Summer Vacation – Chapter 14

Summer Vacation – Last – Q of Hearts (Part 2)

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A few hours later…
I was laying exhausted on the couch after finishing the fourth of the homework that I planned to do.

“Camille, we aren’t even half done yet you know?”

“Uuu… I can’t, anymore.”

In various meanings…
My emotions can’t endure.
Raising my head from the sofa and turning my neck, BAKIBAKI sounds ring out.

“Can’t be helped, huhh.”

Achille chuckled to himself, and sat right next to where I was laying down.


I felt a comfortable pressure on my neck… then on my shoulders too.

“…How stiff. Even though you hardly did any work.”

It seems that Achille is giving me a massage. Together with a needless comment.

“I was reading a magic book after all…. Phewww-”

Ahhh, feels good. To Achille who’s great at everything, massages are no exception.

“…You’re like an old man.”


I decided to try my best to shut up. I feel that being called an old man by your own fiancé is pretty bad too, after all.

“Hey Camille, does it feel good?”

In a sweet voice overflowing with amour, Achille whispered to me.

“Mn… It feels goood.”

It feels so good that I’m about to fall asleep. Even though there’s still more than half of the “Homework You’ll Do Today” that Achille gave me to do.

“Ah-, oh yeah, Achille…”

“Mn, whaat?”

Only now do I remember the rumours about the revolution end that Aurelia talked about.
He might just tell me that I’m exaggerating, but I decide to tell Achille.

“You know, it seems that recently amongst the commoners there’s an anti-noble movement appearing.  “An institution that does nothing but ignoring the circumstances of the commoners, and fighting amongst themselves is unnecessary” they say.”

“Aahh, you’re talking about how there’s been stuff like huge numbers of torches being thrown into nobles’ estates, or noble girls being assaulted when they go out?”

“…-, yeah.”

It seems that Achille knows about it too. Moreover, in greater detail than me…

“It’s kind of been on my mind. It couldn’t be… a revolution or something, could it?”

I spoke while feigning indifference, but I’m actually worried about if there’s preparations for a revolution going on somewhere, or maybe the actions of those extremists will escalate and becomelinked to a revolution.


Achille stroked my head soothingly.

“Certainly it’s difficult to say that the situation in the castle is normal… Outside of the conflict between the King Faction and the Royal Prince faction, the knights will struggle for achievements and won’t do their jobs properly, or the bureaucrats are afraid of stepping on anyone’s tails so in self-protection they won’t give the go ahead for various important ventures. The reason that we had trouble getting permission to access the forbidden areas of the archives are also because of that.”

“Eh-, really? The permission for the forbidden magic books was because of that too?”

I don’t really know much about the soldiers struggling for achievements, but the issue of the forbidden magic books was just recently.

“At that rate they’d just pretend that it didn’t happen, so I forced it.”

“…So it was because of your efforts that we got permission.”

I didn’t know. That he went and got us permission.

“Um, Achille… Thanks.”

“If it’s thanking me, there’s no need, you know? I wanted to see the forbidden magic books too after all…””

“Even so, it’s because you got us permission that I could remove the forbidden magic on Claire, you know?”

“…-, Camille!”


The place I was lying down on suddenly overturned becauseof Achille.
Achille who was sitting next to me was now blanketing me.

“Eh-, ah-, Achille? Achille-san?”

“It’s because you said something so cute, Camille.”

Chuckling while letting out an amorous atmosphere, Achille buried his face in my nape.
Uwah, uwah, what do I do? What do I do? I can feel his breath at the bottom of my neck, and it’s really ticklish.


Suddenly, I could feel a light pain on my neck.

“That hurts… What are you doing!?”

However, Achille who had raised his head paid me no heed, and smiled in satisfaction.

“Camille, because the commoners are moving, you might be worried for Royce-sama, but don’t do anything rash… You’re a noble too, after all.”

“It’s okay. I can use heaps of magic after all, and I have my magic tattoos too… Huh? How come even though I have my magic tattoos, I could feel pain on my neck?”

“Isn’t it because the magic tattoos didn’t determine it as “harm”?”

“Is that how it is?”

“It seems that there are a number of ways to get around it, huh… It’s because there are things like this too, that I think it’d be better if you didn’t overestimate yourself.”

“Y-, Yeah… By the way, just now, what on earth did you do to me?”

Achille just smirked and didn’t tell me.

“I think you’ll find out at night.”

That night, when I saw the nape of my neck in the bathroom mirror, I turned red and let out a scream.

<Supporting Character Introduction>
Count tito
A noble of the Royal Prince Faction. Was aiming for the position of the queen’s father.
Is even fatter than Dominique. Normally has a cheerful and amiable personality.
Even in prison, he just lives as he likes.
He’s faint of heart, but possesses a fairly bold and strong-willed personality.

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  1. Am I the only one that suddenly has an excellent opinion of that count guy after the note? To be honest though, likely not someone I want on my side.

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  2. I just realized something… what about aurelia in the old woman’s body who has kids wondering about their mother if she reverted to a child like state with amnesia. I feel sorry for her already!

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  3. I wanna know what’s going on with the heroine!! Tell me author… tell meeeeeeeeeee…. and then Ani-ue tell me in English so my tiny pea brain can comprehend it… I love you Ani-ue!!! Also I’m year of the boar, so both sheeps and rabbits are my friends…

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  4. Achille is quite a meticulous person isn’t he…thoroughly testing the limit of how far he can pushes Camille…

    I mean, it wasn’t until he broke the wall (ironically with a kabedon confession) that he starts to REALLY push from just ‘notice me’ into ‘You’re gonna get tenderly loved’, but after that it’s space sailing.

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    1. Achille is getting a little to sure of himself.
      Once the semester starts up let’s see more of the foreign prince chasing after Camille.
      Or better yet, the leader of the commoner revolution, the K of clovers


  5. nah, fluffy… there’s a slight misspell here

    or the bureaucrats are [afaid] of stepping on anyone’s tails so in self-protection they won’t give the go ahead for various important ventures.

    Also, thanks for the chaptie, fluffy~
    P.S. The hickey… *squeee*

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  6. A hickey. Achille just gave Camille a hickey. It seems like such a small thing but it makes me feel so fulfilled while reading this. This novel is the best thing ever.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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