Message and Status (plans for near future)

Hi guys. There’s something I’d like to clarify, and since I’m at it, I thought I may as well give a status update as well.

Status update (plans)

I’m definitely going to translate I’m Back in the Other World up until at least the 5th or 10th chapter. Enough so that we get past the introductions, and see what kind of story it really starts to become. It might not be immediately though, so if you see me releasing Otoburi chapters or other teasers in the meanwhile, please don’t start asking if I’m done with I’m Back in the Other World, because I’ll be sure to let you know when I think I’m done with it.

Since we’re getting pretty close to some things that seem exciting in Otoburi, I was thinking of translating like this:

Dark Knight
Other World
Other World
Dark Knight

but depending on the content and length of the chapters (I haven’t read them yet), this might change. Anyway, just don’t panic if I suddenly start translating things other than I’m Back in the Other World because I’ll definitely at least get far enough into the novel so that you’ll have a good idea of it.

It won’t be like P*O***ss’s “teasers” where he translates three chapters of This Other World’s ***** is too ****** that really tells you nothing about the writing style, or anything else really.


First of all, I’d just like to clarify that I’m not trying to alienate people who aren’t using the wordpress follow function, or their own feed/post aggregators. I’m trying to be inclusive of people who don’t use these, which is why I repeat any important notifications on
as well. I’m really sorry if it seems that I’m ignoring people who don’t use either of the two, and I’m really not. I’m trying to accomodate everybody.

I try to make an effort to update the TOC’s as soon as possible, and I’ve been doing that over the last few months, but recently things have just been getting bogged up, and I’m struggling just to find the motivation to translate and study (and to even get out of bed each morning). I’m prioritising these two over most everything else, including reading web novels (which has basically been my life this past year), so please forgive me if I update the TOC’s in bulk. I understand that it’s important to keep these things updated as soon as possible, but sometimes they just feel less important, you know?

Recently I failed to update my TOC page for Otoburi, and a few people brought this to my attention. I’m sure that most were just trying to be helpful, but because tone doesn’t come through well on the internet, I interpreted these messages as being more whiney than they might have actually been. I’ve already got this image of a certain percentage of readers being egocentric leechers, and the fact that your tone doesn’t come through well just makes things harder for me. I get rather depressed and negative when I repeatedly lose sleep, so that definitely contributes.

So this message is an apology as well. I’m really sorry, and I hope that despite my occasionally caustic and nasty replies, you’ll still give my translations a fair go. I do take them pretty seriously, and I think they’re all great series. I’d be even happier if you didn’t hate me as well, but I’ll take what I can get.

24 thoughts on “Message and Status (plans for near future)”

  1. You will have to do something much more hardcore than that to truly make me angry :D

    You’re one great translator and you’ve my gratitude. As long as you don’t suddenly change all links to yaoi videos I will keep reading whatever you give, when you decide to give it.


  2. ooops should have posted this here,

    Dark knight i must have missed something.
    is it a webnovel about a Japanese high school girl who dies and gets reincarnated as Bruce Wayne…..?
    well that could be….. really disturbing…..


  3. Thanks for translations. Other World looks like another fun series.

    I’ll admit, I was a little bit confused when your ToC page for Otoburi wasn’t updated. I just looked for other places on here to get to the new chapters. I don’t follow any wordpress sites, because I don’t have that set up, and even if I did I tend not to check email/facebook often enough for it to work. (If that is how it works?) You could put that aho-updates link in the sidebar, that seems like it’s a good middle ground for people who don’t actually use “follow”.

    Hmm, I’ve never thought you were being particularly nasty or caustic. Occasionally a bit defensive, but well within normal human ranges. Your sense of humor can be a bit sharp and sometimes goes over the heads of a few readers (the intentionally really bad English).


    1. “You could put that aho-updates link in the sidebar, that seems like it’s a good middle ground for people who don’t actually use “follow”.”
      Or people who don’t actually use “follow” could add that aho-updates link in their bookmark, you know ? This is sooo easy to do !

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  4. Would you be so kind to translate Gensou Sekai no Arisu Teiru? there’s already a translator for it but it is slow… so I’m asking if you would join together to make a translation project, it’s on krytykal’s btw, the place where the TL place its translation there’s also the link to ncode syosetu for Arisu Teiru on there…


    1. i don’t think it’ll work out. i didn’t fully enjoy the guy’s tl’s of alice tale (he didnt seem eng 1st language and it was awkward and some parts were left awkwardly ‘jappy’, and he took liberties in weird places), and i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like the fact that i don’t even have an n2 certificate either (i.e. my japanese is shitter than his)

      even when i’m wrong, i’m pretty fussy (and agonise over stuff on my own) about how i tl things, so yeah. sorry ):


  5. Ehhh, don’t worry, a certain percentage of readers ARE egocentric whiney leechers. To be fair though, leechers are everywhere so don’t be bothered by them, if there weren’t, would social security exist? Lol. If you’re using Firefox, I recommend using greasemonkey. To create a script that will auto update your ToC when you post a chapter. Might be too much work though. ¬.¬


  6. A question please

    When you say kenja, do you mean Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja?

    In this case, I am really interested, but please, not forget about An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku


    1. also because it’s boring always translating the same thing. i originally wanted to translate some kenkyo for fun, but then a stupid korean who can’t even read japanese and likes to make up character names on his own (because he has no fucking idea how either japanese or english or even translation is supposed to work, apparently) made a stupid fuss about it, publicly shamed me, portrayed me as a villain, and forced me to pick it up as a project from scratch if i wanted to translate it for fun.

      it’s funny how things go. you might feel really guilty and in the wrong at first, and then as time goes on your perspective changes, and after a few months you’re convinced that you were actually totally right…


  7. Yes, I red visual novels, and my favorites are from Key visual Arts (Kanon, Clannad, Rewrite, Planetarian…)

    And I sorry for being annoying, but first say no (and not found nothing about “kenja wa hoshi wo mi ni itta”) and then yes. With Kenja do you mean “Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja” (previosly speak about this) or is some uknown novel?


      1. Don’t matter

        It just that I’m not english speaker, so I usually dont understand the jokes, and maybe was a novel that I wouldn’t know

        Pd: In fact, I’m very literal (like Bones, the forensic)


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