Newlywed Life – Chapter 15

Newlywed Life – Q of Hearts (Part 2)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“Come on, Camille-sama!”

“U-, Uu-”

“Hurry! Please prepare yourself!”

“B-, But… Whoa-?”

Because of the impact from being pushed from behind, I stumbled forward and fell down.



Falling forward because I lost my balance, the door closed behind me with nobody else having gone through.
I even heard the click of the door being locked. Damn you, Aimée, locking me out!
When the time comes, I can unlock a lock of that level at any time, you know.



I could hear the voice of the owner of this room above me.

“Are you okay? Can you stand?”


In the middle of the darkened room stood the childhood friend who had become my husband.
His neat and sweet face was illuminated by the light in the room.

It’s night right now. It’s pitch black outside the windows, and the only source of light in the mansion are the lights from the magic lanterns.
Having finished bathing and being unwillingly changed by the maid into this outfit, I returned to my room but Aimée who was lying in wait threw me through that door into the next room, and I ended up getting locked out of my own room.
And because of that, I exposed the shameful sight of falling straight forward onto the floor.

“I-, I’m fine. I can stand on my own, you know.”

With my two hands on the floor, just before I was about to get up myself, Achille helped me up.

“You’re not injured anywhere? Show me for a min-… -?”


What’s wrong? Achille’s words cut off part-way.
Wondering what was up, I looked up at his face, and found that his expression was stiff for some reason.
Not just his expression either; if I looked carefully, his whole body had stiffened up. It’s an expression with no composure; rare for him.

“U-, Umm… Are you okay, Achille? Are you, feeling bad?”


There’s no reply.


I tried my best to bring his consciousness back by calling out to him, but there really was no change. His gaze was just fixed on one spot, and seemingly shaking,…


When I looked carefully, I found that his gaze was on me… How do I say this, isn’t his eyes fixed above my sexy negligee!?
Awawawa, speaking of which, I was wearing a super embarassing outfit!

It’s a dangerous outfit that’s an incredibly short, plain black, slightly see-through lace nightwear.
WAHH! UWAHHHHH! What do I do!?
ACHILLE IS LOOKING AT MEEEEEEEE! A-, A hole! I want to bury myself in a hole!

Because of my magnificently uncomposed behaviour, seeing that, Achille instead seemed to be gaining his footing back.
A little calmness seemed to have returned to his expression.


But, I can somewhat feel a feverish gaze on me.

“Uu-… Um, umm. T-, There are circumstances for these clothes. The maids put it on, s-, so I’ll be going, okay-? …Uohh-”

Before I could finish speaking, I ended up strongly embraced.


Like that, I was caught by Achille, and got carried all the way to the bed. He gently put me down on top of the fluffy quilt.

“Y-, You’re wrong-. This definitely isn’t a hobby of mine…”

“You dressed like that for me, didn’t you?”

“L-, Like I said, circumstances…”

Uwahhhh, what’s with this shame-play? LET THIS ENDDD!

“Can I have a better look?”

“No! It’s embarassing!”

Unable to bear this any longer, I hid my whole body behind my two arms.

“Why? It’s cute.”


At that moment, my body softly hung in the air, before falling. I can feel the soft bed on my back.

I could see in my vision Achille, and the ceiling of the canopy bed.


This means… I was, pushed down?

“A-, A-A-A-A-Achille.”

Watching me fall into unrest and behind doing strange things, Achille stifled a laugh. Every single one of his actions is amorous.
He looked down on me with his passion-tinged cobalt eyes.
It’s like being frozen earlier was a lie.

“Camille, am I no good?”

“T-, That’s not it. Don’t I always tell you?”

“Am I, scary?”

I shook my head back and forth.

“Y-, You’re not scary, you know. You definitely won’t do anything cruel to me.”

“Then, having me do that kind of thing to you, are you against it?”

He smoothly stroked the nape of my neck with his finger. As you’d expect, even I could guess his intentions.

“-, hii- ‘m not, against it…”

It’s not that I’m against it. Probably. …I’m incredibly embarassed through.

“I-, It’s okay… I don’t dislike you, after all.”

That’s how it is.
Whatever I say, I like him. I cherish him. I have no objections with marrying him either.

“I won’t do anything cruel to you. I promise.”


I can believe in his words. Even right now, so that he doesn’t scare me, he’s carefully making sure I’m okay.
I prepared myself, and embraced him.

“I believe you. It’s you, after all.”


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18 thoughts on “Newlywed Life – Chapter 15”

  1. Bakamille sure is a Bakamille. Camile, you’re a Mage, if you want to find a hole to bury yourself in you can just make one with magic. Nothing says Archille won’t dig you out with magic and tease you harder though.

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  2. “He looked down on my with his passion-tinged cobalt eyes.”
    “…down on my with…” -> “…down on me with…”
    Seems like when you’re translating this, you get a bit unfocused huh? hehe~
    Thanks~ and your welcome~

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  3. I know dis is late and all but
    “Then, having me do that kind of thing to you, are you against it?”
    We all know what that means ☆…

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