Newlywed Life – Chapter 14

Newlywed Life – Q of Hearts (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

Wh-, Wh-, Wh-, What do I do!?
That door.

“Had that sort of meaning…?”

I squatted, my face bright red.

As you’d expect, as a former high school girl, when I received Aimée’s lecture/explanation, I more or less understood.
In other words, the door connecting my room and Achille’s was… a door with that kind of meaning!
I reflexively held my head.
Even when I try to feign calm, the various things in my head and the various things Aimée said… I can’t clear them from my mind.


“What’s wrong, Camille?”

At the dinner table, Achille who didn’t know anything was worried about me when I suddenly began screaming with a bright red face.
What do I do? Because of Aimée I can’t stay calm now.

“It-…I-I-I-I-It’s nothing, you, know?”

Because of work, tonight my father is staying at the castle, and there’s nobody at the estate but me, Achille, and the servants.
B-, But… today is the first day since Achille has come here.
W-, Would it be normal for us to do that rite-of-passage thing for newlyweds…?
Aimée said so too, after all.

What do I do, what do I do?

“Camille, want this?”


When I looked, I found that Achille had scooped out some of the pseudo-crème caramel with a spoon.

“Ah. I do ♪”

“Okay, then open wide?”

When I opened my mouth wide, Achille fed me the pseudo-crème caramel himself.
Hau~n, sweeet ♪

“Can I have moore?”

“! …”

Huh…? What’s wrong? Achille’s ears are a little red.
And it looks like he’s muttering something under his breath. It was too quiet for me to hear anything though.

“Ah-, sorry Achille. If you want to eat it, then…”


His cobalt eyes spread in surprise.

“T-, That’s not it-, that isn’t it.”

“What. So I can have the rest then?”

I took up Achille on his “You can have all of it.” and decided to help myself to all of his pseudo-crème caramel.

“Camille, there’s some stuck by your mouth, you know?”

Saying so, Achille ran his long finger along my lips.


That moment, a somewhat ticklish and somewhat sweet sensation rushed through my body. What is this?

“ah-… Achille-”

Seeing me like that, Achille stifled a chuckle.



C-, C-C-C-C-Cute he says…? It’s something that Achille almost never says to me!
I can tell that the temperature of my face is shooting up.

Achille narrowd his cobalt eyes lovingly, and looked at the flustered me.
I could see Aimée by the wall, fixedly staring at the fully composed Achille and I who was completely being led around by the nose, but right now I didn’t have the composure to complain to her.

“I can’t relax…”

Even in the bath that should have been a place of rest, an incident awaited me.
In front of me, who had been more carefully cleaned by the servants than usual, that appeared.

“Eh-… UEHHHH?”

“What’s the matter, Camille-sama?”

One of the maids called out to me while I was lost.

“Um, you know, this isn’t my usual room wear, you know? Something different’s been left here, but…”

“Please use that as your change of clothes today.”


My eyes were fixed on that.

“I-, I can’t. Ican’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’t!”

What is this?
What is this overly sexy negligee!?

“I can’t wear something like this…”

With it still fluttering in my hand, I stood frozen.

Seeing me like this, the maids spoke to me troubledly. With a slightly heartbroken expression.

“Please, please wear this. If you don’t wear that, Camille-sama, we will be…”


I panicked.
The maid before my eyes began to break down into tears.

“For being unable to complete our jobs, we will be driven away by Aimée to a harsher workplace…”

“Ehh-? Really?”

Aren’t I under huge responsibility!?

For some reason, even the other maids began silently pressuring me with tearful eyes.

“D-, Don’t cry. I’ll make sure to tell Aimée to cancel the staff transfer.”

“You will wear it for us?”

They begged me with desperate expressions.

“No, like I said, I’ll talk to…”

“You will wear it for us, right?”

“No, like I said…”

“You will wear it for us, won’t you?”


They pressured me into giving in…
But, if I say that I can’t wear it now, I get the feeling that I won’t leave the bathroom alive. That’s just how desperate they are.

When I reluctantly accepted, the maid joyfully dressed me in the sexy outfit. The other maids all gathered around me with a smile that seemed to say ‘this is our chance’ as well.
It’s like the tragedy from earlier was a lie.
Huh? Could it be… that I was duped?
I’m realising it only now.

But while I was in shock, the maids had changed me into the outfit in question.
Even if I complain, it’s already too late.


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  1. >Saying so, Camille ran his long finger along my lips.

    Camille really does forget everything given sweets, doesn’t she? I had to giggle there.
    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Camille is so easy to lead around.

    BTW the sentence :
    Saying so, Camille ran his long finger along my lips.
    Shouldn’t this Camille be Achille?


  3. >Even when I try to feign calm, the various things in my head and the various []thinsg[] Aimée said


    ‘ ‘a


  4. in the house of 2 baka magic maniacs, Aimee is the real house master when her maids are the one keep the house standing …
    without them i bet the crazy father & daughter would starve themself to deatj researching magic

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  5. Então uma garota que passou 2 vezes pela puberdade não sabe o que e sexo. Mais interessante ainda então o Japão não tem saúde sexual. Legal.
    Faz ela parecer idiota, eu não vejo nada de fofo, mas legal😒😒


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