First Year Second Semester – Chapter 10

First Year Second Semester – K of Diamonds (Part 1)

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1106515577I’ve um, pre-ordered mine sort of. I wanted a physical copy from Japan so it cost me more than double the retail price, but no regrets!

Tria always uses ‘boku(僕)‘。However, after the first ‘I’ in his monologue, he corrects himself and uses ‘ore(俺)‘ in the rest of his monologue. Perhaps he’s acting more harmlessly happy-go-lucky than he actually is.

“The blue flower from before is a terrible poison, but it actually makes good medicine you know~ There are few people who know how to use it though~”

“Could it maybe be used for magic tattoos?”

“I wonder. I’m not knowledgable about magic tattoos after all. What if you picked a few and brought them back?”

“I’ll do that.”

Camille used wind magic to cut the flower so that it would drop into the basket without her touching it directly.
I’,(Boku)… I’m(Ore) looking around the greenhouse with Camille.

“What’s this flower?”

“It’s not poisonous. It’s used in painkiller potions in my country.”

“Woww~ It kinda seems like I can use it, huh! I’ll grab one.”

Camille is walking around, picking flowers in a good mood.
Her constantly changing expressions are truly lovely.
For some reason it seems that she isn’t popular in the Garnet Nation, but she’s a rare beauty. Her personality is interesting too.
And, she has a rare talent in magic too.

“I want…”

“Mn? Tria-sama, did you say something?”

Camille who was walking up a flight of stairs in the greenhouse turned around to me.

“Mm~mm. I didn’t say a thing~”

For a moment, she made a wondrous expression, but she immediately went back to picking flowers.

Aahh, I want her to be mine…

Even when I tried to force an engagement with her, the prince of the Garnet Nation got in the way so things didn’t go well.
I don’t know the details, but it seems that he overbearingly made some deal with my royal father, and my father was on board with his idea too.

It seems that that Éléonore idiot won’t be of any use either…
As a noble girl of Garnet who was in love with Achille, I thought that I would try using her to break the two up but…
…She sure was a useless girl, huh~
Even though she looked completely confident, she was all talk wasn’t she?

“Camille, how about this one~?”

I pointed at a nearby flower.

“Mn? Which which?”

Camille approached me without suspicion. She has no sense of wariness.
How she so easily warms up to people suuure is cute too~
This flower can be used to make a strong sleeping drug, and if you get too close, you’ll be attacked by a sense of sleepiness and lose consciousness.
If by some slim chance she loses consciousness here, I’ll take her home with me!

“What a pretty white flower.”

However, even when Camille got close to it, she showed no signs of sleepiness at all.
Moreover, just when did she pluck it anyway?
She was now holding in her left hand the bright red petals of a flower said to cause full-body paralysis just by touching it.

“C-, Camille… that’s,”

“Mn? This? It smelt good so I thought I’d pluck it.”

Why is she fine even though she’s holding that flower?

“I’ll pick this one too. What a nice scent~”

Camille approached the sleeping drug flower and began sniffing it.
Of course she showed no signs of collapsing from sleepiness.

Honestly, why is she standing there just fine…? Is this also her magic?
Or could it be that the power of her magic tattoos are in effect?
…How bothersome, those tattoos.
I had once casually asked her what effect her tattoos have, but even now I still haven’t fully grasped them.

…If things had gone well I had wanted to take her home with me, but it seems that it’s no good today.
I decided just to give up for today.

If I did things badly and got beaten up, wouldn’t it be uncool?
After all, I still have time and hands to play, right?

TL: Scumbag Arabian Snape


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  1. Reading physical copy of a novel is real reading. Feeling the paper against your fingers, the smell of ink and paper… ehm, sorry. Got side tracked there.
    Anyhow. Wasn’t Camille supposed to be covered in tattoos? I don’t see any tattoos in the cover.


    1. Well, she is wearing cloth tha covers most of her body…

      Or rather, is it just me or Achille’s right arm (that’s wrapping around her waist) and her left arm have some really weird angle going on.

      I mean, it’s been mentioned she’s petite but…


    1. Hearing that from jingly over there is just creepy…

      Oh, it’s March 27 here already so even if I’m late, Happy Birthday~!


  2. LOL who knew Tria was such a scumbag? Well I can understand “Aahh, I want her to be mine…”. After all we’re taking about Camille you know? But underhanded methods are NG (no good)! Besides he’s a bit late to join the club. Camille belongs to Achille and vice versa!


  3. I couldn’t agree more, fucking Scumbag Arabian Snape. Beatrix! Where are you!? We need you now more than ever!! And I miss you!!

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. When I first read it up to here when you added that cover picture, I used to use the picture that comes up occasionally in your header of the girl with pink hair where all you could see was a knee and her chest to kind of picture this mc … but this fellow is the kind of scum that gives males a bad name and ruins many women, in many ways ….


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