First Year Second Semester – Chapter 16

First Year Second Semester – Black Joker (Part 2)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to Alphapolis the publisher?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels (Alphapolis in particular) that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers.

It happened in the middle of class.
When I was getting my attendance marked off as a member of the Clovers class, a row of soldiers appeared before me.

“Capture Frau Monier!”

An unfamiliar commanding soldier pointed at me and raised his voice.
With his voice as the trigger, the other rank and file soldiers all charged at me at once.

“Wha-? Frau, did you do something?”

“Who are these people? Kyaa!”

The schoolgirls in my class who didn’t know anything all screamed together at the sudden development.
Shocked by the group of soldiers, the classroom fell victim to pandemonium.

Could it be, my plans were revealed? It couldn’t be… That’s definitely not it.
I used memory wiping and mouth-sealing magic to make sure that, friend or enemy, nobody would be able to reveal a thing.
…In that case, why did the soldiers of this country appear here?
Even though my plan is still only halfway. I can’t afford to be caught in a place like this.

I have to save this world that I love so much.

The environment I was raised in was the same as the protagonist’s. A small, and impoverished village.
I took over the place of Frau Monier, the daughter of a normal family who was three at the time.

In the game world that my sister gave me… In that dream-like world, I woke up in a place like that.
And as the protagonist of the game.

“This might really be a dream though.”

In this dream that I wouldn’t wake up from no matter how much time passed, when I was injured it hurt, and I got hungry too.

And moreover…
My joy at being in that ideal world lasted for but an instant… This world was, much dirtier than the one my sister had come up with.
In the poor village that I lived in, everybody suffered because of their lifestyle. It was a scene that wasn’t shown in much detail in the game.
Here the crops had poor yield, everybody starved, and thieves appeared as a matter of course. There were even unbelievable epidemics, and even harm from monsters.
…Even so, this country wouldn’t give us a thing.
The nobles and royals only thought about themselves, and never took notice of the commoners.

There was no way that the world my sister created should have been this dirty.
So I stood up and took the first step. Together with comrades who felt the same way.
I couldn’t wait absentmindedly until the headmaster picked me up like the protagonist.

“So… What are these guys nonchantly doing, appearing wearing a mask of justice after all this time? You’re barking up the wrong tree!”

I raised my right hand to the air.
Soldiers of this level are nothing.

“I won’t let you lot dirty the precious world that Oneechan created!”

Just with a wave of my right hand, the soldiers were all sent flying into the wall.

“Quick to fall, aren’t you?”

There’s no way they could win against me, right?
I mean, I’m the protagonist in this story world, you know?
I’m definitely here to clean up this world, you know?

“What are you gunna do, Frau? You can’t go to school anymore, you know?”

Asagi who was in class right next to me was going to help me fight.

“…I can’t be helped, can it, Asagi? There are still people that I wanted to gather to us though.”

“We’re out of time, huh.”

“Well, that’s fine. It’ll be fine as long as we contact them again later… and our preliminary preparations are done.”

We ran past the confused students. I attacked the pursuing soldiers again with magic.

“Achille Jade, was it?”

“Yes, his intelligence will be useful… There was an interference, but her mind is done for now, so I wonder if she can do a thing now.”

Camille Rhodolite.

Although she was somebody from the same world as me, she was a foolish woman who lived in the exact opposite way that I did…
Even when I was grieving over the deaths of my fellow villagers, and after that even while I was running around to try and better the country even a little, she was living leisurely without a worry and celebrating her life as a noble, and enjoyed her romance game. Without paying any attention to the lifestyle of the starving people of this nation.
The first time I saw her I was just so angry that my vision turned red.

“Scary, scary.”

Asagi shrugged his shoulders while running.

“Let’s transfer. There’s a transfer magic circle to Topageria prepared in my room.”

“Yeah, alright… Oop.”

Asagi dodged an attack from a soldier lying in wait.
I’ve known him since I was little. He’s also dissatisfied with this country.
At the end of the day, he’s the ringleader of the Revolution Route, after all. It was easy pulling him over to my side.
We gathered like-minded people to our side, and then put ourselves to action.

First I used the volume of my magic power as a bargaining tool in order to have myself adopted into the noble family of the neighbouring country.
With a powerful merchant who travels the world, as well as possessing a baron’s title, the Cintron family.
In Diamonds, and Clovers, and Spades too… the J’s are all very capable. I definitely want to complete the set with the J of Hearts too.
If they’re talented, and pledge their allegiance, then they’ll definitely be useful.

“For now, let’s take shelter in the Cintron house.”


After completely crushing the soldiers, we left the school building.
I wonder, did I go just a little bit too far? But, they’re the ones in the wrong.


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73 thoughts on “First Year Second Semester – Chapter 16”

      1. Sheeps are slow since they graze all the time and rabbits are fast. So sheeprabbit is slow and fast? Slow and fast is the elemental law of velocity and Linley trains in that… Does this mean the holy sheeprabbit is Linley in disguise?

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  1. Is it only me or does anyone else start to like the heroin now. But… the way she head into the problem is wrong she should ally with people from the other world to attend to her problems =/


  2. Yeah, they are totally in the wrong. Completely.

    I mean its not like you are violently attacking, brain washing and cursing people left and right. Well, you are, but for a good cause.

    And I mean, you are seeking the overthrow (and execution) of an entire class of people, with the intent of taking over yourself but… well, you will help the people!

    … How are you going to do that again, exactly?

    Hmm… Me thinks she hasn’t thought this through very clearly.

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    1. A victim+messiah complex is a dangerous thing, especially if you give the girlie a big red button to push whenever she meets any sort of resistance.

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    2. I don’t like her. Her motive is right, but her execution is wrong and immoral. You can’t keep on making excuses for you wrong doings.

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      1. Yep. Also, Camille worked her ass off as a Red Magician. Although her aim was to support the prince, it’s undeniable she helped the country folk with her actions.

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  3. A person with saviour complex using extreme methods
    Her ignorance may be at fault but Camille hunted attacking monster, you know!
    The King of Topageria’s gonna have a headache soon

    thanks for the chapter

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  4. Ahah, these are good antagonists :

    “Wanting to do something right with the wrong means and adding a lot of suffering and stress and the system”

    The best way to change a system is slowly from the inside but it is still very hard to do and take a lot of opposition because you are taking from someone to help another..

    Truly hard to find the win-win solutions


    1. The irony here is that if she actually approached Achille while voicing out her intention properly, he might’ve considered it (albeit not the method she’s doing), or at least Royce would’ve welcomed her to help him change the country.

      Instead she went after Camille which ruins the chance of them cooperating.

      The other irony is that she keep thinking of herself as THE heroine, the one to save the land, while she thinks Camille is the one treating this like a game.

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      1. What otome game has you brainwashing people to kill the heart-throb prince and the maid while trying to LITERALLY MIND-RAPE a girl & brainwash the girl’s fiancee into also wanting to have her raped?

        This heroine seriously lacks any empathy or self-awareness (Her sister made the game, you’d think she’d know that the Prince’s life was utter hell & sympathize w/him at least.)

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  5. You know what sucks with violent peasant (or lower class) revolutions? It’s the moderates (like Achille) who gets shot or killed first. I mean I can sympathize with her plight, but as seen with the French Revolution these kinds of things keep on getting more and more extreme until you have dicktaters like Napoleon running the place.


    1. Actually, Napoleon stopped the Revolution IIRC. You might need to re-read your history. He abolished feudalism and equal rights.


      1. Yes, he did those things. But what I am trying to emphasize was although he solidified the gains of the French Revolution in terms of its ideals, it was based on adult of personality and military gains. Which in the end collapsed upon its own weight after his losses from the reactionary dynasties in Europe.


  6. Hey, you can’t fault a girl for trying to start a republican revolution.

    Too bad she didn’t realise the best method would have been to get the Hearts on her side, which should have been relatively easy… But then again, she thought Camille was Original Camille for years.

    And Camille really should have tried to make more contact with Heroine before this… ⨪_⨪


    1. Too bad her planning consists of about half brilliance (securing a base of operations and support) and idiocy (pretty much everything else) making for an especially dangerous situation.

      As for contacting Mrs Clockwork Orange, considering she ran off, almost instantly, how? Actually, what sane person would contact a brainwashing hydrogen bomb? Anyone entering discussion under those circumstances is inherently insane.


    2. Nop she knows Camille was from Japan ….this bitch heroine just was angry because Camille lives as noble lady and wasn’t trying to changes the world …… But of course she knows nothing


  7. Thanks for the chapter. Even if the Heroine was in the worst situation, I still can’t forgive her for using the excuse of “Cleansing the country” to casually do Villain stuffs. She isn’t better than them for doing those things.


  8. Thanks for the batch chapter release!

    That girl is really misguided. Her methods are misguided and makes too many assumptions when she doesn’t understand anything about Camille or the other girls.


  9. What I really find saddest is the real Frau probably died. 3 years old, in a river? Not much chance of her surviving. Ouch. Sleeping, then all of a sudden drowning.

    Poor kid.

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    1. Come to think of it, the real Q of cover should be in bad situation too then.
      She’s only five and then boom~~ become fifty and have a lot of grandchild~~~


      1. Oi, oi. Are we forgetting that literally all of them died or got hurt??? Camille was pushed backwards off stairs, Bea-chin fell down a manhole, etc <_<


      2. Eh it’s a bad situation sure, but not a definitive death sentence. Since she swapped into an old lady’s body said body has a lot of family and friends that can help her out. Her regressed mental state will probably be explained as some kind is amnesia.

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      3. Answer @AsianOtakuGuy

        Hm.. I think you probably did not read the short story yet.
        An Ojousama’s Reverse Transmigration

        In this, you will know immediately that Camille got swap with the real Aimi and the real Q of heart is living in our modern current world. And this make us think that all the Q probably go to a real world with these body swaps too.

        Answer @kreyto
        Yep, if it like that. The situation should not be so bad.

        And Oh My! The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) is replying to my comment! Yeps! today is my lucky day~~♥


      4. @The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit
        LoL~~~~ That true.
        Another good deal should be the real Q of Spade, She a child and being swap with a child too after all. (And look like the real Q of Spade is a smart girl with high ability for survival LoL.)

        I wonder if there will be a short story of the other real Q too.

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  10. So… the fact that Kai (J siscon of spades) was acting strange and overboard was her fault.
    And the fact the J of clovers not going to school is probably because he went to command the revolution.
    And she got the J of diamonds as her foster brother, and convinced or brainwashed him.
    And she also have someone inside the castle who was getting the forbidden books for her.
    But if the matter about the revolution and her being one of the heads gets to Topageria’s king, then she won’t have any escape route, since both countries will try to get her head (since seeing someone from your country make a move in revolution means that your country is also at risk).
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!


  11. Thanks

    Anyway, I just wait that sometime explain to the readers what has happened others words. What is this world? what is happened the originals queens and heroine? is really a reincarnation or bodyswap? Have any method for can return their original worls if they want?


  12. Hum…with all her power I can’t believe Frau didn’t think about trying to make the crops or soil better before going with the revolution path.

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  13. >“Yes, his intelligence will be useful… There was an interference, but her mind is done for now, so I wonder if she can do a thing now.”

    She’s going to get quite a surprise later on then when a certain pink haired tattoo’d magician shows up to fight her…

    In other news, is that faeries on the cover (bottom left)? I wonder if/when they shows up in the story ‘. ‘

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  14. Well it turns out my guesses from the previous chapter where mostly correct. I do find that her underlying reasons for wanting a revolution were better than I thought they’d be.

    That still doesn’t excuse her methods though.

    Her analysis of Camille is so biased too. She doesn’t know about how Camille was forced to kill a person at a young age of 6, or that she’s been working hard for the sake of her friends everyday.

    The best case scenario would be the heroine seeing reason and working things out with the Hearts group, but I think that route is already closed. Also the heroine is too full of self righteous zeal.

    A big thanks to Estelion for these great translations! You’ve really outdone yourself these past few days haha. I’ve enjoyed the latest chapters a lot.


  15. Wow, templar much? Its funny, because with as much flak the media goves them now, one of the points used against them during their show trials was how notoriously tolerant they had become, over the years.


  16. Thanks for the chapter!

    I still don’t like her. She needs a psychologe before she gets herself and half the county killed.


  17. AsianOtakuGuy
    March 28, 2015 at 2:58 am

    Oi, oi. Are we forgetting that literally all of them died or got hurt??? Camille was pushed backwards off stairs, Bea-chin fell down a manhole, etc <_<

    Not fatally or even seriously. The original Carmille was even smiling in hospital, and I think falling down a manhole isn't that fatal. Frau's has a high chance of being fatal and I kind of think Sheeprabbit is also right, one day you're young, the next, your entire life is gone and you got no future left. That would really suck. Your dreams will never come true.


  18. Haaaaaaah… Before reading the comments I wanted to go on a mini-rant about Heroine. But now I think that she is not that bad. The true evil is the Author-san. Author-san is a very bad person: it is very easy to create an antognist by throwing a couple “justice complexes” and the like onto a hero/heroine. HOWEVER! You should make sure that it makes sense! As mentioned in above comments Frau’s character is impossible, since she is both smart enough to lead a revolution and scheme evil deeds, and dumb enough to…
    1) Not check whether somebody is ally/enemy.
    2) Not use her power to fix problem (slay monsters, make soil fertile, etc).
    3) Not give shit ’bout lives and methods.
    4) Not notice that she is doing the same f’ing things she hated Camille for.

    Dear author-san, please fix your antagonist, sincearly yours, Ruro-dono.

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    1. I actually think the opposite. The author seems to have thought her antagonist out pretty well. I’ll try to explain my reasoning.

      1. She came into this otome game world believing she knows all about it. To her the npcs that follow the revolution route are her allies and anyone who gets in the way are her enemies. She thinks body swappers are also her enemies because of her real life experiences. The heroine is completely confident in her beliefs because she thinks of her self as some avatar of justice that can do no wrong.

      2. Her justice complex comes into play again here too. The heroine wants to take a path that gives her the most self satisfaction. That, or the thought of using her powers to solve problems directly didn’t occur to her because she already knew about the revolution route and took the path she knows. Both seem like probable explanations for the heroine ‘ s behavior.

      3. And 4. Again the heroine is blinded by her belief in her own cause. See her line “I’m the protagonist in this story world you know? ”
      Someone thinking like that isn’t going to be looking at her own actions objectivity.

      In conclusion, I think The Heroine is deluded but not poorly written. Her actions make sense in the context of what the author has shown us about her character.

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      1. i like to think of her as the same as those hikkiNEETs that see popular guys and think ‘RIAJUUS EXPLODE!’

        remember that there’s already the impression of the Queens being the enemy because of how many times she’s clocked the game. on top of that, camille is living a happy riajuu life as a noble (from her perspective) while people all round her died from starvation, diseases and monsters, and none of the nobles showed any signs of giving a shit.

        camille being a bodyswapper meant that she had 10+ years to figure all this out but was just too content with her life as a noble to do anything (despite having modern japanese values).

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      1. Oh so the heroine’s basically suffering from chuunibyou syndrome, except waaaayyy too extreme. (Like those people who shoot up their former schools that no longer have any of their former bullies at).

        Since she can’t fight her bullies, she’s taking it out on the game world: this explains a lot, but I still really hate her.

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  19. BTW.

    “I wonder, did I go just a little bit too far? But, they’re the ones in the wrong.”

    -Death flag detected, captain!
    -Cease all fire immediately! Prepare popcorn! Enable Camille-shield and enjoy watching Frau*cough*enemy ship explode!
    -Sir, yes, sir!

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  20. I want to marry the headmaster!!!

    Also even if the heroine gets her way, she’s not capable of accepting reality as it is, the real world is too “dirty” for her and I think that even if her plans go as intended, she will still end up all disillusioned and crazy, desperately attempting to make the world conform to her expectations.

    Also I feel like the bullies could save the replacement in the river.

    Also I feel like the kid in the old lady body could be happy.

    Also I feel like the headmaster is probably the sister XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah… The headmaster has that feeling to him… Kinda God-ish… But not in a bad sense.
      He watches from the backstage and only gives slight pushes, where they are needed, which result in huge changes later on. Hohoho.


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