Uh, plans for the future, tl-wise

Status Report
  1. Uhm, so I kind of want to hurry up and do Otoburi already because next arc has some pretty big shit going down, both conspiracy-wise and romance-wise, but everybody’s been really excited about the teasers etc. etc. so I’ll be sticking with them until I’m satisfied that the translated chapters give a good idea of the mood, writing style and protagonist of all these.
  2. Uh, also Other World is only 101 chapters long (with 40 extra chapters), and it’s surprisingly easy to translate (just not as easy as Kenkyo and Otoburi) so I’m considering picking it up for real. Idunno. It’s likely.
  3. Uh, as for the rest, I can’t pick up Kenja. Honestly, if I was going to do that, I would just start translating Maou again. Which reminds me, I’m considering doing it in parts again. Yeah, it’s an inefficient series to translate, but I have fun doing it, so rather than stopping altogether for now, wouldn’t it be better to do it a bit at a time and just release it more slowly? Idunno, would it?
  4. Uhhh, also, uhhh, I had this conversation:shot254And what I want to say is that there are webnovels with female protagonists. And they didn’t necessarily have penises in their previous lives, or before their transformations, etc. etc. And not all of them are like that office lady story either (which was written by Sakura Ageha as well, who also wrote this story about this pushy and horrible hot vampire guy who turned a cute girl into his minion because he wanted her), and to be honest they’re all easy to find because there’s a bloody ‘female protagonist’ tag on syosetu. But I digress, the point is that I’ve read some of them, and they exist; they’re just not being translated.

tldr; those ‘female protagonist’ webnovels may end up being my next batch of teasers. And goodness, it’s 2:40 AM. No wonder I’m ranting. Um, I’ll clean up this notication when I wake up. Maybe.

Myaa Overload

31 thoughts on “Uh, plans for the future, tl-wise”

  1. I see,I’ll just say that you should do whatever you feel is best and I would be quite happy if you picked up Otherworld also, I want to ask how hard is it to translate Black Knight? compared to the other novels you did before I mean


    1. I personally like the black knight enought to check the raw. Do what you feel best, it is your choice and should do a story that fun and won’t be a chore.


  2. >I can’t pick up Kenja.

    A part of my heart is dead just now. RIP.

    Nice knowing you, a-man-who-played-an-old-man-avatar-and-then-change-into-one-hell-of-a-bishoujo


  3. For teasers, translate whatever’s fun and easy. For main project, whatever you really want to share even if it’s not easy. I think that’s fair.


  4. If is your decision not pick kenja, it cant be help. Its your free time

    Honestly I’m envious of the people that can read japanese

    Just to be sure, In a previous post you said something about epubs. Have you done Otoburi’s epubs?


  5. All those other works by Sakura Ageha sound right up my alley, no much how much disdain you’re describing it with. Haha, I’m such a degenerate. Thanks for trying to keep us up to date!


      1. For some weird reason, W/LNs aren’t particularly popular projects to pick up by shoujo groups or translators are just too embarrassed by the content. It’s a shame really.


  6. I completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to translate a novel; it’s a lot of work. Not to mention there’s few or no visual cues to rely on and usually don’t include furigana (depending on if it’s a web novel or a certain publisher).

    I just think there’s a wide gap between the translated offerings for the “shounen” versus the “shoujo” crowd in terms of novels.

    You might be on to something about the team aspect, now that I think about it.


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