Recuperating? – Chapter 1

Recuperating? – Q of Hearts (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to Alphapolis the publisher?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels (Alphapolis in particular) that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers.

The original April Fool’s post can be found here. Honestly hoodspeek just makes Camille more adorable in my opinion.

“Wiped out…”

I think this is the first time I’ve heard Royce-sama speak in such a low and hateful voice.
So he can speak in non-refreshing tones too.

“What’s wrong, Royce-sama?”

“The soldiers that father sent to apprehend that girl were… wiped out. Moreover, the girl is currently on the run.”

“Even though I said that I would gooo~.”

It seems that the OP heroine is even more OP than expected. Even though there were talented magicians mixed in with the troops, they were still wiped out without a problem.

“Noo goood. Until you can control your magic power, I won’t let you out.”

Pulled back by arms that stretched out from behind me, I obediently settled into Achille’s arms.
Even though I used to get so panicked… because I went through that summer vacation Homework Hell in his arms, I think I’ve got quite an immunity to it now.

“But, Achille…”

“Can you guarantee that you won’t run out of magic power when facing that girl? And moreover, until His Highness gets permission, he can’t make a move either.”

“Uu… You’re right.”

The one that was most vexed right now was the currently pissed-to-the-max Royce-sama.

Using our time in recuperation …which is really just a pretext, at present we’re not even going to class, and are gathered in the castle.
As usual, it’s Royce-sama’s room.
Since we had the time, we took the trip to the castle as a chance to have Achille teach me mana control.
I still haven’t been able to control it much though… I mean, it’s something that takes a lot of details. I’m bad at things that need precision in general.
But in order to face the Heroine, I have no choice but to do it. I don’t feel in the slightest that I can beat her in mana volume, so there’s no other way…
I have faith that piling up these little practices will become something meaningful.

After I died from feeling fed up with it, Achille threw into my mouth one of the pseudo-macarons that was on the plate on the table.

“Mn, sweet ♪”

I munched on it.
While I was in a daze because of the pseudo-macaron, Achille sat down on the sofa, still holding me in his arms.

“Hang on Achille, like this I can’t mov-…”

“Do you want another?”

Achille brought another pseudo-macaron to my mouth…

“I do!”

In the end, I lost to the allure of the macaron.

While I was behaving, the conversation between Royce-sama and Achille progressed.

“Your Highness, regarding the reclamation of the town…”

“According to my father, it’ll be left to me. Ever since they failed to capture that girl the other day, I haven’t really been able to go on the offensive… Don’t you think this is a good chance?”

Leaning against the sofa opposite us, the boldly smiling Royce-sama looked a little bit like a villain.

“Yes, you have a point. Reclaiming the town will be convenient… However, the problem is what comes after.”

“Father and uncle are also really enthusiastic after all.”

Royce-sama smiled bitterly.

I don’t think that the relationship between His Majesty and Royce-sama is very risky.
But I wonder if His Majesty will become peevish about Royce-sama alone taking all of the best achievements. And while I’m at it, His Highness the Royal Prince as well.
This isn’t the time for internal disputes, but it seems that we need to pay attention to them as well.
It’s nothing but troublesome stuff, isn’t it? I feel sorry for Royce-sama to be stuck between these two things.
-munch munch-

Royce-sama and Achille continued their conversation further.

“There have always been people dissatisfied with the monarchy to begin with but… it feels like recently, the number of extremists has gone up all at once, huh…”

“It is a little unnatural, isn’t it.”

Having not seen how the extremist situation is going, I’m finding it hard to say anything though…

“If they used the magic that was cast on you Achille, they might be able to create some instant soldiers, huh.”

“…That would be the worst, wouldn’t it? In that case, would that mean that we have no choice but to attack people who are only guilty of being manipulated by forbidden arts?”

I don’t know how many people have been affected by forbidden arts, but it seems like it would be really really difficult if I had to dispel them all.
Even though I ended up in that state when it was just Claire.
Even if I try my best to save magic power, I would probably reach my limit at ten people. After that it seems like I’d lose consciousness from the mana exhaustion.
And moreover, if there are huge numbers of extremists, it would probably be difficult just to determine if there was forbidden magic cast, huh?

“Royce-sama, is it okay if I help out with the town reclamation?”

Still being hugged by Achille, I turned to Royce-sama.

“Hmm. I need your power, Camille.”

“Your Highness.”

Achille butt into our conversation. The arms around me squeezed tighter.

“Saying that so suddenly, did you intend on having Camille head to the frontlines from the beginning?”

“Mmn, she’s an essential war asset after all. If I send her out from the beginning, the number of victims will decrease.”

“Even though her mana control is still unstable? And moreover, she isn’t used to fighting humans.”

“Even so, she’s more capable than the other magicians or soldiers. Even I wouldn’t want to use her if possible, you know.”

Huh? Things seem a little stormy…

“Ah-, Achille?”

I quietly turned my around, to check how Achille was doing… And then I regretted it.

“Understood. Then I shall accompany Camille.”

Achille was staring at Royce-sama with a blizzard smile just like in the game.

“B-, But hey. I mean, you have another job… A more, intellectual job, right-?”

“I can do that even on-scene. Camille?”

It’s no good. It doesn’t look like Achille has any intention of backing down.

Royce-sama seemed to be pondering something.

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  1. Reading Camille all thug & ghetto is so adorable. It’s like she’s trying really hard to be down & smooth but still wind up cute…

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  5. Is there a real one? I can’t find the link to it anywhere and I really want to read the new chapters with Chapter 1! Can someone please post it? :(


  6. [But I wonder if His Majesty will become peevish about Royce-sama alone taking all of the best achievements. And while I’m at it, His Highness the Royal Prince as well.
    This isn’t the time for internal disputes, but it seems that we need to pay attention to them as well.]

    OH MY GOD she gets politics, the Smart Female Lead tag was justified after all!


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