Plagiarised Translations (Warning)

As a fellow translator and as a real-life friend of the translator of one of the Saekano translations, there’s something I’d like to bring to your attention.

Ahem, um, so earlier today I was shamelessly trying to publicise my friend’s translations, since we were having a talk about how our translation was doing, and I noticed that a lot of people didn’t know about his blog.

So, you know, being a wonderful sheeprabbit, I decided to arbitrarily advertise to my meagre followers on my blog!

Uhm, but while looking around, I found that a certain translation group had stolen his work, word for word.

At least that’s how it looks.

#1 From the moment things are copied and pasted, their spacing fucks up.

Before copying:

After copying:

#2 A good chunk of their text is taken almost word for word.

WordPress automatically fixes spacing issues for me, so I’ve used the preview function of wordpress to make the spacing for both blogs the same, and then taken a chunk of text from somewhere random in the middle and put it into a difference checker.

For Posterity

So yeah,

Please don’t support them.

I don’t know how fast they are, or that much about them. I haven’t read the raws so I can’t say who is more accurate, and who has the style of translation I prefer.

What I can talk about though is their work ethic. It’s a joke. Seriously a joke. Please don’t support these kinds of people. Translating, especially amateur translating, takes a lot out of you. Lots of rewording. Lots of typing. Lots of agonising over how to best convey the same idea and feeling in English

And these people just stole it, and not only that, what’s worst is…



Would you really support people who do such a shit job that they can’t even plagiarise properly? As anybody who’s gone to school before would know, you at least need to do the bare minimum of rewording. Make sure there are no little [1] reference things. Make sure that the formatting and spacing is all the same.

These guys straight up copied and pasted. Would you really trust the work ethic and translations of these kinds of people?

tldr: A certain translation group are also doing Saekano. Stole word for word off my friend. Please don’t support them.

And I’m really not that popular of a blogger, so if any other translators don’t mind and agree with me, would it be possible for you to give a warning of some sort, or re-blog this as well?

Thank you so much if you do, and if not, thank you anyway for reading this.

58 thoughts on “Plagiarised Translations (Warning)”

    1. What happened to the skills they should have gained in middle – high school where when you are clearly plagiarizing work you swap out words for synonyms with a thesaurus, change some formatting, and misspell some words? That’s just the basics even… It’s wrong either way but show some professionalism man.

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  1. Sigh I really hate these kinds of people. Translators don’t even get enough credit and then they get their sh**t stolen.

    Just do a war call, you have an army of fans ready to retailate anytime.


  2. I am a bit of the opposite, I only translate because I myself want to read it. If someone takes from my site, I don’t care. To preserve my work for future generations in case I am somehow shut down, it should be spread everywhere. Especially the translations of the RPG maker games that I am doing.


  3. hmm… I do not know how this works but can’t they just re-blog the work and not copy-paste it? If they’re lazy the re-blog button does all the work, right? why copy-paste it in a haft-ass’ed way?

    I’m basically a leecher(is this spelled right? is it even a word?) so I don’t have the right criticize anyone… and I make pdf’s of works that have taken a liking to cause I can’t access the internet all the time but I don’t distribute it and say that it is 100% MY work (I basically don’t distribute it period, I keep it all to myself), but the main point is stealing is bad.

    do the proper procedure’s.
    notify the owner(translator) that you want to copy it.
    don’t make light of the translator’s hard work that you are leeching from.
    give credit to the original translator.

    That is All.


  4. Oh you have bt’s recent change page bookmarked too! I ised to find that useful until the sspambots appeared


  5. So.. Unnamed translation is the one who copied ?

    (who is the original and who is the fraud isn’t very clear for me here..)


  6. This sounds like the same idiots who wanted our webnovel translations up on Wattpad. God i would’ve raged.

    Actually, we had another douche who asked in channel, if he posts it without permission, i’ll bring hell on him.

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  7. So there are still scums like them? I thought with so many warnings and so many of them exposed they will stop in the future but it look like I was still wrong.


      1. Something private? I have Skype, not many people I know use it though. Line messenger I use more for anonymity, user name is same.

        If it’s not private, I pop around and respond to comments on WordPress if I have anything. Or leaving a comment in my blog would work too since I get email notifications.


  8. Does it offend you that I am using a few of your lines in the MT of Pupil of a wise man? I never really asked to do it, I just knew what it was trying to convey and you already had a perfect line for it.

    Hope I didn’t offend you, I’m trying to keep lines from your work on the LN out because I know it is overall different and I try to keep your work out, but it makes a great reference for when I’m having trouble conveying whatever it is that the author wanted.


          1. Because I am doing the WN, i can’t take massive chunks because as you said, “they are different” in placement of details. I’ve noticed that it is kinda weird how it jumps to places at times.


              1. That’s what I was afraid of. I’m a bit of the way through chapter 1 right now. Is it okay if every now and then I send you a small passage for clarifying? There are times where I feel like I have no idea what it’s trying to say.


    1. editted my post a bit, but yeah :( I understand how it feels to see that happen. and the post nicely summarizes a lot of what want to say about the matter myself :)

      Although it is a bit worse for authors who have their writing stolen compared to translators, they both put in a lot of effort and time to share these stories with us and must be areciated :)


      1. oh lol hes the nakedsol guy, I thought you linked that blog cuz he was stealing as well. I was ready to unbookmark and everything


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