Wedding Preparations? – Chapter 13

Wedding Preparations? – J of Hearts (Part 2)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“Achille, if anything at all troubles you here, just say so, okay?”


Today is a rare occasion where Camille is wearing a dress.
The thick, cocoa brown dress goes quite well with her pink hair.
She’s always wearing her work-use robes, but as you’d expect, she’s cute wearing clothes suitable for a young noble girl as well.

It was immediately decided that Camille and I who are married on paper would be living together.
From today onwards, I’ll be living at the Rhodolite Marquis residence as the next head.
I’m happy about the jump ahead in life as well, but more than that, I’m happy that I’ll be living under the same roof as Camille. I won’t tell her that though.

It’s the Rhodolite house that I visit quite often, but now that I’m living here, a lot of things are fresh.
Camille guided me to my room.
She seems unusually restless. Her cheeks are just faintly tinged peachy pink.

“This is your room, Achille.”

It’s probably something that the servants prepared, and the furnishing is all neatly set.
It’s located right next to Camille’s room after all, and there’s even a door in the middle of the room that leads to hers.


I mean, I predicted something like this but… it’s that kind of door, right?
Calm down, calm down, me.

I heard that it was a door that was forbidden entry, but since I’m the next head, I can freely come and go anywhere in this mansion.
The only thing was that I was warned that the Marquis and Camille’s rooms were dangerous during their experiments, so it would be better to take care.
The rules of the house are just like the people who live there in that they’re relaxed in various ways…
But it seems like this will turn out to be the best place I’ve ever lived.
The bar, the orphanage, and the viscount’s estate weren’t really places I could really call comfortable.

After I finished lunch, I discovered Camille in her room working on something in her room with the door wide open.
While touching the door that connected our rooms, she was worrying about something while trying this, and trying that.

“Camille… What are you doing?”

“Ah-, Achille. I was thinking that I’d fix the wall.”


“Right. You see, isn’t your room directly connected to my room here? I was thinking that there wouldn’t be any privacy, so you wouldn’t be able to really relax…”

…Hang on.
Does she plan on sealing the door?

Camille tilted her head with an ‘Is something the matter?’ look on her face.
This girl is serious.
It seems she’s seriously thinking about what’s best for me, and trying to seal the door for my sake.

“Umm, Achille… What’s wrong?”

With a mystified expression, she looked back and forth between the door and I.

Asking me with her eyes, ‘What do I do about this?’.
When it seemed like I was going to hold my head at wits end, with perfect timing, a saviour appeared before me.

“Camille-sama, regarding tonight’s dinner…”

It’s the head maid of this estate; Aimée. Her eyes were turned towards Camille inside the room.

“Umm, Camille-sama… May I ask what on earth is it that you’re doing?”

“I was thinking that maaybe I should turn this door into a wall. If I can always come in and out, then wouldn’t Achille be really pitiful?”


The head maid froze up at Camille’s reply. And then, like that, she looked at me like she was looking at a pitiful person.
I also felt sympathy for this maid who had served Camille for many years.

“I am terribly sorry, Achille-sama.”

“No, it’s fine…”

We exchanged awkward glances with each other.

“Afterwards I’ll have a loooooooooooong talk with Camille-sama.”

Aimée turned an extremely menacing glance towards the lady that she served.

“Mn? What’s wrong, you two? I wonder what colour we should make the wall.”


The chief maid who grabbed the hand of the startled Camille, dragged her downstairs just like that.
Camille… Your position in this house is so low.

I left the education of my new wife to Aimée, and decided just to watch over the outcome.


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    1. You see when you reference black holes like this my first thought is to make a really off-colour joke. I love and respect this site and series too much for that. Damn.

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      1. Really i think of another protagonist, yep that monkey girls denseness is on another level. After all camille at least realized achilles liked her, after several intensive conversations.

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  1. Oh god! I can’t even start to point out what I liked on this chapter! Everything was so funny and awesome and cool, and, most of all, everything was Camille-tastic.

    Thanks for the chapter! And inded, Camille rank in that house is so low.

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  2. Hum…*facepalms* For someone who once lived in a workd where lots of things are hypersexualized, i wonder how did she lost all that common sense from just being a magic otaku?

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    1. While she has (fairly recently) come to see other people in this world as real people and not characters, I get the impression that she doesn’t yet feel that her own body in this world is her real body. She just seems alienated from her physical self, in a scatterbrained kind of way. That may be partly why she doesn’t really conceive of herself as
      a real wife and, possibly someday, mother.


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