Character Appearance Exposition (Real-World Parallel Universe Version)

Character Appearance Exposition (Real-World Parallel Universe Version)

■ Camille
Hair:Long pink hair that hangs down to her hips
Her hair is naturally straight, but occasionally curls the tips
Face:Is a type of ‘little devil’ type, and is fair skinned (tl: ‘little devil’ as in those not-so-innocent little girls who are perhaps cheeky, or temptresses)
Eyes:Raspberry (largish and a little turned up at the corners)
Mouth:Pink lips
Height:Slightly small

Left cheek~neck, both arms and legs:A thin ivy with blooming flowers (navy)
Behind neck:Small wings (white)
Right upper arm:Butterfly (blue)
Right chest:Rose (red)
Back of right hand:Sun (navy)
Back of left hand: Moon (navy)
Left hip:Heart (red)
Navel:Pentagram (navy)

Outer clothing:Magician’s robe (dark red)
Inner clothing:Often black clothing (often form-fitting)

■ Achille
Hair:Caramel hair, slightly soft
Face:Sweet type
Eyes:Cobalt (droop slightly at the corners)
Height:Slightly small

Clothing: Nobles’ clothes (often navy or blue based)

■ Royce
Hair:Silky blonde prince’s hair
Face:Prince’s face (gentle atmosphere)
Build:Slightly thinnish

Clothing: European prince’s clothing (white base with gold lining)

■ Raiga
Hair:Cold silver prince’s hair
Face:Cool type (a little mean looking)
Build:Thin but built

Clothing: European prince’s clothing (black base with gold lining)

■ Mei
Hair:Navy blue short cut
Face:Small-animal type, dark skin
Eyes:Golden (cat-like)
Build:A little thinnish

Clothing: Maid clothing (castle’s version); white, girlish clothing (normal clothing)

■ Kai
Mostly the same as Mei
Clothing: Butler clothing; after running away, black clothing

■ Tria (Baka-sama)
Hair:Long, straight, bronze hair (often also ties it together in a ponytail)
Face:Dark skin, wild type
Eyes:Golden, long slits
Build:Average and built

Clothing: Arabian prince clothing (white)
Ornaments: Because of the excessive assessories, he jingles

■ Beatrix
Hair:Long, straight black hair that reaches her back
Face:A bewitching, adult-like face
Eyes:Orange and turned up at the corners
Mouth:Deep crimson
Build:Nice body (tl: curvy)

Clothing: Arabian knight’s clothing (red base)

■ Aurelia
Hair:Braided, unruly, black hair
Face:Japanese-style beauty, eyes slightly upturned at the corners, and wears glasses
Eyes:Almond shaped and black
Mouth:Beige type
Build:A little thinnish

Clothing: Maid clothing (Jade house’s version), leopard print clothing (normal clothing)

■ Frau (Heroine)
Hair:Cinnamon coloured bob cut
Face:A neat and refreshing face
Eyes:Olive eyes
Mouth:No makeup
Height:A little short-ish

Clothing: Has a lot of green base clothes

■ Principal
Hair:Silver hair bunched into three thick braids that reach their hip
Face:Fair-skinned and a little unhealthy looking
Eyes:Golden eyes that can’t be read
Build:Unsteady looking

Clothing: Educator’s clothing

Author’s Note:
The Q’s are rival characters, so many of them have tsurime;

TL Note:
tsurime translated as ‘upturned at the corners’
tareme translated as ‘drooping at the corners’

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15 thoughts on “Character Appearance Exposition (Real-World Parallel Universe Version)”

  1. I think tsurime is generally translated as ‘slanted eyes’ while tareme is ‘droopy eyes’

    To quote a certain character in a certain shoujo-ai story where the little sister is actually the spirit of a cat who asked God to turn her into human so she can be with her sister :v:

    “All villains must have slanted eyes”
    Which was then tsukkomi’d with “Apologize to all people with slanted eyes immediately!”



        :v well, it appears most commonly in Asian so…

        And when I read upturned eyes (and skipping past ‘in the corner’ part) I think of the puppy eye begging pose :v hands clutch on the chest, look up from below, slightly teary, lips quivering, either saying ‘please?’ or just have a slight whimper sounds.

        A lethal persuasion attack :v


        1. “I think it’s worth mentioning that ‘he’ became ‘ordinary high school girl’
          That one detail does matter (like Alice Tales in Phantasmagoria :v or Only Sense Online)”

          hey, sorry but i trashed your comment. the original synopsis actually does say quite explicitly that his name is ‘fujino sakura’, but i decided to use a synopsis that omits his current gender because i thought it would be funnier to let ppl discover themselves


  2. Beatrix and her Build:Nice body (tl: curvy)

    You know what that means… Royce likes that little s&m especially when it comes to gorgeous women…♡

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Somehow i keep on getting the impression cammile would have the same design as sylphy (gamer mode) from himouto umaru
    with pink hair colour


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