First Year Second Semester – Chapter 12

First Year Second Semester – K of Hearts (Part 1)

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“…And so, it’s been decided that we’ll be mobilising in full force to suppress the commoner extremists. Well… rather than ‘decided’, I was the one who made it so.”

So I told my friend Achille, who was sitting before me.

“And the incident with that girl is,”

“We’ll capture her too… I want to hear what ideas she had, to lay her hands on you and Camille.”

He’s talented, so he should understand with just those words.
There’s a chance that that girl is also related to a number of the extremist incidents.

“…It seems that the other day the extremists gained control of a town, didn’t they?”

“You sure heard quickly. Yeah, using military force they hijacked a town. It seems that they plan on using it as their base, huh.”

Honestly, to have let these extremists do as they please, it’s pathetic.

“It is not a territory that we are involved with, but it’s close to a villa, so I’m worried.”

Speaking of which, I think it’s a town not too far from Achille’s villa.

“As you’d expect, now that they’ve done something like taking over a town, we can’t just stay still and watch. I wonder if with this, those old bureaucrats will finally get off their lazy butts.”

I’ve spoken out before about the dangerousness of the commoner extremists.
Despite that, the higher-ups at the castle just let them do as they liked.
They took an optimistic outlook and said irresponsible things like “It’ll probably settle down soon” and didn’t take any precautions at all.
…On the contrary, they even helped hide the existence of the movement.
The reason that not a lot of information reached me, is probably because of that.

An existence like the commoner extremists who hold antipathy towards the country’s policies, was something extremely inconvenient to the old men at the top.
So even now, the movements of extremists haven’t been grasped by foreign countries and the like.
Well, with the extremists taking such radical actions, it’s just a matter of time before they all know though.

“And so, Achille.”

“What is it?”

“I might quit school. I don’t mean right this minute, but pretty soon.”

“…I see.”

Achille wasn’t particularly opposed. He might have known my thoughts somehow.
I have things that I need to do.

“I honestly… wanted to enjoy my school life with you two a little longer though.”

“I too. But if that’s what you say, Your Highness, then I will follow you, you know?”

“If you do that, then I’ll end up having you do a few troublesome and annoying things though…”

“I had that in mind from the start. All that changes is that I’d be doing it a little early…”

When I looked at Achille as he replied indifferently, I understood that he had already come to a conclusion.

“What about Camille?”

“It’s definitely a point of concern.”

Would it be a good idea to pull her away from her school life…?
If I asked her, she would probably happily agree and follow me though.
I’d feel just a little shy about pulling her away from the school she successfully made it into, just because of me.

Moreover, if Camille got wrapped up in this incident… if anything happened, she might be sent to the front lines.
Camille had that much power.
The person herself isn’t aware, but even amongst magicians she’s already being treated as a top class combatant.
That she eliminated a dragon despite being that young is a good example of this.
I honestly don’t want my precious friend to do dangerous things, but the pieces I can use are still limited after all…

Achille understands this too, which is why he wants my answer.

“Achille, what do you want Camille to do?”

He furrowed his neat brows.

“You are asking me? Of course, if possible I would like her to stay at home, you know. I want to make her quit going to this school where her safety isn’t guaranteed, and shut her up in the marquis’ estate to protect her for the rest of her life… But, if I actually do so, then Your Highness’ wish will not be realised.”


In order to realise my wish, Achille and Camille who I trust more than anybody are essential.

“Moreover, Camille herself would likely choose to protect you, Your Highness.”

Achille seemed a little dissatisfied.
He treasures Camille greatly so… I can understand his feelings.
Even so, in the end Achille prioritises Camille’s wishes. It’s his way of loving her.

“By the way, Your Highness, I’d like to ask about Miss Beatrix but…”

“Ahh, I received a favourable reply, so it all went well.”

Just recently I proposed a deal with the king of Topageria.

“Honestly… If she hates you, I won’t care, you know. To treat authority like it’s everything and try to force an engagement…”

“Don’t say that, Achille. Thanks to this deal, didn’t I help you out too? There’s no need to worry about that prince stealing Camille anymore, right?”

It seems that the prince of the neighbouring country has for some reason taken an interest in Camille.
Just like me, he constantly used his authority to aim for her.
…Sorry, but I stopped all of your advances. Those two are important to me after all.

“It appears that the plans of the extremists will be put into action very soon. I want you two to continue taking leave for recuperation…”

“I see, I’ll tell Camille as well.”

While watching Achille who had left the room, I sighed.

“I chose this myself. I won’t regret it.”

From now on, there’s a mountain of things that I need to do. Speaking frankly, I don’t want to do it.
But… I need to.

“Even if it was but an instant, I need to give my thanks for being able to have a peaceful school life.”

It’s been plenty. I’ve managed to experience a normal school life together with Achille and Camille.
With these memories as fuel, I can continue forward.

■ Around this time, Camille was near the greenhouse.
Her basket was overflowing with the various flowers she picked today.

“Great haul, great haul ♪”

<A Choice Has Appeared>
→ Go straight home
→ Make a detour before going home
→ Search for the headmaster

Author: If she isn’t back by the time Achille visits her room, a Lectured End is guaranteed (laughs).


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23 thoughts on “First Year Second Semester – Chapter 12”

  1. Honestly… If she hates you, I won’t care, you know. To treat authority like it’s everything and try to force an engagement…”
    You know what that means. .. ahem not only Royce is kinky enough to like beautiful women in different positions but he is sly enough to push forward aggressively like a real man if you know what I mean.^u^


  2. Search the headmaster!!
    But men, Royce can be more tyrannical than Raiga. Be careful of what you wish for, Bea.


  3. – Why, oh, why would you allow students to freely visit that greenhouse with drug plants, oh, headmaster? (Me)

    – Hmmm. I think that greenhouse is lacking tentacles and flesh-eating flowers. (Headmaster)


          1. Don’t worry. It is all right. Come here. I will pat your head and all the problems will go away. *hides something behind his back* Come here, d-a-r-l-i-n-g~.


  4. I’m probably overthinking this – certainly in the game this was probably handwaved away in the non-clover endings – but I wonder if and how Royce will address the grievances being expressed by the extremists (which are probably the typical grievances expressed in fiction by oppressed peasantry)? After all, simply suppressing the extremists will not make the fundamental problem go away. Especially when one of those extremists has more magic power than was thought possible (cough).

    My thanks to you for the translation, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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  5. >I want to make her quit going to this school where her safety isn’t guaranteed, and shut her up in the marquis’ estate to protect her for the rest of her life…

    Huh, kinda like what happened in the social obliteration end…except now with yandere touch to it.


    1. I think the truly good part about this is that he suppresses those desires out of a respect for Camille’s wishes. In my humble opinion true love also includes wishing for the happiness of one’s partner.

      The problem I have with most yanderes is that they are so obsessed with the person they “love” that they make that person miserable. They do things like locking them up and depriving them of their freedom. To me it looks like yanderes are really just trying to satisfy themselves.


  6. O.o somebody arguing that yandere don’t actually love the objects of their obsessions… um, honestly never realized that was in doubt XD

    search for the headmaster Bakamille!! It best suits your personality and… I just fell in love with him!!!


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