48 thoughts on “Change in circumstances”

  1. I honestly wouldn’t mind becoming a NEET.
    Unfortunately electricity, water, food and internet are all pretty dam expensive in my country.

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  2. Sh*t happens.. that’s how life is..
    Sometimes it takes a sudden turn..
    Just like what happened to me and the reason i also became a NEET


  3. Congrats on being NEET.

    Now the next stage of your life is going to be reincarnation to other world, no? Or maybe summoned to other world? Let’s wait and see.

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  4. But are you really?
    i mean if youre actually looking for job or education actively then youre not a NEET right merely unemployed.
    NEET is a dergatory term and its something that should be reserved for lazy people not for people who has gotten in a bad situation and are actually trying to change that situation.
    Anyhow good luck with whatever you need to do.


        1. “I realised it just now, but becoming a _______ is impossible for me. I’ve realised that the only thing I’ve really enjoyed over the last 4-ish years is learning Japanese, so I suppose I’ll be continuing to self-study while looking for a part-time job. Handing in my discontinuation form.

          Anyway, starting tomorrow I’ll actually be a NEET. I’ve joked about it in the past, but to think I’d really become one. -_-;
          Dunno what to do from now on, but first I’d better start looking for a job and fixing this shitty Japanese of mine…


          – quoted from my fb


      1. you can always become a translator or english teacher in japan after brushing up. then again you would lose alot of free time and from what I’ve seen translating becomes starts becoming less fun and more tiresome the longer you do it. I had the same problem when I was teaching korean at the church I went to.


  5. Dang! I uncongratulate you for the situation. I wish you luck in finding either employment or education again. Life is too expensive to spend as as a NEET, except if you have the means for it.


    1. NEET = Not in Employment, Education or Training.
      Usually it´s used only on people who are for a prelonged time out of school, don´t go to a higher form of school (like university), aren´t in training for a profession at a company and aren´t employed either.

      The point is that people who are referred to as “NEET” usually don´t even try to get a job, training etc. and instead are lazying around.

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  6. If you won the lottery please remember us (followers) and send us gifts.
    If it isn’t the later case then go take a rest, go experiment different things (not illicit things). Sometimes things just stifles us and we need to rest to renew or motivation.
    If it was a sudden realization that ‘this is not for me’ about your course then go and change, It’s necessary lot’s of courage to do it, but there’s many people around the world that do it, I know people that had that enlightenment and changed from law to arts, and people that have 4 degrees (and I’m not talking about phd/master/or whatever).


    1. I also got dropped out from my previous university (or I should say, ‘resign’). In the past I was in engineering department for 3 years, and now I’m studying accounting.
      Never thought I would find my calling in that way. Now I trully enjoy my study.

      Don’t get to depressed. Just because some sh1ts happen, it doesn’t means you’ll have a bleak future. He already made a plan for you. Some routes that were closed before might start opening for you at your current situation.


  7. Many of my friend drop out too but they find a normal job from their parents conection or a friend conection. Don’t let your day run off.
    Because you can still walking


  8. Thanks for convincing me to not go for a masters. I’ll do my best to coast through the rest of undergrad. :p

    Seriously though, I think now is a great time to make plans. I’m not entirely satisfied with my college life, but I’m thankful I have things to look forward to. They don’t necessarily have to be big things— this week, between lazing off and doing schoolwork, I was happy to go out to lunch with a friend. But continuing to experience things is fun, and in my opinion, a great way to “discover yourself.”


    1. Not going for masters either, but hey, keep in mind that you could do a commissions system for a while like Ren, just a thought. Oh and how did you even find my LN page ><…


  9. I have no idea of what should I say. Should I be happy or sad? Well, I do know that being a NEET is not a good thing, so I hope you can find something in life that gives you motivation. Good luck!


  10. I dropped out for 5 years and then went back to school. Sometimes life is painful, but I went into 12-step recovery and therapy and I’m actually HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. I hope it’s not too painful for you right now though. ((((hugs))))


  11. Solution: make a job? I don’t know about the country you are in encourages entrepreneurship, since there are a lot of hobbyists that make a career and living from doing what they love at my country (or maybe I’ve been fed propaganda by the government).So maybe…

    best of luck, imouto-san.


  12. i think right now it’s the third time that i drop out of university and my parent’s are trying to force me to go back like usual. i hate it. i refused to matriculate this year because i was starting to get suicidal. Again. i can’t even change what i want to study, you know?!
    it isn’t like i don’t get why they want me to have a degree but i am simply wasting my life away. i don´t remember the last time i truly felt alife. Except when i’m reading. i love your translations. :)

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