Bleck Knight news

So guys, the reason I haven’t been updating Black Knight despite suggesting that I would do up to chapter 3 initially is because a few weeks ago I heard from AFlappyTeddyBird that he was getting a friend to translate chapters slowly for him as a favour.

His friend’s current lifestyle hasn’t settled down yet, so even though he got permission to publish, he was reluctant to do so because the translations might very suddenly stop at any time. Like shokyuutranslations did.

Ah, and his friend isn’t native English.

But I convinced him that a lot of people would prefer even one chapter more, so here we go!

Chapter 2 is out.

7 thoughts on “Bleck Knight news”

  1. So this guy isn’t translating the story but someone else is? So what happens if someone can’t translate, does this guy will do it.


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