Random Message

“I wish OniiChan would make up his damn mind about what to focus on translating instead of translating 5-6 chapters of anything interesting.”

I wasn’t planning on focusing on anything to begin with, so my mind was actually made from the start I guess. Also ‘oniichan’ is basically one word, so if that’s what you’ve decided to call me, there’s no need to capitalise the ‘c’.

Ah, and in the near future I’m going to do 5-6 chapters of four or five other series that I find interesting, so heads up for that. Or you could stop following my blog I suppose. Or pay a freelance to translate consistently for you.

44 thoughts on “Random Message”

          1. Then how about ‘At the Northern Fort’? The Main Character’s a reincarnated female fox spirit. I didn’t find the story all too interesting, but it fulfills 1.5 of the criteria.

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  1. Estelion-sama Banzai! Though I am just a leecher too, sometimes they get a little too big-headed for their own status, so… Estelion-sama Banzai!


  2. I’m just here to leech. And get motivation to learn Japanese enough to read all these awesome stories cause CURSE YOU CLIFFHANGERS!! Ah but thanks for all you hard work!


  3. Hey, you’re the dealer that gives us a taste and now you complain after we get addicted? Meh, do what you do, just learn to laugh maniacally at the junkies. I don’t want you to narrow it down, I want more of all of them. Hmm, can we clone you?


  4. As long as you don’t forever forget the main projects I’m good with whatever you do, and the teasers are pretty good by themselves.

    PD: I want more Black Knight, you haven’t even gone past chap 1. You said that we should harass translators, so I’m going to do just that and harass you. =D


      1. Could I humbly request the link to that chapter? And it is exactly because I got a taste of her personality and style that I want to read more. Her personality is like, the best thing ever.



  5. Thanks for the chapter Your Excellency. Tbh I’m the exact opposite of that guy and I love coming to your site and finding new things to read… my Japanese is good enough to read this stuff (albeit haltingly) on my own, but it’s always easier to read it in English. And for stuff I DO end up going to read it on my own: your teasers give me a good idea of the setting and everything so I have an easier time reading it in Japanese.

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  6. Don’t let any lol leechers get you down Estelion! Your translation blog is like the most fun and active translation blog I’ve ever run into. I feel like you’ve achieved some kind of Tri-force of Speed, Quality, and Community XP. There are lots of translation blogs out there, but few of them have me so invested in the stories and comments. Most of the time I just read the story and drop an obligatory “Thanks!”

    There’s a whole ton of small quirks about this place and community I just love. Small things like the Status Reports, or the jokes you put in (SHIP HAS SAILED…er NO IT EXPLODED) etc. Even stuff like translating desu no’s and etc into “,you know?” are nice touches. It all adds a lot to the experience. Most of all I get the feeling you have FUN translating these works and sharing them with other people. Somehow it makes reading the stuff you translate that much more enjoyable.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Estelion! You’re the king of this Castle and us loyal subjects can only keep on following!


  7. Hmmmmm…..

    The Girl of Signals

    The story centers on a belligerent delinquent named Jū Jūzawa and a strange girl named Ame Ochibana who suddenly vows complete loyalty to him. “Denpa teki na Kanojo” or literally, “electromagnetic girlfriend,” refers to the denpa-kei sub-genre of stories imply that bizarre behaviors are caused by electromagnetic waves.

    (3 volumes total)

    It apparently has a Yandere character which is always fun.


      1. I havn’t watch the animation yet, but I’ll def. give it a go :D

        I can’t imagine the animation covering all 3 volumes though.


  8. > basically unless the main character is a female or a robot, there’s not much chance of me being interested.


    They are top scorer who i think had female MC(assuming no GT mistake). More Teaser please, somebody might translate if they found good teaser of something.


  9. Thanks for the chapters you translated, won’t complain even if you stop there since thanks to you I got to learn about this great novel :D


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