I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 7

Kyuudougi and kendougi (kyuudo and kendo clothing) generally look like  and  and The colours sometimes differ though.

Honestly, I have this feeling of discomfort ignoring double vowels, and wanted just to write kyuudou, but then going back I’d have to change aikido to aikidou and dojo to doujou which just makes things absolutely ridiculous. Not really sure where I draw the distinction between ‘word in English’ and ‘romanisation of a foreign word’.
I know that ‘dojo’ is definitely ‘English’ to me, as is ‘Aikido’, but kyuudou…? Idunno, the -do ending seems standard for martial arts in English, so I went with kyuudo… which is still freaking ridiculous, because I should just learn to go all the way and write ‘kyudo’, but then I’m writing ‘dougi’ and not ‘dogi’ so I don’t know. God, who invented this stupid system where you have the line above the vowel anyway? It just makes everything annoying for me, god! And using the stupid ‘o’ with a line on top looks terrible in the font that my theme uses. Urgh, jeez! Honestly! Jeez!
If I just became a faggot of a translator and wrote everything as ‘dohjoh’ or ‘doujou’ would you guys understand…? Even if you did, you’d probably think it looks retarded, right? Yeah, I do too.
I mean, I translate ‘aa’ into ‘yeah’, and ‘ee’ into ‘yes’, and all those other sounds, so it’s not like I’m a weeaboo that loves to keep everything ‘Japanese’ but when it comes to Japanese terms… I just can’t stand dropping the long vowel.
It pains me to write kyudo, it physically pains me.

Chapter 7 –  The Current Situation – Part 1

“We’ve almost reached Latis Village.”

Prince Sedrim spoke to me.

It’s been two hours since the battle, and since then we’ve left the forest and begun riding in horse carriages left right outside.
It seems we’ve finally reached the village.
As expected of carriage belonging to royalty. I can sit without pain even with this thin behind of mine.


It seems that the village was notified ahead of time via fast horse because the moment we entered the village we were greeted by a man who looked like the village chief, and three other men.

“It seems that Your Highness has arrived safely and in good health.”

The village chief (provisional title) lowered his head in a bow.

“Forget about the stiff formalities. Do you have any free rooms?”

As expected of royalty. Arranging this much is a simple matter, isn’t it?

“Yes sir, we have prepared them as you instructed. Please come this way.”

The village chief (provisional name) began to lead us to a building that seemed to be an inn.
It seems that the other three men who were with him were leading the carriage and the knights’ horses away.
They’ve got their jobs split up, haven’t they?
And I’m of good mind to enter the inn and change out of these sopping clothes.
Eh? My wound, you ask?
I received treatment before we got on the carriage.
I thought that they would easily heal me with magecraft, but contrary to expectations, it ended with medicine being applied and then a bandage.
It was a complete let-down, you know?
When I asked, ‘Couldn’t you have healed it with magecraft?’

“There aren’t many who can use magecraft. The only ones who can use it are priests and a fraction of magi.”

is how it turned out.
Fortunately, my wound was not severe, and with this medicine applied, it seems it will heal after about a week. Hooray for Fantasy.


Has it been perhaps four hours since I’ve been guided to the inn and entered the room they designated?
The inn is two stories high, and I think the first floor is the dining room, the living space for the owners, and the bathroom. That makes the second floor the guests rooms.
I’m about to head to the prince’s room and confirm various things.
Ah-, I have the room to myself. I’m a girl, after all.
As you’d expect, I didn’t have to share a room with the all-male knight squad.
For now, I’ll leave my luggage in my room, and take out the dougi from the bag that fell together with me.
My dougi is a white top, and a navy hakama.
The dougi for kendo and kyuudo are the same, aren’t they?
Though my uniform is mostly dry, but it feels unpleasant wearing half-dry clothing, so just having my dougi is much better.
I quickly took off my summer sweater, and just as I had taken off my sodden uniform, my hands suddenly stopped.

“Even my underwear is soaked, isn’t it? …What should I do…?”

As you’d expect, I didn’t go as far as to have a change of underwear prepared.
I was going to do some light practice at the dojo today, and after that I was going to buy some ingredients at the supermarket before going home to change, so I hadn’t prepared a change of underclothes and underwear.
Umumu, having said that though, it’s extremely difficult to stay in these sodden undergarments.
I stared at the dougi for five minutes.

“Well, the dougi is thick too, so it should be all right, shouldn’t it?”

After all, I’m not particularly going to be moving around today, and after this I’m only going to be speaking to the Prince and the others, eating dinner, and then going to sleep. There shouldn’t be any particular problems.
Having judged as such, I immediately stripped nude, wore my dougi, and hung my clothing off things like tables and chairs so that they would dry more easily.
After this, I’ll talk to the owners of the inn and have them wash my undergarments.
After all, as you’d expect I have some qualms about just drying them and putting them back on, you see.


After finishing some simple preparations, I promptly headed to the prince’s room.
Speaking of which… Despite looking like a race of people who I’d have obvious language issues with, we’re communicating just fine.
It’s a mystery.
This is another thing I should ask about, isn’t it?
While thinking about such things, I immediately arrived at the room the prince was in.
Well, it’s only three doors down from mine though.

“Prince Sedrim, it’s Sakura. May I enter?”

After I knocked, I called out as such.


I could hear from inside the room the voice of a man other than Prince Sedrim.

“Please excuse me.”

I answered, and then opened the door.

“It’s fine, please sit.”

Prince Sedrim called out to me, and I sat down on a chair nearby.
Besides Prince Sedrim, there was a well-groomed ojisama who appears to be over 30.

“He’s our knight squad’s squad captain, Raias Or Olford. This is Sakura Fujino.”

The prince introduced us both.

“I’m Raias.”

“I’m Sakura Fujino.”

We exchanged only our names. It’s a simple greeting, isn’t it?

“Well then, this is cutting straight to the point but…”

The prince began to get into the topic, but I had something I was wondering about that I wanted to verify first.

“Prince Sedrim, before we start, there is something that I would like to confirm first.”

I started the conversation with this.
If I clearly ask about the thing that’s been on my mind, the questions for later will decrease too, won’t they?

“Hmm, what? If it’s something I can answer, then I will.”

“Thank you very much.”

Despite being interrupted while he was talking, he doesn’t seem to particularly mind. Not bad, Prince.
By the way, the other person, Raias, moved his eyebrows for just an instant. You still have a ways to go, don’t you?

“First, would it be fine to interpret the ‘Sobure’ in your name as the name of this country?”

It’s something I’ve been wondering since the prince introduced himself.

“That’s right. This country is the Kingdom of Sobure. It’s a nation where the highest ranking person is the king.”

I see. It’s really just as I thought.
Meaning that the name of this world is…

“Then, the second point. Is this world Alselia?”

If this is Alselia then…
Feeling a little nervous, I asked the prince for confirmation.

“It is. This world is Alselia, and is a world created by the one and only god of the same name.”

I knew it…
Meaning that the reason that I can communicate is… I see, is that how it is?

“I understand. Those are the points that I wanted to confirm.”

“I see… You’ve asked some pretty strange things, but could it be that from your question just now, you’re not a person of this world, Sakura? But then why would you know the name Alselia…?”

The prince was mumbling to himself about something.

“Yes, from the questions just now, I’ve understood a few things. First of all, I came from a world different to this one, for some reason or other. Second of all, is the language. This is related to your earlier question, but I know the language of this world. And it seems that up until now, I’ve unconsciously switched to the language of this world. You may not believe me, but I remember my past life. No, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that I have knowledge of it. It seems that the other life I lived was in this world.”

Right, in other words, I experienced a reincarnation in another world, and then ended up tripping back into the world before my reincarnation.
When I looked to see the prince’s reaction, his eyebrows were brought together into a difficult expression for some reason.

“You don’t believe me?”

When I asked him this,

“Honestly speaking, I want to believe you. Well, I don’t think you’re lying, Sakura, but it’s a bit too out there, isn’t it…?”

Well, I know what he’s trying to say.
After all, even I would have a hard time believing it if somebody else told me this.

“When would it be all right if I had proof of another world?”

“Well, if you did have something, it would probably make it easier to believe.”

So answered the prince, so,

“Then please wait for a moment.”

I answered as such, before deciding to return temporarily to my room.


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  1. Our most sacred and holy source of all things known, sometimes called Wikipedia, prefers “kyudo” (given that Kyūdō apparently looks bad in your theme). That said, I think “kyuudo” is a reasonable compromise.

    If you were to say dohjoh and kyuhdoh, O holy esteemed sheeprabbit, I would be greatly saddened. You would see a grown man with a mustache most bushy weep tears of terrible distress.

    Also, my thanks to you, as always.


      1. Your pain is an important consideration, to be sure.
        Besides, I believe I’ve actually seen it written as “kyuudo” or “kyuudou” more often than “kyudo”, but then I’ve only seen it written in translated contexts.
        So I, at least, experience no dissonance upon reading your preferred spelling.

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  2. That archery pic. I get holding an extra arrow in your draw hand, it’s more quicker than drawing from a quiver, and it doesn’t obscure visioni like holding it in the bow hand might, but that really only applies if the point faces the direction it’s fired from. I dunno, but I’m rambling.


  3. >it ended with medicine []behind[] applied and then a bandage.


    Well, just by the fact that she outright tells them about having past memory, that’s new in my book ‘w ‘

    I like.

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  4. Write it how you want then tell the Americans that it is British, and Tell the British that it is American…. Canadians and Australians shouldn’t care either way.

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  5. Not many MC right out saying to the first person they meet that they have memory of the past life, quite a nice change from the mainstream


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