Jashin Average – 10

Chapter 10 – Hikikomori Lifestyle, Begin

Just to make it absolutely clear, I don’t ever recall my hobby changing from ‘trying my best to translate fun things into English’ & ‘reading discussions about these series because I want to see what others think’, to ‘delivering timely and professional service to entitled douchebags, at zero cost!’.

It’s been four days since the slave girl Tena has begun living with me.
At first she was just shocked about everything, but even she seems to have finally gotten used to it.
Rather than ‘gotten used to’, it might just be that she’s abandoned thinking about the outrageous and abnormal though.

It seems that she helped her mother with the housework in the village, so she can do most chores, and the things I can’t do like the cooking or cleaning I’ve completely left to her.
No, I mean, I should say this just in case, but it’s not as though I don’t have ability in cooking and cleaning.
It’s just that when I pick up a knife to cook the tantou will knock it out of my hand, and when I try to put on an apron the robe will flick it away.
Even when I thought to just clean up the area around me and picked up a broom it was no good; it seems that brooms are treated as weapons.
Inidentally, when it comes to laundry, I can’t change my clothing, so she just does her own.
Fortunately, perhaps I should say, it seems that because of the activation of the divine enchantment, although it’s only at first, the clothing seems to undergo a status restoration after a certain amount of time, so filth and tear doesn’t remain.

Tena’s a slave, but right now my only order as her master is “Don’t do anything that’ll put me at a disadvantage”.
She seems to hold an absolute devotion to I who cured her illness and saved her life, so even if I don’t go out of my way to order her, she’ll work eagerly.

While giving a sidelong look and watching her work, I chanted “Status.”.

Name:  Anri
Race:    Human Race
Sex:       Female
Age:     17
Job:       Mage
Level:   1
Title:      Child of the Evil God, Dungeon Master
Mana:   3031504
– Evil God Aura (Lv.5)
– Mystic Eyes of Wicked Authority (Lv.5)
– Divine Enchantment (Lv.7)
– Abnormal Status Resistance (Lv.6)
– Darkness Magic (Lv.6)
– Item Box (Lv.4)
– Dungeon Create (Lv.2)
– Tantou of the Wicked Demon
– Black  Clothes of the Evil God
– Babydoll of Depravity
– Scanties of the Succubus
– Pumps of Darkness
– Tena

The new “kin column” was added with Tena’s name listed there.
I checked with Tena, but it seems that only I can see this status screen, and Tena can’t see my status.
Also, Tena tried chanting “Status.” but she apparently couldn’t see anything.
When I focused on Tena’s name on my status menu, her status was newly displayed.
Tena herself can’t display the menu, and whether it’s because she became my slave, or because of the divine enchantment is unknown, but it seems that her status is treated as part of mine, and I could see her status.

Name:  Tena
Race:    Human Race
Sex:       Female
Age:     14
Job:       Mage
Level:   3
Title:      Slave, Disciple of the Evil God
Mana:   60532
– Abnormal Status Resistance (Lv.4)
– Darkness Magic (Lv.4)
– Miko Outfit of the Evil God
Subordination: Anri

I decided to accept her “Slave” title as something that couldn’t be helped, and “Disciple of the Evil God” was probably because of the divine enchantment, huh.
Her mana value is as high as 60 thousand points, but considering that the average dungeon master has 10~20 thousand, it’s probably a value that’s exceeded the human realm.
It’s unclear now what her mana value was before the divine protection, but it seems that she doesn’t have any knowledge of magic herself, so I can guess that this value came about because of the divine enchantment. ‘In fact, the person herself didn’t realise but she actually had a natural talent for magic’… the chance that it’s something like that isn’t zero, but, well, there’s almost no mistake that it’s because of the divine enchantment. Even her skills; they’re the same system of skills as mine after all.

The “Miko Outfit of the Evil God” is the kantoui modified by the divine enchantment, but the fact that she has nothing else in her equipment doesn’t meant that she wasn’t wearing underwear or shoes, but rather that apparently normal clothing with no defensive properties aren’t counted as equipment. It’s not as if I’ve gone and ordered her to go commando.
The time when I bought shoes and underwear for Tena she was feeling extremely obliged and was hesitant about it, but I forced her to wear them for the sake of my mental stability. I’ve heard that normally there are no masters who would give such things to their slaves, but wearing a miko outfit in the nude is just such a sexual deviant-esque get-up that I wouldn’t be able to calm down with her around.
Additionally, it seems that the Miko Outfit of the Evil God isn’t particularly cursed, and Tena can change clothing normally… It’s discrimination.


“Yes, Anri-sama.”

When I called out to Tena who was placing a teacup before me, Tena immediately replied to me. By the way, at first she called me “Goshujinsama [tl: esteemed master]” but I couldn’t calm down so I got her to call me by my name instead. I said that she didn’t need to attach the -sama, but this was apparently where she drew the line, and because she stubbornly resisted, I gave up.

Tena was about to stand behind me in waiting so I told her to make her own share of tea and sit down opposite me. Tena was bewildered about sitting down together and tried to decline, but I had something to talk to her about so I somehow got her to agree. Even though she should have been raised in a village, why is she so skilled in serving others is hopeless mystery.

“Do you want to see your family?”

To the question I suddenly dropped, cutting to the point, perhaps it was unexpected because Tena stiffened up.
I heard that Tena who was a debt slave was taken away by slave merchants as security for a loan. Thinking that she might want to return to the village since she was forcefully separated from her family, I decided to ask her what she thought about it.
As for me, I’d be troubled in various was if she wasn’t here so I’d like to avoid her leaving, but I don’t really mind her returning to her village for a little while, so if she wants it then I intend to let her. We’ll probably be acquainted for a long while after this, so I thought that I should be considerate so that she didn’t built up dissatisfaction.

“It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t.”


“But honestly, I don’t know what kind of face I should make if I meet them. I think my family feels the same way.”

Well, that’s just about right.
The family that sold the girl for money, and the girl who was sold for money; even if it was something they couldn’t help, it’s obvious that it’s complicated.

“Got it. Then if you feel like meeting them after you sort out your feelings, then say so. If it’s a few days, then I don’t mind.”

“T-, Thank you very much!”

Her eyes were teary, but Tena’s smile was really charming.


Now then, since she’s living here, it’s for Tena’s sake as well that strengthening the dungeon is my top priority. Over four days I’ve been slightly modifying the dungeon, and each day I’ve added a floor, so at present it has 9 floors. I have no intention of increasing it endlessly, but because I want a dungeon as impregnable as possible to guarantee our safety, I plan on expanding it to 30 floors.
I don’t want to think about fighting myself, but I’ve left 1 million mana points remaining for emergencies, and each day I spend 2 million points on strengthening the dungeon. 1 million points are used for adding a floor, so that leaves 1 million left for remodelling and reinforcing.

On the first day I spent points on adding rooms to the residential area, and adding furniture. I needed a room for Tena to use as well. It was a residential area with nothing but the bare minimum bed and table, but now, it’s finally got the appearance of a home. At the very least, just by having a bath the lifestyle circumstances are higher than the inns in town though.

On the second day, I established a teleportation circle on each floor.
As the dungeon master I can free move through the dungeon, but Tena can’t do that. Since I’m having her go to town to buy things and the like, I need a way for her to easily reach the entrance. Luckily I was able to make it so that it was only usable by people whose mana had been registered beforehand, so invaders won’t be able to use it.
Additionally, on the floors besides the residential area, I created two teleportation circles; one that goes one-way towards the entrance, and one towards the residential area for non-living things only. The former is for when defeated invaders want to go home, and the latter is especially made to send down loot from fainted intruders.

On the third day, I worked on adding to the monsters that appeared.
Originally it was only wraiths and black steel golems roaming about, but I added skeleton lords and chaos elementals as well. In order, they’re; spirits of the dead that are not only impervious to physical attacks, but use powerful magic; a 3 metre tall steel lump of a doll; a skeleton that can easily swing a greatsword; and a lump of miasma that can absorb every attribute except holy.
Of course, I’ve made sure to forbid the new monsters from killing people as well. Both of them are non-living things, so they’ll obey my orders absolutely.

On the fourth day, I put traps on each floor.
The point was to avoid death, so of course I didn’t put any dangerous traps that would kill people instantly. They were mainly things like bear traps, pitfalls, paralysis gas, sleeping gas, and one-man teleportation circles. Incidentally, the last one is the nastiest. It’s a small sized magic circle so it’s function is limited to the one floor, but it’ll suddenly send only one person in a party somewhere else. If I surround them with monsters once they’re alone, it probably won’t even be a fight.

And with today’s new floor, the dungeon has grown to 10 floors. Since 10 is a nice number, I’ve decided to place a room when you descend from the 9th floor with a boss guarding the entrance to the residential area. Monsters that don’t appear endlessly and need to be brought forth or summoned individually are boss monsters.
Spending the entire 1 million points on bringing forth a single monster, I ended up stationing the No Life King. He looks like a skeleton-type monster with a luxurious robe, and a crown on his head. Giving off a thick aura of death from his entire body, that majesty of his is truly fitting to be called the king of the undead.
Since I had already gone to the trouble, I used the few remaining points to add a throne worthy of him to the boss room.
…With this, if I turn the entrance to the residential area into a hidden door, even if there are mighty warriors who make it this far, they might do me the favour of mistaking him to be the lord of this dungeon.

Now then, with this, it finally looks like a real dungeon. Of course I still intend on strengthening it more, but even at the moment, we can deal with invaders up to a certain extent.

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