyes moist with tears was honestly… Ah-, crap. I was supposed to be in the middle of working.
I frantically stilled my loosening expression.

“Is Camille off work today?”

“Yes. I don’t want her overdoing it today.”


His Highness smirked happily.
Thanks to his preparations behind the scenes, I was able to marry Camille without a problem.
Because of that, I’m thankful to him… but, it seems like I’m going to be seen through in various ways, so I’m feeling a little complicated about it.

“And so you see, since Beatrix is coming, I thought I’d hold my engagement party.”

His Highness’ fiancée, a Count’s daughter, Beatrix Tapas, from the neighbouring country, was presently on her way to castle.
Apparently she’s riding in a palanquin, in the middle of an exaggerated bridal procession.
I was thinking that it would’ve been fine even if they just avoided all the annoying steps and took a teleportation circle here, but Topageria probably has its own pretentions and customs and various annoying things.
They decided to pick teleporting to the capital, and then donig their old fashioned procession from there.

“Your Highness, though the inside of the castle is better than before, it is still not perfect…”

“Yeah, I still haven’t finished cleaning. That’s why I’m planning on cleaning up the remaining garbage at the engagement party.”

His Highness intends on dragging out to the engagement party, those nobles who he hasn’t been able to get a good hold of thus far.

“Even though you know that it might put Miss Beatrix in danger, you will still say such things?”

Moreover, there’ll be a huge crowd of people attending.
If possible, I’d prefer there not to be any problems.

“I want to hurry it up. This isn’t the time for the castle to be disagreeing with each other after all, and I want it to calm down quickly so that we can turn our gazes outside.”

Certainly, the remnants of the extremists who are hiding outside the country are a worry. I understand what His Highness is trying to say as well.

“Understood. Anyway, Miss Beatrix was supposed to be arriving soon, wasn’t she?”

“Mmn. She’s heading here now. She’s supposed to arrive at night. ”

His Highness is in a good mood.
Well, as for me, as long as my workload doesn’t increase, I’m fine either way though.

“And so, I’d like you to lend me Camille tonight. She’s on good terms with Beatrix, isn’t she? I’m sure Beatrix will be uneasy in a new environment too, so I was thinking about giving her somebody to talk to.”

Damn him. It looks like he’s thinking of using Camille as a buffering agent with his fiancée.

“I refuse. Did you intend on calling Camille here on her rest day?”

“You’re refusing for another reason, right? That’s so unfair. Having it so that only you get to get all clingy with your wife.”

Certainly, I’m planning on playing with Camille once I get home today.
If you understand, then don’t give out unreasonable orders, please.

“I’ll be getting busy soon, so I will have to begin staying overnight at the castle. Please let me go home for tonight, at least.”

“Ehhh, come on. I’ll give you a good room you can share with Camille, so you can just flirt all you like there, can’t you? She’ll be getting busy soon as well, right? You two can just use the same room.”

“I do not think it is a good idea to mix business and pleasure.”

“Either way, once Camille becomes my bodyguard, she’ll be staying at the castle anyway, righttt? Sorry, Achille.”

Clad in a sparkling aura, His Highness smiled sweetly at me.



Crap, I clenched my fist too hard and my pen broke.
I flusteredly used restoration magic to repair it.

“Well then, that’s how it’ll be.”

Letting out refreshingness all over the place with a smile, His Highmess prepared communication magic. He probably plans on contacting Camille directly.
And Camille would never refuse a request from His Highness.



It broke again.

“Royce-sama~ Good evening!”

Having arrived at the castle, Camille waved at His Highness with a smile.

I was wondering whether or not to restrain my cheating wife, but after that, she immediately ran to my side.
Perhaps because of what happened this morning, once she was by my side, she couldn’t calm down at all and began to fidget… So cute.

After taking Camille’s small hand, I found that it was surprisingly cold.

“Did you come by air?”

“Mn, it’s faster that way, isn’t it?”

“You’ll get cold outside, so you need to wear warmer clothing than this, right?”

“Sorry, sooorry. It was a call from Royce-sama, so I was in a rush, you see.”


I was relieved that there wasn’t a pen in my hand.
To think that I was this narrow-minded a person… It’s quite late, but I only just realised.
Various things that I’d been suppressing seemed like they would going to explode all at once.

Because the issue with Miss Beatrix was something arranged in secret, we’re all moving to His Highness’ room first.

“…And so you see, so that Beatrix gets used to this place, I’d like you to help out, Camille.”

“Understood. It would be good if you could quickly get along with her, wouldn’t it, Royce-sama?”


To the reply of his airheaded subordinate, His Highness agreed in a slightly depressed tone.
It’s His Highness who took a highly calculated and overbearing approach to this, but it seems that he’s worrying about Miss Beatrix in his own way.
As much as possible, I’d like to help His Highness.


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53 thoughts on “Newlywed Life – Chapter 17”

  1. if this wasnt a work of fiction, it’d make a great example for nurture vs nature. Like , each character develops from a young age with knowledge from another world(nature) and yet still influenced by the environment(nurture) past. Camille who was born to a noble, for example, is detached enough from the suffering of the common folk that she doesn’t know much about it. This despite knowledge she has probably learned about the income gap, widespread news of famine, and stuff. If you’ve read this far I hate both you and yoraikun for giving me nightmares about a girl wearing a man’s skin as panties. Holy shit that was really….(@_@;)

    The debate still doesn’t have a clear answer though and I’d be interested to hear what everyone has to say about it. Nurture or nature?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. wtb edit button. its the skin of a mans FACE. Its like that horror movie with the girl and the monster mouth vagoo except theres a whole face down there holy balls the image is stuck god halp


      1. You could try again with something else and we could time that @.@
        …Kidding. Thank you very much for your hard work ^.^ will you be doing more teasers, Evil God Average, or none of the above next? *curious*


  2. If Beatrix dont want to marry with Royce, she should to refuse in his own face.

    This would be very funny


      1. Ironically taking roughly the route she was trying to avoid. It is to a younger and higher spec guy this time but she was trying to avoid a political marriage and prepare a life of her own choice.


  3. damn why it wont slip at Achille’s mouth…
    this sparky prince can’t wait for losing his virginity… but i smell trouble… kukuku

    thanks for the chap…
    I’ll wait for the teasers


  4. “But, Camille was cute last night. Incredibly cute.
    Having her turn bright red, and asking for it with her raspberry eyes moist with tears was honestly…”

    ………………………………………………………………. *q*

    Huh? What was I doing again? AH! Thanks for the chapter Sheeprabbit!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Incidentally, ‘virginity’ for men and women are completely different words in Japanese.

      Male virginity is 童貞(doutei), sometimes jokingly shortened to ‘DT’.

      Female virginity is 処女(shojo).

      Actually once in Tilea’s worries when Tilea thought she/he was going to be killed (obviously impossible), Tilea said in their mind

      “My doutei, my shojo, I’ll give you whatever, so somebody please save me!”

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  5. Well, at least Royce will be able to override overprotective Achilles in order to get Camille to do some actual work… I can easily imagine Achilles ordering Camille to stay at home all day long to “keep her safe” – not that it would work, mind you, but I can see him trying.

    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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  6. >“Achille~♪ Congratulations on losing your vir■■■ity~”

    (ok the latter is easy, them two lovebirds)


  7. Arc finish! Camille and Achille’s lovers debut as newly weds comes to a conclusion. Well looking at the two of then they’ll be all over each other for a long time yet, but they’ll have to do it during work XD. I like how Camille’s innocent devotion to Royce makes Achille jealous. But he hasnothing to worry about. Camille is just so dame dame sometimes lol. But she’s cute so it’s OK. Cuteness is justice.

    I like that behind Camille’s cute and dense actions lies a strong heart. I mean how many times has she gotten injured in the field? Despite the blood and pain she just bounces back with a smile on her face, ready to do her duty.

    Thanks again o Sheeprabbit-sama! Your work is appreciated.


  8. Ah yes…an instance of the often whispered legends of the “Awkward Work Boner”.

    Makes meetings with Royalty while standing up near impossible.


  9. Thank you thrice for all these translations! Achille, don’t get too jealous, or you’ll do something silly.


  10. Thnks so much for the chapter!! Camille and Achille are one of my favourite couples! Seeing them together makes me go fangirl many times //uwahhhh

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  11. Am I the only one who thinks the relationship between characters became something pretty warped and disturbing?
    Perhaps it was cute at first that Camille was being toyed around by Achille, and the people around her, but now that you see how controlling Achille has become, to the point of being borderline narcissistic about his own desires, to treat her like an actual belonging of his, it paints an eerie picture.

    Achille has a toy, and Camille is just there to be cute and played with.

    Liked by 1 person

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