First Year Second Semester – Chapter 1

First Year Second Semester – Q of Hearts

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The second semester has finally begun.
I’ve returned to the Hearts class’ dorm.
In front of the mirror I’m fond of that’s installed in a wooden frame in my dorm room, I carefully checked the bottom of my neck.

“Alright! It’s completely gone.”

That day… Of all things, Achille left a kissmark on me. And of all places, on my easily visible nape!
For a few days, I was forced to live a lifestyle of concealing it.
During that time, Achille would appear like natural to force me to do my homework…
But thanks to that, I somehow or other got all of my homework done before the new semester began.
After making sure that I hadn’t forgotten anything I needed for class, I left my room.
Before going to class, I have to drop by the auditorium. It’s just for formality’s sake, but we do have an opening ceremony.

When I entered the auditorium, I found that the other students were already gathered there.
Characteristic of the first day after the summer vacation, the building is filled with liveliness.

“Ah-, Beatrix. It’s been a while~”

I discovered Beatrix right by the entrance. She was wearing vivid oriental clothing, and was surrounded by girls of the Diamonds class.

“Miss Camille, I’m more glad to see you well than anything.”

Beatrix was kind enough to step out from the ring of girls.
With a wave of her hand, the schoolgirls all blushed and stepped aside.
…Beatrix, you’re so cool.

I decided to talk with Beatrix until the opening ceremony began.

“Oh yeah, I met the Q of Clovers during the summer break.”

“Ohh? I see I see… Meaning, that Aurelia Trèfle?”

“Mn, she was actually a fifty-five year old woman inside.”


“She’s Achille’s family’s maid. It seems that after she failed the entrance exam, she went to get a job.”


It seems that Beatrix was shocked in various senses.

“And you see, I’m about to get into a pretty important topic, but…”

“More important than talking about the Q of Clovers?”

After making sure there were no other people around, I told Beatrix about it.

“It’s about an omen of the revolution end…”

Beatrix looked at me with a shocked expression.

“By the ‘revolution end’, you mean… that?”

“…Yeah. The citizens of Garnet are starting to riot, and I heard from Aurelia that they’re using the revolution end’s slogan of “An institution that does nothing but ignoring the circumstances of the commoners, and fighting amongst themselves is unnecessary”.”

“Aurelia was never forced to drop out of school, but she never enroled in school, and the world is moving in this direction, huh… But, don’t think about it so hard. This world is similar to the game, but it’s a real world, independent of the game. The future should change in accordance to how we live our lives…”

Beatrix has been battling with this belief in mind, in order to avoid a nightmarish future. She probably won’t allow this thinking to be overturned no matter what. EVen I think so.

“Yeah… Something like the game’s end won’t happen, right?”

“…As long as somebody like us who came from another world doesn’t intentionally move and manipulate the world to realise the game’s plot, things probably won’t so easily follow the path of the game. There are countless ways the future can play out, after all.”


“But it really is a little worrying, huh… My side will feel the effects of a rebellion in Garnet as well. Miss Camille, please take great care as well. You’re also a noble girl of the Garnet Nation after all.”

“Got it, I’ll be careful.”

If there really is a revolution, then I want to do something to stop it before it happens.
If I don’t, in the worst case, Royce-sama will be executed, and Achille and I will be in danger as well.

The headmaster appeared atop the stage. It looks like he has no motivation today, either.
Possibly because there’s still some time until the ceremony begins, he just began to doze off on stage.
He had three thick braids of hair hanging down to his waist, and was probably quite old, but his appearance didn’t look like anything other than a youth in his twenties. He had slightly unhealthy looking pale skin, and unreadable golden irises.
Rumours have it that he’s an incredible magician, or a monster, but I think it’s just because the students have fun spreading rumours.
I mean, it’s the headmaster who only ever moves slowly like a slug, you know?


“Ah-, Mei-chan.”

Mei, who went through a terrible time during the kidnapping incident, ran over to me with a smile.

“Are you okay now?”

Her wounds were healed with magic, but it should have been a great shock emotionally.

“I’m fine! I won’t lose to something like that!”

“…You’re strong, Mei-chan.”

Seeing her try her best in that small body of hers makes me want to support her unconditionally.

“Yes, I have to keep a strong heart. I mean, I’m going to become a mother after all.”


I kind of get the feeling that I just heard something incredibly shocking at the end.

“There’s a baby in my stomach.”


With a gentle smile, Mei lovely patted her belly.

“C-… Congratulations.”

I’m so shocked that my words won’t come out. The father… There seems to be no possibility other than Raiga-sama, right?

“Thanks, Oneesama. I’ll try my best to give birth to a healthy baby.”

“Mei-chan, you have a baby in your belly, so take care not to overwork yourself, okay? Are you sure it’s okay for you to even stand here?”

“You’re such a worrywart too, Oneesama. Huhu, just like Raiga-sama.”

…How outrageous. To be similar to Raiga, doesn’t make me even a little happy.

“It’s alright, I’ve already spoken to the school staff. If it becomes too tiring, I’ll take a rest on one of the seats near the wall.”

“Mn… That would be good.”

During the summer break, it seems that Mei and Raiga experienced various things as well.


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    Uhh, Mei, are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Uhh… okay. Sure. I guess that is …interesting.

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  2. During the summer break, it seems that Mei and Raiga experienced various things as well.

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      Beatrix – Five Night at Freddy the smiling prince with SM magic edition.

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    1. Mei’s body is at least 16 since you have to be 16 to take the test for the school but she is likely around 6 months or more younger then Camille as the game stated she was only 16 in the second year and Camille was 17. How old her mind is is unknown her pov states she had some major memory loss at 5 So worst case she could be only 11 mentally but she didn’t seem that young.


      1. Yang Ming because he was a few years younger than her. However, one day, for some unknown reason, Yang Ming borrowed a sewing needle that I had never used before and poked something—ahem, you know, the thing that starts with “con” and ends with “dom”—as though he had an unforgivable feud with it…

        Three months later I had a sister-in-law and a nephew who was due to be born in seven months.


  5. “Yes, I have to keep a strong heart. I mean, I’m going to become a mother after all.”

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