I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 2

tl note: Oddly, their internal narrations are in polite form. Normally even with polite characters, the internal monologue will be written in a more reporting/casual tone.

Um, also lunchbox = obentou

Chapter 2 –  This was my everyday


“Stand uppp. Bow.”

With the command that came along with the school bell, the classroom began to move.

“Sakuraaa, Miharuuu, let’s have lunch~”

“Mn, where are we eating today?”

“The weather’s good today, so how about the roof or courtyard?”

An invitation to lunch came from my friend, Tomoko.
The three lines were said by Tomoko, myself, and Miharu respectively.

“It’s been raining up until today, so idunno about the courtyard.”

“Then isn’t the roof fine?”

I answered Tomoko’s question.

“Nthen the roof it is, huh? It’s been a while since the weather’s been good, so if we don’t hurry the seats might all get taken.”

Saying this, Miharu took out her lunchbox.


After answering, I took out my lunchbox as well and began to walk.

Tomoko and Miharu are friends I’ve known since the primary school section.
We became friends when in our first year of middle school we ended up in the same class, but since then we’ve often gone out to play together. Within my sphere of friends, they’re the two that I’m closest with.

“Your lunchboxes are intricate as usual aren’t they, Sakura? I’ll be helping myself to a karaage.”

“Hey, won’t I have less side dish then?”

I butt in with a complaint to Tomoko who had stolen karaage from my lunchbox.

“Yummyy~ Your cooking is great as always, huh?”

Instead of getting an apology, what I got were her thoughts on the food.

“Because if I’m going to eat anyway, why not just eat food that I like with flavours that I like? Cooking for myself is just the quickest way of doing this. I don’t enjoy cooking; I just enjoy eating tasty things.”

Whilst feeling a little happy about my cooking being praised, I reply as such.

“No matter how much I like food, the preparation time is, you know~…? Even if I like eating, it’s impossible for me. How long have you been cooking, again?”

Miharu made a comment that left me a little astounded.

“Was it when I was five that I began thinking that I wanted to eat delicious food? Both my parents work, so no matter what I ended up eating a lot of ready-made food, after all. I think I was eight when I started thinking that I could just fix the problem by making it myself.”

Whilst thinking back on those days, I replied.

“You awakened to being a gourmet at that young an age…? You can make most deserts as well, right?”

“Well, I can make it fit my tastes better than things I can buy in store after all, and most importantly it’s cheaper. Ah-, today I’ve baked cookies for dessert.”

Whilst answering Tomoko’s question, I took out a small bag from the schoolbag I left by my feet.

“”Thanks for the treat.””

Speaking together, the two of them were already peering into the bag.

“You should eat the sweets after you eat your lunchbox, you know?”

“I know.”

With that, the two of them went quiet and began dealing with their lunches.


“They’re yummy as usual, aren’t they? Sakura’s sweets.”

“Really. Even though she’s so tiny, she’s good with cooking, and she’s strong, so she’ll make a great wife.”

“I made a lot more than I needed, so there’s still some more, you know? And don’t call me tiny.”

While the three of us made merry while eating the sweets, we enjoyed the tea that I brought in a thermos.
Tea is also one of the things I like.
Delicious food, and delicious drinks. Delicious things are justice.


Aahh, how peaceful.

30 thoughts on “I’m Back in the Other World? – Chapter 2”

  1. Wait, was the dude a guy before?

    Oh,I like the premise, and so far the little tidbits have been intriguing, so bear in mind my optimism when I write my next but.

    It seems this scenes stories (LN/WN and things in their styling) are basing themselves more and more on premise convolution.

    Hey, here’s a story, let’s draw on mythology.
    Hey, here’s a story, let’s set it in a fantasy based on world mythology.
    Hey, here’s a story, let’s take an ordinary person from our world, let’s base it on world mythology, throw in fictional mythologies, set in a fantasy world, but bring the character through a spirit object.
    Hey, let’s take a normal person, heroically saving people then dying, but their karma still isn’t 1337 enough for mu, but the gods and other real and fictional mythological figures aren’t that unjust, so they send the character to a fantasy world with real and fictional mythological figures.
    Hey let’s take a scumbag of a person who really sucks at life, the unjust gods, ect. for some reason decide to send this trash to another world (means include reincarnation, summoning, falling from the sky, always existing, among others) where the person somehow becomes the messiah, usually with at least 3 adoring suitors, saving the world s/he/they arrived at.
    Hey, here’s a mysteriously protagonist with a mysterious background, who went to an unknown fantasy world and returns, then goes back, then returns again to save the day.
    Same thing as above, but with 2000% more ecchi.

    Well, there are like 30 pages more I could do, but whatever.

    Also was I the only one who almost expected some story arc of the other translation?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Let’s take all the people who died magically during a battle at the castle of of a medieval fantasy world, after one country’s faction betrays the other’s; botch their reincarnations so that it’s possible to regain ones memories(you’re supposed to reincarnate, if you die from magic. remembering things? not so much); and have the MC previously be the princess, have regained her memories by the time MC enters grade school, and let’s see… be a dude. Oh, and let’s toss them in the same classroom of a high school in modern japan and have the MC fuck up so that students start remembering shit left and right.

      Brownie points if you recognize the series.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Painful that this is just a teaser. Sounds very interesting.

    Didn’t expect he would be reincarnated as a girl. Now I’m wondering if the return is by being transported to the other world or a 2nd reincarnation?


  3. Aww, crap. I was confused as hell for a little while there, didn’t knew he was a girl now, though I started suspecting heavily when I read his name was sakura and could cook well. I think it’s the first time that I read a non-FF or VR genderbend reincarnation. I’ve great expectations for this.

    Thanks for the chapter! “goes to read again”


      1. They’re really easy to spot since I don’t do speed reading and it’s not like there are typos in every sentences or even chapters.


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