Status Update and Announcement


So, there’s some pretty exciting news today.

In celebration of THE NEW GATE’s upcoming anime adaptation, Yorai-kun has agreed to do a joint-translation of THE NEW GATE’s light novel edition.

I’m not sure how we’re going to divide the translation between us, as I’m actually a little bit particular about consistency, but I think for now we’ve agreed on a volume each.

We’ll probably get started once Yorai-kun finally gets Shield Hero DMCA’d。


63 thoughts on “Status Update and Announcement”

    1. Legally, there’s no difference. It works with the Japanese text, because the light novel publisher allows it, probably due to some agreement, which gives the author the right to leave a public copy online.
      Those rights don’t carry over to translations of those public releases, thus anyone in the English speaking world who obtains the rights to publish, generally obtains “exclusive rights” to distribute the book.

      People deluding themselves with the “it’s a different version” argument really have no ground to stand on here. As far as One Peace Books is concerned, Yoraikun is cutting into their potential profits, and they would have every right to take action.

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      1. Can anyone else verify this? I had thought since OPB lets the online copy to still exist, the company has no control over it.


      2. Sheeprabbit was talking about which source to use for the translation, which is unrelated. (The Light Novel version is usually more refined, and has less errors, for the most part)

        Copyright itself is a vague concept. Vague enough that this sort of reasoning doesn’t work on it.
        Look at Illegal prime numbers as an example (
        It’s not particularly copyright, but it’s the same concept. Just because there’s a vague technicality doesn’t mean shit in the court of law.

        Loop holes don’t work like that.

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      3. Its actually up to the author if they want to have the web novel stay up or not. Usually the publisher has little say since they need the author’s permission to publish it in the first place.

        The published version and web novel has differences because when it gets published the author has a editor. Depending on how many chapters the web novel has usually its easier to push out novels unless there are some major changes the author needs to address.

        Whether or not you consider a web novel version or the published superior or inferior is up to you. Published version has pretty pictures so there is a bigger incentive to buy it. Plus the whole incentive of writing on syosetu is to get published in the first place.

        Baka-Tsuki’s whole purpose is spread light novels into the mainstream market this is why they have the rule of when it gets published it will get removed. So the whole thing about machine translators being sub-par is quite redundant. If you would argue this you might as well say the chinese translation is also inferior because than it would be a translation of a translation. The mods on Baka-Tsuki only have one job to make sure no one is doing anything dumb or anything illegal.

        Now whether or not the the publisher spends sufficient effort when the novel gets licensed in NA is another story on its on. I for one wouldn’t buy a light novel from Yen Press. If you want to help out the author of whatever light novel you are interested in you would want to buy the paper copy off something like amazon. Although Amazon is expensive you have alternatives like honto.

        Authors who write light novels are not paid extravagantly at all. If anything you can consider it something of minimum wage. They sign a contract and they are paid for a set of pages they are than paid a set percentage based off of how many sales the physical copy of the books sold. The percentage is small in the 3-4% range. If someone wants to publish something they’ll pay the publisher of whatever work they want and pay a fee for the licensing deal.

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      4. I’ve only picked up their SAO books so far (And Danmachi, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it) and there are two issues with it, that I can see being a complaint:
        -Their word-choice is odd. Not bad, or grammatically incorrect, but some of the diction used just isn’t something people would normally say, and I’ve seen some mention that it looks like the editor or translator look through a thesaurus every few paragraphs.
        -Over localization. Or more like, over “Americanization”. Meaning they convert all measurements into imperial units. Kilometers become miles, and meters and centimeters become feet, yards, and inches. This is kinda inevitable though, considering Yen Press is an American company, and they’re main target are people living in the US, who are use to the imperial system, and would not be able to wrap their heads around the metric system.

        Besides that, I don’t see why you might avoid Yen Press.


      1. But there he might go on to translate the light novel soon. He’s considering it – he asked what the readers thought… ‘WN or LN?’


          1. hmm. well, the person above me said that they are looking into translating the LN, so maybe they would be willing to help. It never hurts to have more people right?


  1. Luckily for us Yoraikun has been translating the WN, so he should be safe from the big bad DMCA. It’s good news to see more people on this fun LN though. :D


      1. youre right i should stick to posting constructive stuff like


        1. i just mean that it’s april first, and i’m announcing a never before heard anime adaptation for THE NEW GATE…?

          even if you didn’t know that i said i hated it, and then directed beggers to yorai-kun, who was similar fed up with people asking him to translate TNG, you’d think that the anime adaptation and the insensitive talk about shield hero DMCA would give it away lol.

          incidentally, it’s april 2nd for me now, so yes, this whole thing was entirely fake.

          not that i think you had no clue or anything (much to the contrary unlike a few other commenters), but i thought it wasn’t even believable enough to warrant suspicion that it was anything other than a joke.


  2. Just to make sure, you’re aware that shin-translations or whatever picked it up right? He’s on the second volume right now. Would be a shame if you started TLin the first volume again since its already done.


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