First Year Second Semester – Chapter 15

First Year Second Semester – Black Joker (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

You might be thinking, ‘Well, do I owe any thanks to Alphapolis the publisher?’, but in fact it is because the publishers are so willing to pick up web novels (Alphapolis in particular) that so many creative stories are being written by people wanting to make it as writers.

By river bank, I mean one of these:

Before I knew it, I was in this world.
In a world like the game that my older sister had made… I became the game’s protagonist.

Because of bullying in middle school I rarely left the house, and for my sake, my much older sister gave me a game that she wrote herself as a present.

“Oneechan, you made this?”

“Not just me, but the one who thought of the story was mostly me.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Hearing you say that makes me happy, Ichiha.”

I immediately started the game.
The world in the game was like a dream. A beautiful castle, an academy, and cool and kind boys.

“Even though it would be just fine if this world was real…”

I absorbed myself in that world.

“This protagonist is a nice girl, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty much common sense that the protagonists of these stories are “nice girls”, you know? …After all, if they had ugly personalities, the men wouldn’t approach them to begin with after all.”

“Like the rival girls?”

The protagonist was a normal girl whose only redeeming features were her magic power and her personality. On the other hand, every single one of the rival girls were beauties.


Certainly, these rival girls all have terrible personalities.

I played the game countless, countless times. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the story was already a part of me.
The four romance routes, those friendship routes, and even the hidden character routes; I had cleared all of them.

“Oneechan… I, love this story.”

From then on, without ever parting from it, I carried my favourite game around with me.
I probably should have. I… ended up separated from my older sister.

I was careless. I thought it would be okay, since I was just going to a nearby convenience store to get something for my mother.
Unluckily, I ran into the middle school classmates that bullied me. There were two guys and three girls.

“Oh hoh? Isn’t that Ichiha?”

“You’re right. What’s she doing after not going to school?”

In an instant, I was surrounded by my classmates.


I stayed silent and waited for the storm to pass. If I just stood still, at some point they would get bored and walk off somewhere.

“She’s still as gloomy as ever, huh?”

“How about saying something?”

One of the girls poked me. And that moment, the game machine fell out of my bag.

“What’s this? Hey, it’s a game. Ichiha, you game?”

“St-… Don’t touch it without permission.”

But my words were fruitless, and one of my classmates turned on the game.

“Stop it! LET GO-!”

I reached out my hand to try to get it back, but they easily avoided me.
When the tall boys held the game console up high, I couldn’t reach it because of my height.
After a while, a cheerful song came from the console. It was the music for the game’s opening video.

“Uoh-, what’s this!”


They saw it.

“What? Show me it too.”

All of the bullies peered in at the screen together.

“This is one of those! A Galge!”

One of the boys raised his voice, having fun.

“But look, there’s no girls! It’s all guys, isn’t it!”

Another boy spoke.

“I know this~ It’s one of those games where you romance hot guys. I saw a commercial for one of these on my smart phone game!”

A girl cut into the conversation.

“G-, give it back-…!”

I cut into the crowd, and frantically tried to get the game back.

“Ehhhhh, Ichiha, you play these sorts of games? Seriously?”

“Because she’s unpopular? Does she get all happy when 2-d hot guys tell her “I love you” and stuff?”

“Ahahahahah, as ifff. Bit gross though.”

Teasing me one by one, they tried to exit the convenience store with my game console.

“Stop! Give it back! Give it back!”

However, none of them would stop. They crossed the road, laughing.

“Stop it, stop! Give back Oneechan’s game-!”

The other side of the road was a river.


I had a bad feeling about this.
While laughing all the while, my classmates ran towards the running river.


A boy held the game up, and tossed it to the girl next to him.
The girl who had caught it sneered, and then held out the game console towards me… Or so I thought, when she pulled back her hand, and threw it into the river.


The game danced through the air beyond the reach of my hand.

The water splashed.

“Ah-, ah-…”

Unable to even form words I gazed at the river, and my classmates sneered at me.

“Soorreee~ Ichiha-chan, it accidentally slipppped~”

“Use this as a chance to live healthily~ Hurry up and find a human boyfriend-! HA HA HA!”

However, I couldn’t hear their words.

“The game… The game that Oneechan gave me!”

Even though inside that game was everything that had supported me until now!
I jumped into the river to chase after the game console.
Because it had rained yesterday, the water level was high but… the danger, or just buying it again… I wasn’t in the right mind to think about those things.

“Hey, Frau… You’re seriously taking an afternoon nap at a time like this?”

Because of an unhappy voice from right besides me, I came back to earth.

“Oh my, I’m sorry. I dozed off, didn’t I…?”

Honestly, what an unpleasant day dream that was. To see such a worthless dream.

“Give me a break~”

Now then, shall I start moving before Asagi makes an even bigger fuss?
As of the moment, though the plan is not going perfectly, it is coming along well.
I headed off to my afternoon classes.

All without realising the trap that was waiting for me.


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35 thoughts on “First Year Second Semester – Chapter 15”

    1. I wonder if our Camille is actually one of the bullies though, she mentioned in the first chapter that she pretends to be neat and tidy, so I don’t think she’d join in bullying like that…

      I mean, if the girl somehow wanted revenge on the 2 boys/3 girls who bullied her by dragging them into this world to make them suffer the bad ends…I think she’s got the wrong target.

      At the very least Bea and Mei seem to be extremely unlikely to have ever met her, not to mention the grandma-maid…Aur…something

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t think so. Camille was in High School and she said she was in middle school. Though maybe she was in high school when that incident occurred.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I believe that because this is a game the protagonist has diluted herself into believing that all of the rivals are horrible people like the bullies.

        Liked by 4 people

  1. too bad she dont have a bit of Camille’s optimism…

    doesnt she realized shes becoming like her bullies?

    thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 3 people

    1. From then on, without ever parting from it, I carried my favourite game around with me.
      I probably should have. I… ended up separated from my older sister.
      The creator died!? Did she become god and made all those body swaps!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ummm maybe the headmaster? no that wouldn’t be the right gender would it….but i feel like the creator would be the strongest character >_<


    3. The creator is still on earth, she didn’t die so obviously she wouldn’t have a part in their world. She merely made the base of the story.


      1. She’s gone a little bit beyond just breaking flags. She’s obviously the one going around using forbidden magics messing with people’s heads and she’s trying to incite the commoner revolution end that leads to a civil war.


  2. game creator make VR-game version of her otome game and give it to her comatose sister along with other comatose highschool girl fell from stair, university girl and dying grandma tehe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is problem with this. There’s a special chapter with the original Camille who is in the japanese high school girl’s body and seeing a world without magic.


  3. Hmm this chapter does help us see the heroine in a different light. I’m still disappointed in her actions though. It seems like she is falling into the classic trap of “becoming what you hate”.

    I’m guessing she views all other body swappers through the lens of her own terrible experiences. For example: the people I knew in real life where terrible, so all body swappers must be terrible too.

    It also explains why she was so distraught by any personality changes in the npcs. She has a glorified view of the beloved characters her sister made and sees the changes as other people tainting them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well that was only her life before she came to this world. Per the game notes she was the childhood friend of Asagi who can end up as the head of the revolution very good chances her life in the new world wasn’t sunshine and rainbows


  5. She had a trauma turning her into a shutin long b4 she jumped into a flooded river. Just chasing the console shows how mentally disturbed she was BEFORE she jumped. Then appeared in the game world she already emotionally lived within.
    But just because she’s become an exaggerated version of bullies doesn’t excuse her actions. She’s a terrorist who casts spells that destroy peoples minds & eat away their souls.


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