Status Report and Random Message (& Plagiarism Update)


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shot273Random Message

Umm, so a little bit ago I talked about my concerns regarding a certain translation group. I’m still feeling things out and haven’t decided personally how trustworthy these guys are, but we can all be the judge of that ourselves. (:

There’s a discussion here by the unnamedteam themselves, and here is a reddit copy of my post.

Status Report

Um, so I’ve finished the Otoburi arc that I was translating up until yesterday. I honestly wanted to jump right into the next arc (if you look at the chapter names on the TOC, you’ll see why) but I did say that I would be doing some Other World. Also on the agenda is getting through one or two Maou chapters in the background while all this is happening.

I um, might be taking Sunday off (which starts in 6 hours for me) translation-wise because I have a few real-life things I need to take care of (yes, being a NEET isn’t all leeching off the government; there’s a lot of ‘trying not to be a NEET anymore’ involved), so mmn.

Um, so yeah! I might put up a poll later today to see what you guys want me to do after I’m done with Other World and a tiny bit of Maou. I won’t necessarily listen to you, but it plays a big role in my whole happiness-cost decision making.

31 thoughts on “Status Report and Random Message (& Plagiarism Update)”

  1. but being a NEET means… not in education, employment, or in training right? so if you try too hard, you’d have to be getting trained ne? then you wouldn’t be a neet anymore, ne? How do you NEET sensei! Teach me! afa plagiarism goes, not cool… not cool people. Don’t try it at home kids.

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      1. Bleeehhhhh. Tbh, its hard trying to learn a 3rd language. Ik English (obviously) and some Spanish, and keep getting spanish words and Japanese ones mixed up, as well as tense and conjugation rules @.@


  2. Just proceed at your own pace, no need to push yourself doing things you don’t like (unless you had no other choice *te-he*) :p

    Although I wish you’d focus on your main project more…


  3. Ppl who does these plagiarism on novels are either trying to make money or are attention seeker because they can’t get the attention in real life from their families but don’t have sh*t motivation to do the stuff u do.


  4. So there I was, convinced that you weren’t naming them to avoid giving them publicity/avoid naming and shaming them. The possibility that they are actually named unnamed did not occur to me.

    Anyhoo please feel free to ignore anything and everything we say about what we’d prefer you to do. My vote would be for otobur though. Just sticking that out there.


    1. Well they’re pretty out in the open since they’ve got public apologies and explanations and stuff.

      I don’t think it would be fair to just assume that everyone had to follow my judgement, so I thought it would be best to link to the discussion.

      That way if you have opinions, or inputs on what you think they should do from now on, or advice for them, you can give it.


  5. Good to know you won’t remain NEET!

    Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get jobs directly.

    I know I spent at least 3 months looking for jobs after finishing my bachelor thesis.


  6. You’ve arranged a confession out of them Estelion. That seems like a job well done!

    I think you should translate whatever interests you the most so far. If that’s Otoburi then go for it.

    And good luck with your NEET life style. You still have to go out for provisions etc.


  7. Well, they’ve got the cajones to own up for what they did instead of denying it and trying to cover it up. I’ll respect them that much, but truthfully, I think a little less of them than I might have a week or so ago.


  8. Don’t worry about Unnamed Team, they shot themselves in the foot. No, there is a third contender with the backing of a fairly well known group. *coughsaekanothetranslationcough*


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