I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 3

Tsurupettan/tsurupetta = completely flat girl

The protagonist speaks politely even to her friends, and rather than narrating in a reporting type of way with casual speech, so speaks to the audience the same way she speaks to the other characters.

Chapter 3 –  The person known as ‘me’.

My name is “Fujino Sakura”.
Attending an integrated girls school that has spans from kindergarten all the way through university; a so-called ‘Ojousama School’, I’m a fifteen year old girl in class 1C of the high school section.
My father works as the section manager of a major company, and my mother manages a boutique.
There’s also my older brother, who’s a twenty year old in his second year of university, and together we’re a four person family.
Going from only this, I seem like an ordinary girl who was born into a slightly better off family, but between you and me, I remember my past life… it seems.
The “it seems” here is because I don’t have “memories” in the same sense that you often see in novels and such.
On the night of my fifth birthday, I had a dream.
A dream where a man in a robe was stabbed to death from behind by a knight-looking man.
It seems that in my past life, I was that robed man, that magician… Going by the knowledge of my past life, he would be called a ‘magus’ I think, and it seems that he could use magecraft. He still died though.
After having that dream, from the next day onwards, I was writhing around having feverish nightmares for the next week… it seems.
Worrying about me, it seems that my family called the doctor to have a look at me but, “cause unknown” it was said.
After a week the fever went down, and my condition got better as well, but because of the “cause unknown” diagnosis, my family unilaterally decided that I had a weak constitution and wouldn’t let me out of the house for a while. By now it’s become a good memory to me.
After my condition improved, I remembered the knowledge of “a world different from this one”.
Thinking about it now, was that a growth fever that came about due to the “memories turning into knowledge and flowing into the brain”?
After that they were incredibly overprotective, and made sure to look for a school with good facilities, which is why I’m attending the one I am now. Well, that’s fine though.

Incidentally, I remember my “memories” from my “past life: man in another world” as “knowledge”, but I don’t have any of his feelings or emotions. I basically don’t feel anything more than “that’s just how it was”.
What about the magic, you ask? Of course I tested it. Nothing happened though…
Well, it’s something that happened in another world, after all. As long as I’m alive, there’s no problem. There’s no problem, I said, no problem.
At the same time that I entered the primary school section of the school, in order to strengthen my body I joined a kobujutsu dojo near my house.
It was something I wanted myself, and was the result of a compulsive but spontaneous thought that it wouldn’t do if I had no means to protect myself.
It seems that in my past life, despite being an expert in “magic” or whatever, my physical ability was basically non-existent and moreover, I wonder if the reason was perhaps because I was stabbed to death from behind with a sword.
At first my family was against it, but by saying things such as “for self-defence” and “for strengthening my health and body” I got them to acknowledge it. I really tried hard.
From between ages six and ten, at the dojo I learned things from basic (?) techniques such as iaijutsu, bare handed fighting, naginata, and bojutsu, to dubious things like “qigong”.
Well, it was a hobby dojo with only one master and one disciple, so I’m not sure about the strength, but I think it might be plenty as far as self-defence goes.
After I entered the middle school section, in accordance to my shishou’s teaching “mastery is tied to being able to read their breathing”, I began learning aikido as well (at a different dojo).
Incidentally, at the new dojo I was peerless amongst my age group (there were only two people though).

One disadvantage of my knowledge of my past life was cooking.
In my old world the culinary culture hadn’t developed, and the taste was weak… or perhaps I should say that they essentially did nothing but add salt and a few herbs or spices, and even the cooking methods were limited to “roasting” and “boiling”, so after my memories of my past life returned(?), I was immediately moved by the difference in taste.
With this as the impetus, I started thinking things like “This world is overflowing with delicious things!” and went from “I want to eat delicious foods” to “I want to eat delicious foods so I’ll just make them myself”, and ended up with cooking as a hobby. Delicious things are justice.
I became fussy enough that I started handmaking my own seasonings, bread and noodles as well, which shocked my family though…
Right now, eighty percent of my household’s meals are cooked by me. By the way, it’s very popular.

It’s rather ambiguous as to whether I have other hobbies as well, but I do like the so-called “fantasy” genre. Perhaps it’s because magic and monsters somehow or other bring back memories and nostalgia of my old world.
It’s only at a level where I occasionally have a look at novels, or films, or games when I have the time though.


Incidentally, far from being weak, my body in this life is quite high spec.
I think that my reflexes are quite good, and my ability to remember things is good too. Even in the tests at school, just by going to class every day and doing simple revision I’m at the top of my grade (single digit rank).
Before tests, Tomoko whose grades are on the better end of the lower marks will tell me that it’s unfair. That has nothing to do with me, you know…
There are regrettable things about this high spec body as well. To me, they’re even more important than having a high spec body. My friends tell me that I’m being too greedy, but to me it’s a very important point.
That is…

No matter how much I eat, I won’t gain “meat”!

Eh? You’re jealous, you say? Isn’t that a good thing, you say?
The females of the world may say that they’re jealous of a body that doesn’t gain “meat”.
But please think about it carefully.
Meat doesn’t refer only to flab, you know?
I don’t grow horizontally for sure, but neither do I grow upwards.
And moreover, a part that’s of critical importance to women… my chest and butt won’t grow beyond the minimum, you know?
Is there anything more lonely than this?
If you’ve already got meat there, you can reduce it by being careful about your food and diet, but if it doesn’t gain in the first place there’s nothing you can do about it, you know?
My height stopped growing just before I entered middle school, by squishing all of my breastless chest together I just barely manage a B cup, and my butt won’t grow beyond the bare minimum; I have the so called ‘tsurupeta’ body type.
Each time we take measurements, my meagre hopes are crushed, and if you only pay attention to the weight then people around me look envious, but when they look at the other measurements they look at me with pitying eyes, and in the end I get consoled.
I pass everyday telling myself that my growth period just hasn’t come yet.

“Don’t call me tiny don’t call me a child don’t call me a flat chest I’ll rip your tits off. “Big” women are the enemy.”

Oops, please excuse me. I was pulled over to the Dark Side for a little bit.
Eh? What do I look like, you ask?
A black haired, black eyed Japanese with hair that goes past my hips and reaches my thighs I guess. My father and brother wouldn’t let me cut it, you know… It’s too long and gets in the way, though.
Usually I have it tied up with ribbons at around the waist, or when I feel like it, I occasionally braid it I guess.
I’m not very fussed about my hairstyle.
As for my face… Well, according to my friends or family, it’s “cute” apparently. I can’t really tell myself, though.
Perhaps it’s an adverse effect of my past life, but it seems that to me, the criteria for female beauty has become “the size of her chest” and how nice her face looks. It seems that I was a person from the Boob Planet; the ‘me’ of my old life, that is.
And so this growthless body of mine has zero charm as a woman. Truly a pervert, right? The past me, that is.

It seems that this is a story where a person like me is the lead actress.

51 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 3”

      1. ive actually been thinking the same thing i mean there are several WN/LN:s right now where the male harem lead actually gets his harem instead of just strininging along a bunch of girls and end up with the most obvious one.
        i think a reverse harem where the lead op girl ends upp with an actual harem could be interesting i was kind of hoping for that with Burikko having only read the first two arc it doesnt really seem like it will turn out that way (still love Burikko though).
        Anyhow since this is a teaser i suppose it means youre not planning on picking upp I’M BACK IN OTHER WORLD? for real. still seems like an interesting story hopefully someone else picks it upp.


        1. i’m gunna try to do at least until chapter 10 in the end

          will be trying to do teasers for other things too

          if in the future i have more free time than anticipated, will have to see if it’s enough to do yomigaeri no maou. if, and only if there’s not enough time for that, yet enough time to fit in otoburi + kenkyo + this, will i translate it for real


      2. That would be hilarious. Let me humor you.

        Mr(s) White: Denial

        Night fell hours ago, a girl wakes from an eternal slumber. Looming over her is a guy, noise bleeding from the slip that caused this scene. Well, in truth, he snuck into the rooms window because it was the only one in the girls dorm that nobody was living in. Or so he thought.

        The broken glass from his entry on the floor, the drowsy girl nevertheless shoved the man to the floor, transparent shards tearing into naked flesh. By chance, the girl saw her reflection, utterly confused.

        Finally realising the situation, she glanced back at the vulgar man, and fainted.

        John-smith yourenamehere, a slightly handsome man, surrounded by devoted women, was collapsed on the floor, apple pie whole save one bite. The women were stunned for nearly an hour, even the few who guessed what happened didn’t know what to feel. One girl was sobbing in the corner, breaking the scene. Everyone began to move again, someone spread the news in a panic.

        The relief from his clumsy, overbearing harassment almost outweighed the panic everyone felt. How will they hold back the evil horde from consuming the land?

        While everyone was in a panic, the body say up without anyone noticing. Preparing the tea on the table, he edged toward the sobbing girl, to comfort her, with a soft voice utterly foreign to all present, “she, she, there, there. It’ll be alright.” Embracing the sobbing mass while whispering, she struggle weakly at first, then, still crying but more calm, pulled free.

        The room quiet, a few began speaking. The man, a pokerfaced smile for a moment interrupted. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I didn’t want to bother you, but I’ve probably been asleep for a long time. Tell me, how many years had it been since the palace was completed?” Dumbfounded, nobody realised he spoke of the ruins which formed the foundation of the prodigious school that…

        Yeah, to summarise, the dude was a super powerful guy, and while not a bad guy, kind of sucked. He ate something and awoke the centuries asleep girl, only, he did so by switching places.

        The story would continue with the trial and eventual acquittal of naked guy, who goes for revenge but fails, and tries to take one of the girls hostage instead, hero, now in an emaciated body, somehow stalls by sacrificing herself, but is saved by the other girls. Meanwhile the just awoken girl in hero’s body has to balance her now real popularly with the duties of saving the world, sometimes helped, sometimes hindered, by the impressive new innovations.

        Good enough to stir up your interest? I really hope not. Just made it up like 7 seconds into writing this comment.

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  1. From this chapter, my excitement had risen from ‘quite interested’ into ‘conditionally, though absolutely, excited’ about this.

    What condition, you may ask? Wryly, I do reply, though of course. The story has interesting mechanics, the characters personality being an interesting thing as well. That is likewise a vulnerability.


  2. Tasty things are indeed justice. Also, protagonists who can cook are the best. A protagonist who can’t cook is like a sandwich without pickles, utterly unpalatable.

    I hope someone picks this up.


  3. Damn, this looks nice. I don’t know if I would follow it religiously but I’m sure I would love to see more. Thanks for the chapter!


  4. So far I’m not Impress with the story, bais on the title I say she somehow end back at the other world. either way, she should also study science.


  5. Thanks for the chapter. This is quite interesting. It’s like watching a short preview of an anime but in text form and this is a LN(or WN).


  6. So this person was a male mage and now a female kendo practitioner. I’m guessing when the person goes back they’ll be a magic swordsman?

    Though it seems that the female personality is more dominant in this story.

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      1. Imagine you can remember a series of 99 episodes of some anime. 90% of scenes with the opposite sex has the camera center on either the boobs or the butts. All the internal dialog of the main character’s point of view has something related to “nice boobs” etc… I think that adequately describe her experience and its influences on her psyche.

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    1. Well, she says that her memories are more like a movie and it’s not like she got reincarnated and remembered his life since birth, though the part about boobs and butt is something that herself and past one agree that it’s lacking (with the past male memories influences lots, since she know what guys like) XD


  7. Am I jumping the gun in asking if the whole title thing happens soon? If it happens in like chapter 37 or something, even with my excitement I might just ram my head into a wall to delete my memory of this.


  8. beautique => boutique
    twenty year old => years
    in order to strength my body => strengthen
    novels, or manga, or games => “movies” instead of manga ? (小説や映画やゲーム等)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I checked a little before posting, here’s what I got :
        “twenty-year old” works just fine but it means the age ranges from 20 to 29 whereas “twenty years old” is used for exact age. Just discard that suggestion if it doesn’t fit your english.


  9. I eat like a pig and I LOSE weight. Coke, potato chips, donuts, chocolate, chicken, tacos, I’ve eaten nothing but junk food for several weeks now and I. LOST. WEIGHT. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I wasn’t 5’10”, 120 lbs, and a GUY… ; ^;


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