First Year Second Semester – Chapter 11

First Year Second Semester – Q of Hearts (Part 6)

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A hannya mask is used in noh to depict a madly jealous woman, but characters in fiction that are madly angry are often said to make faces like a hannya.

“Thanks for today, Tria-sama.”

Thanks to him, I got a lot of different plants.
I’m sure I’ll be able to make a wonderful tattoo.

“Invite me when you head to the greenhouse again.”

“…As long as it’s not during class.”

In the end, Tria-sama skipped all of today’s afternoon classes.
…I’m a little worried that Beatrix will get angry later.

“Ah-, that’s right Camille. After this, how about we have a bit of a chat in my room?”

“A chat?”

“I want to know various things about your magic.”


I’d be fine with going along, but it seems like Achille will get mad at me later, right?
Last time when I went alone to play in Tria’s room, I ended up getting a bit of a lecture from Achille while he stood there like a Nioh statue.
And then, a kabedon… and my first kiss.


If I do the same thing again, I get the feeling that it won’t end with just a kiss this time…

I decided to decline.
During the case with Dominique, I ended up declaring myself that “I definitely won’t follow men alone except for you, Royce-sama and Otousama.” after all…

“I’m still in recuperation, so I’ll pass for today.”


Tria looked suuper unhappy.

“Isn’t just a liiittle bit okay? Even if you’re in recuperation, you seem just fine after all…”

“No, but… Uwoh-?”

Just as I was about to continue my words, I stepped on something.
A-, A trap?
…Doesn’t seem to be. We’re in the greenhouse after all.


I heard a voice, and when I looked down…
I was stepping on the back of a man wearing something like a suit.

“Ah-, I’m sorry.”

I quickly removed my foot.
While wondering why there was a person laying down here, I apologised first just to be safe.

The man who was stepped on, sat up languidly.
As for his age, it’s about the later half of his twenties.
He has silky silver hair that hangs to his hips, and familiar, listless golden eyes… Huh?


Tria muttered in surprise.

“Are you two not in class?”

“It’s already finished~”

Even though Tria gave a frivolous and casual reply, the headmaster showed no signs of getting angry.

Suddenly, the headmaster looked up at me.

“Ah-, Camille Rhodolite.”

“…Yes I am, but…?”

Why is he looking at me in such wonder?

“Camille, you…”


The moment that the headmaster tried to tell me something, from the entrance of the greenhouse came the angry shout of Beatrix, who was running towards us with a face like a Hannya. With incredible vigour.

“Geh-, Bea-chin!”

Tria’s face immediately paled.

“Sorry, Camille. Let’s talk again some time-!”

After saying that, he escaped in the opposite direction of the greenhouse entrance at full speed.


Beatrix was chasing down the escaping Tria.
S-, So fast… At this rate, it seems that Tria will get caught right away.
Like that, the two of them ran out of the greenhouse. May you rest in peace.

“Mn? Huh?”

The headmaster who was lying here up until just a moment ago was now nowhere to be seen.


Without showing any signs of getting up, it seems that the headmaster had vanished.

“I wonder if it was magic…”

Being the headmaster of this academy, it seems that he’s an extremely outstanding magician after all.
I wonder what he was going to say to me…
Well, whatever. I’d be troubled if he lectured me after all. It can’t be helped now that he’s vanished.

It’s great that I was able to harvest lots of flowers today.


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  1. I bet it was the headmaster that protected Camille from the poisonous plants cause Camille is not that powerful yet to have auto poison defence tattoo or maybe I’m wrong


  2. I don’t trust that shady principal. .. if he that joker in the later pov? Then again it would make sense that he would help the heroine with that title in the game.


  3. > First Year Second Semester – Q of *Diamonds* (Part 6)
    That’s probably a mistake, isn’t it? This chapter is from Camille’s POV, after all.
    Also, thanks for translating this!


  4. Hmm is the principle also a body swapper? I’m guessing he noticed some differences between the game Camille and the real one but it could be something else entirely.

    I dont want to sound hypocritical, but it’s probably a good idea for recuperating people to stay in bed and rest lol. If Camille wasn’t protected somehow things could have gone a very dangerous route!


  5. Ahh, Beatrix, how did I miss you. I love Camille and all, the same as you guys, but Beatrix is awesome. I wouldn’t mind having a spin-off based on her. *drools”

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. aah~ beatrix only appeared briefly

    the headmaster should have sensed that forbidden magic of that magnitude being casted, right?

    thanks for the chapter


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